December 18, 2015 – 8 days until Christmas



Today was a fun day.  Finished Christmas cards and some cleaning but then we went for a Santa job at a day care center. It was grand fun.  We were there for two hours and Santa was a hit as usual.  Denis is a great Santa, he does not force kids to get near to him if they don’t want to. He will tell the mom or dad to pick up the little one and will ask them if they want to stand next to him to their picture can be taken.  For sure it almost always ends with the kids being okay.

One little one was screaming and there was no way he was going to get within 20 feet of Santa.  His screaming was ear piercing.  He was one of the only ones who did not get a visit with Santa.  But otherwise it was a great outing and then we met Bill and Rose for a wonderful fun dinner at Otis and Oliver’s.  I got my fill of ribs and saratoga chips.  They are so good there.

I have been trying to think about what I did yesterday – I think I ran errands, Post Office, Price Chopper and home. I was really tired so took a nap and then got Santa ready to go out visiting families in homes with his friend Jim.  They had a great time.  I saw a couple of the pictures tonight of happy kids and smiling parents.  Love that they like having him come. I went to the social justice ministry meeting at church and enjoyed it very much.  Great group of people. We talked about the solarization project, sponsoring a refugee family, and plans for a presentation on human trafficking.  So we will have a busy winter which is a good thing for me as I need things to keep me out of the house and busy.

I am sorry to say that Charles Diary for 1904 is scant again.. Dear, dear Madeline just put in what she wanted to.  So let’s see what she left for us to read.

Charles O’Connor Diary 1904

Jan 4 – Miss Maude Webster come to teach and board here. Fine girl. Before her Miss Vertrie?? who boarded at Townsends.
Jan 9 – Saturday. JBW Turner took Fergus to Lansdowne on way back to Queens. Dr. Gardiner comes every day. The thought of cost scares me.
Jan 19 – Tuesday – 41 below zero.
Jan 21 – Renewed subscription to Montreal Star.
Jan 22 – So cold. Dr. Gardiner could not come. Emily or Madeline have to put my arms on table or I could not feed myself. Elbows ok but muscles shrinking.
Note (During all this year many, many visitors, friends, relatives etc. Seldom alone but makes work for Emily , Annie, Margaret and Bridget in turn. Joanna too, come and stay week at time.)
Jan 24 – Dr. Gardiner brings a young Dr. McKinly to see if he has any new ideas to help me.

Feb 1 – Cold and roads bad. No mail. Miss getting Fergus’ letter.
Feb 13 – Emily pays Fergus Insurance and we lend Sykes $10. Hire Chris and Bevins to do fishery work. I am afraid I am finished and will be a cripple rest of life.
Feb 25 – Much better and go for a cutter ride to Lyndhurst with Madeline. She is so proud to drive me there.
Feb 28 – Very bad again. At night Emily has to get up and help me when I have to turn over.

March 2 – Letters from Bastedo saying Fishery Dept extending my territory to Marble Rock. Hope I can do the work later.
March 29 – Let Chris work bush. Got wood cut by machine.

April 1 Fergus birthday. Sent him $5.00.
April 3 – Sunday – Able to go to Ellen’s for tea.
April 4 – Fergus home and are we thankful but he returns to Kingston for exams 14th. I go to Gan to meet him.
April 20 – Very heavy snow storm. I am getting around better now. Pay Chris $50.00 for his help re nets etc.
April 26 – Fraleck back for few days. Good company and plays cards well.

May 5 – Was able, Thank God, to do some work today. Vandusen still works when feels like it. Alfred Gadbury back to plant on shares.
May 24 – All of us go to Jones Falls for picnic. Jim Judd invited us to come there and go on his boat to Falls. He has a guest Mrs. Bridgewood. We have fine time.

June 1 – Fraleck back to see mine.
June 4 – Bernard O’Connor comes home with me from Gan. He is in bad health and Emily feels sorry for him and starts feeding him well. He is a fine chap. Madeline likes him very much and they become real chums. He sings well and she plays for him. She has started lessons from Adder White.
June 22 – Emily and I went to Athens to wedding of Leonora Stevens and Jim Walker.
June 27 – Henry, Lottie and Leo arrive. Fergus takes Madeline to Delta to write Entrance. She stays at Bridgets. Is very nervous about it.


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