December 15, 2015 – 10 Days until Christmas!

I love Christmas, the lights, the music, the trees, the happy times. The only way to avoid the bad news though is to stay off TV and the Net.  I mean if I watch that presidential debate tonight about Zenophobia I will be ranting for two days or more.

Yes, I know we need to address the terrorist issues that are growing all the time, but does that mean shutting out all people who belong to the Muslim faith? Or who look like they might be Muslim.  People don’t know that Sikh’s are not Muslims. Or that there are Christians who live in Islamic countries.   Fear brings out terrible behavior in some people.  I just heard a comment about carpet bombing ISIS but no response to the question of whether that would include the innocent people who live in that areas and cannot get away.  Is that moral???

War is hell but the number of people being disrupted by what we started is terrible. Do we really want to keep going down this road?  I would rather work on peace on earth, how about you?

Our Christmas has totally changed in the last few years.  For about 37 years we always had a party on Dec 23rd to start off the season. It morphed over the years from a friends potluck supper to a caroling party in the neighborhood with old friends to then including the neighbors who wanted to carol as well.  And then at some point Santa was added to the party, he would show up and read a story to the little kids and give them a gift from their parents but then we changed again and asked everyone to bring a gift for a charity  that Santa would take away with him. He would still talk to all the kids and one year we even had a visit from Mrs Claus.  That party was important to me as it really meant for me the start of Christmas. I loved that kids who once came as friends of my kids, now those grown up kids were bringing their kids to the party.  But a few years ago I got sick in December so we did not have the party, then we started going to Ian and Maya’s for Christmas because that was where the little kids were.

But then I forgot to tell you, the first thing we did when everyone who wanted to arrived was we headed out into the lovely crisp cold weather to carol.  We had books for everyone and we went door to door with Denis leading the singing.  As we went to the neighbors they were invited to join us and sing and then come to our house.  It was so much fun. As the kids grew they invited their friends to join us and Ian more than the others would insist that if their friends came they had to sing or at least go out and walk around and listen to him sing.  One year we had several parties going on in different parts of the house. Kids each had their friends in separate parts. Total chaos but my kind of fun.

I am thinking that maybe I will take caroling books down to DC next week and see if they want to have a night of caroling just for me. The girls would love it I am sure.  I miss it terribly.  If we had stayed home this year I was going to have a party on the 23rd.  A time I really like. – Did you figure that out yet?

Now for Charles, Guess I need to find the 1903 diary.  Madeline really did us all a disservice.  This tells us very little about 1903.

Charles Diary 1903

Only parts were transcribed by Madeline. She destroyed the journals after she copied the parts she wanted to.

Jan 1903

Jan 3 – Fifield hired as teacher. A medical student from Queens gone broke.
Jan 5 – Fergus returns to Queens
Jan 14 – George Weeks dead.
Feb 5 – Thursday – Fergus home until Mon 9 by train. Visited many places. Singletons etc to and fro. Miss Shipman there. Takes teacher everywhere. Emily quite ill for 2 weeks. Fifield plays checkers, cards etc. Good company but very strange chap.
Feb 28 – Saturday – Tobias Bevins Joe’s father died this morn. 84 years old.
March 5 – Desmond girls, Lottie and Helen arrive. Lovely, friendly girls. Great talkers. Madeline is so happy about them. We all like them. Lots of company. Dancing every night in kitchen. Lottie teaches us Highland 2 step. Herb Moulton quite attracted. Vic and Geo Lee here many eves.
March 11 – Fergus home by Lansdowne. Terrible happening when some of students are caught stealing body. Gavin involved. Have a great time while Fergus is home until Monday the 16. On Sat Maggie Burns accidentally shot and in bad way.
March 28 Desmond girls leave for home.

June 7 – Del Moulton drowned.
June 17 – 18 – Fergus goes to Cornwall. He is quite interested in Miss Scoldard a sister of Dr. Maloney’s wife.
June 23 – Fergus takes Madeline and Addie Burns to Athens to try entrance. Mariam, Suse and Florence go with Kennys.
June 24 – Madeline fainted and fell out of seat in Athens High School. They took her to Stevens and called a Dr. who said she must not continue writing her exam. Heart bad. Of course Dr. Gardiner had told us she is lots young for entrance before.
July 1 – completely knocked out with rheumatism. Gardiner says muscular.
July 9 – Henry, Lottie and Leo arrive. Henry eats here as he gets asthma at Ellen’s.
July 13 – Henry leaves but Lottie and Leo are to be here for summer I suppose. I am not well, very bad with rheumatism.
July 14 – So bad with Rheumatism cannot get out of bed alone. Worried.




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