August 24, 2015 – WWII letters and feeling human again

Have been spending time the last couple of days putting Sheila’s letters into a binder.  It realized that there are many letters missing from this group so I have to do a search to see if I can find additional letters.  I am putting the ones that have been transcribed in acid free sheets along with the transcription if it has been printed out already.  Susie did a bunch of them and they were each attached with the original to a transcribed copy..  This is part of the project of getting them ready to donate to the National War Museum.  They are excited to get them since there are pictures etc to go along with them and I have also done research on various people who were close to the aunties and have some info on some of them to go along with the letters.

The tree guy came this morning and started to take down the huge big fir tree. Then the rains came. It was such a strange day. It was sunny, then cloudy, then rainy and then sunny and dried out enough to eat lunch on the deck.  Then it just kept getting nicer and the sky tonight is fabulous with stars and things flying by.  So go figure.  It is chilly in the house – probably around 60 something.  Strange weather this summer. Those two weeks of 90s was it for really warm days. the rest of the time it has been lovely and rained enough to keep everything green.

I went to Tai Chi today and good thing I did. I totally had forgotten the sequences.  I don’t think it is just me and I know I need to practice every day if I am going to commit this to memory.  Cannot wait to get back to my regular classes at home.Got some shopping done for dinner tomorrow night – company coming. And now realize I am missing some things. Darn, will have to go out again tomorrow.

Armed Forces Air Letter – Post Office 239 – Au 28, `44 –(hand written 8 Aug `44)


Dr and Mrs Fergus O’Connor / 193 Earl St / Kingston On

Dear All,

Now I’m a Lieut. My 2nd pep came through blue orders +Part II orders so now I’m a full Lieut. in the Army and can’t say that it makes any difference cause it doesn’t. I am really glad because of the pay but otherwise really don’t care.

The war news definitely looks good these days and really seem to think it is doing alright. Inez Leeder + Gert (?) Bibby came down to see us last week and both look very well and are enjoying the life very well.

Kay Shephard Murphy was over from No. 24. She married Spud Murphy (kid with the one arm, Father Harold Murphy’s brother) and didn’t announce her marriage till after she was on overseas draft and could not get off. She is really very unhappy and we are good to her when she comes over as we are sorry for her.

I had a letter for Len Patterson the other day and am hoping to get together soon, as we can really talk and talk when we do.

Haven’t done much lately. Went down to Brighton on my nite off and really think that place must be nice in peacetime.

What are Jeannie and Maurice’s calling their new offspring?   Did you get the picture of Patt + I and what do you think of them? How is Jeannie? I can think of lots of other question but may get a letter to-morrow telling me them so shall wait.

Well dears, must close now, I am really quite tired to-night, so excuse writing as 3:00 A.M. is really no time to write letters – advantage of nite duty eh – Love for now – Sheila

Lieut. S. O’Connor C.A.O. Armed Forces Air Letter


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