December 16, 2015 – 9 Days until Christmas!

“Never doubt that a group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

                                                                                                      Margaret Mead

                                                                                         (One of my favorite quote)

Christmas fun times.. Today I went with my friend Jeanne to the Pottery Place to paint pottery.  Jeanne did an impressive peace with Chinese symbols for Peace, something and something.   It really looked nice.  I did my first piece for the girls. Not going to be for Christmas but will bring them their pieces either in February or April.  I painted a plate for Little Bear. Her name means starlight so it has stars on it. I think it is cute, we shall see how it looks once it is fired.  I did pick up their Christmas ornaments that I make them every year and they turned out fabulously. And while there I reserved a date for a January Red Hat group party there. I am hosting for the month so thought it would be a fun night for everyone.

Then we went for a good lunch at Peaches and Creme.  It was a very nice day and I enjoyed myself.  But when I got home I was tired and after finishing a bunch of Christmas cards I went to sleep until it was time to make dinner.  I am still really tired so am going to just put on some of Charles Diary from 1903 – probably the rest of it or move on to 1904.

I did get nice calls from two of my sons this evening.  So I am set for dinner on Saturday night and then things doing in DC.  Am thinking a trip to the White House might be nice.  Such fun.

Diary of Charles O’Connor 1903 – Charles is very ill and needs help.  His son wants to sacrifice time at Medical School to help the family but his mother won’t let him yet.

August – have to get Chris to help Fergus as I cannot do anything. Very worried. Ice cream socials every week. Fergus and Madeline go to some and many friends come to see me.
Aug 26 weds – Fergus take me to Dr. Bird in Gan as I am worse.
Aug 27 – Fergus helps in cheese factory once in a while. We pay Chris $25 for work. Hard on my nerves to be so helpless.
Sept 14 – Madeline has to take over diary as my hands will not hold pen. Discouraged. Everyone so good to me. Madeline a good help with fishery reports and applications for licenses.
Sept 21 – Milk Inspector Carson from Kingston here and fined Mrs Lib Tye for watering milk.
In Brockville Hospital for a week no better.
Sept Sunday – ???? 1903 – Dan McDonald’s Loretta dies.
October Monday 17th – Fergus goes back to Queens today. He does not like to leave me helpless but we insist.
October 18 – Let Chris W take over place on shores. Only thing we can do. Dr. Gardiner here today told us he could cure me if I would have patience. He would come every day but it might take a year at least. A hard sentence but what can we do. Old Alfred arrived and wants to help.

November 1903

Nov 9 – Fralick from Queens (mining engineer) leases mine. Emily sent 52 on mortgage. Some days I am more supple.
Nov 16 Heavy snow.
Nov 17 – worse again.
Nov 18 – Terrence Donnelly bring Fergus home.
Nov 22 – Fergus has to return all of us worried but friends and neighbors so good to us.

December 1903

Dec 12 – Sykes pd 40.00 on board.
Dec 13 – Our birthdays 8 and 15 are quiet this year.
Dec 18 – Emily drives to Seeleys Bay to meet Fergus.
Dec 24 – Emily has house in fine shape. Fergus, Ellen and Madeline go to Lyndhurst for Christmas food and gifts.
Dec 25 – Christmas Day we are together thank God. Ellen, Annie, John and Sykes here all day.
Dec 30 – They helped me walk to gate today. Pain, pain.
Dec 31 – New Years Eve. Our old and dear friends Elkins Holliday and wife came for the day. Last day of 1903. Fergus in bed. Snowy but mild temp. 11 o’clock. Madeline writing for me. Staying up with her mother to pray old year out and new in. A bad year for me but I have to thank God. My family are so good to me. Emily has had it very hard but so patient. Fergus too. He wants to stay home to do work here. Chris not much good and he knows his mothers has too much to look after but she will not let him give up. So I have many blessings to thank God for. God Bless us all.


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