December 19, 2015 -6 Days Until Christmas

No one caught my terrible math so I think today it is 6 days until Christmas. If not I am sorry.

We celebrated Christmas today with our local kids and spouses.  It was a lovely evening.  Everyone brought a part of the meal and we had a fun time.  Then we exchanged gifts.  I know they don’t want to continue this tradition but I love shopping at Christmas time.  And truth be known, I love getting presents.  Opening them is fun and wondering what is in each box.

We received a new Keurig coffee maker, a dinner with Norah and Andrew, some lovely pillows made in Syria and the cutest hand towels and holder, along with some hand creme and some chocolate covered cherries, my favorite candy.  And I don’t share my chocolate covered cherries!  Not even when I was a little kid and my mom would give me a box for my birthday or Christmas. I also love Whitman Samplers.  When we would get a box at home I would always get in there and get the chocolate covered cherries out as soon as I could. Yummy….

So, it was a lovely evening and now we are watching the debate. This is so much better and enjoyable than the Republican debate.  No one making stupid faces at the other participants by anyone, these guys are totally polite to each other. My only complaint would be that Martin O’Malley does not get his share of the time.  They favor the other two candidates.

Tomorrow off to DC to take care of the girls for three days.  Going to be a fun time. I love being there.

Charles O’Connors Diary 1904 – again half the year because Madeline did not copy out all of it. And also it might have to do with Charles being so ill. This really shows how hard it was on the farm if the main worker was taken low with illness.  Charles was unable to work for over a year.  And more respect for my Grandfather who really did what he had to in order to help his parents and sister.

July 2 – Old Doc Sly puts on a show in school house.
July 3 – Tom Berry dead.
Madeline passes entrance.
July 7 – Took Madeline by boat to Red Horse and took net there. She helps. I am much better but not well. Fergus has to take charge of help. He gets along fine with all and while he works more he has many outing too. We do not want him to do hard work on account of the rupture attack he had. I try to do all I can but little good yet.

Aug 6 – Mrs C Struthers dead. Mr Dale here.
Aug 23 – Madeline and I go berry picking – put pail of berries in buggy go back to pick more and Tom Jones stole our berries.
Aug 23 – Rev. Somerville comes to see Miss Webster, the teacher and has supper with us. Mary Bolton from Kalamazoo here. She has grad as nurse.
Aug 24 – Sarsfield here. Holiday from war ship Kearsage. Great visit as he has been all over world. Dr. Gardiner here every day to see me.
Aug 31 – Fergus has decided to teach this fall as our finances are low as we had to hire so much help and I am not well yet. We don’t like to have him do this we want to borrow money for him to go back but he insists and has Athens Model School Class. Lucky to get this. So he returns to Athens and Stevens. He likes Athens.

Sept 1 – I am able to do more work all the time and Dr. Gardiner deserves credit. Miss Webster good company for Madeline and Emily.
Sept 12 – Miss Webster walks here from Lyndhurst this morn. Quite a walk.
Sept 16 – went to Rev Metzlers sale. Bought Morris chair.
Mrs Belanger here from Waterton. Cousin of Emily’s.
Sept 17 – Chas O’Connor of Auburn NY here.
Sept 30 – Madeline, Ellen and I went to Lansdowne to Isaac Plunketts funeral.

Oct 1 – Jack Sykes stays on with us for fall. We like him and glad to have him.
Oct 11 Wednesday. Emily and I go to Delta to Liberal Convention.
Oct 24 – Madeline handy with horses and takes Fergus to Station this morn. She is very proud of doing this.

Nov 3 – Election day – vote in school. And I am returning officer. Result Gibson 21 Taylor 63.
Nov 4 – Went to Lyndhurst for Election results. Laurier in again. Guy Curtis delighted. I take ballot box on to Delta and he comes home with me.
Nov 17 – Thanksgiving Day. Fergus home and we had ducks. Factory closes. Jack Sykes here. He and Fergus off to McIntosh Mills to dance this eve.
Nov 19 – Very heavy thunder storm tonight and more thunder today.
Nov 20 – Followed by frost

Dec 21 – Fishery license increased. Griffen has to pay $60.00 for one. I send his in today.
Dec 23 – Fergus home – well pleased with his teaching at model.
Dec 25 – A happy Christmas together. We gave each other presents and receive usual box from Nebraska. Susie is always generous and never forgets.
Dec 27 – sick with neuralgia.
Dec 31 – New Years Eve. It finds me low spirited. Have not felt so discouraged in years as I am now. My rheumatism has cost me so much every way. Emily has had to work so hard. Fergus has worked too hard missing his term at Queens. Madeline ready for High School and cannot afford now to send her and I can only discern worry for future. God help us. Goodbye old year.


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