August 26, 2015 – The Rain has returned and nameless relatives I need help with

I just heard this noise and thought some machine must be on but no, it was the rain coming down again.  Every day it rains at some point.  Oh well, if I had a veggie garden  I would not have had to water all summer.  They need this rain so much out west i wish they would get some.  The pictures of the forest fires are so disturbing.

The tree is down… lots more sky to see and more back yard to clear out and fix up.. There are 10 more acres of woods to don’t worry about a few trees being down.  And the hard woods will have a chance to grow now.  Will be interesting to see how they all do by next spring.  I am also going to get bulbs and plant them in the fall.. Will make it pretty to have daffodils shooting up in the woods and along the creek bed.

A few months ago my cousin gave me about 6 photo albums from my grandaunt Madeline.  They are full of pictures from 100 years ago up to the 70’s.  Cousins of all lines of the family.  Hard to believe.  None of them are marked as to who they are. Some I have guessed at and I am making a point to go and visit various cousins and have them go through the albums to see if they can ID anyone.  Last night I got a hit from a cousin – he looked at a picture and said – That is Marcus Kavanaugh.  I knew exactly who he was talking about and I then checked him out on my tree and I have his childrens names on my tree etc but never knew what they looked like.  One down.  So today I took a risk and searched for the names Amelia and James who were born around 1900 and were very close in age.  Found them as well. They were Stevens cousins, born in Saskatoon, then moved to Quebec. Found more about them on line and will continue to follow up on that line. I find it all very exciting.

Now for the Sheila letters.  All the ones I have here are now in the binder in date order.  As I was looking for other letters I found a packet of letters written to Sheila during her overseas stay – including the Jack Gray letters.. I assume we will find out when they broke up. Since at this point we never hear his name any more.   So project tomorrow is to transcribe some of them and will put them on here.  That should give us a picture of what happened.

Mailed Au 28, 1944

Dear Ferg & Connie:

Received your letter yesterday and was so thrilled to get it. Really was very pleased as it was such a sweet picture of little Mary and Michael, I loved them both and thought they were so sweet. I have showed them to everyone and they all think they are the sweetest childs. Surprisingly everyone thinks Mary looks like me.

Ferg dear, shall be very glad to get your parcel. Your first one hasn’t arrived yet but our address at first was so wrong, that letters etc are going all over before they get to dear old 13.

I am really quite tired to –night as I didn’t get much sleep to-day and my orderly goes on leave to-morrow at 8:00 so I let him sleep from 12 to 6 so he could start off at 8:00 having had a little sleep.

Our leaves are starting again and we talked to the Matron and Suddsy (Mary Kennedy’s) Doylie, Bluie (Fran Blue) and myself are getting them together around the 30th of Sept so we are not starting to make plans for them.

Inez Leeder & Gert Bibby came down to see us last week and it was really very good to see them. Both looked awfully well and like No 4 very much. No 4 moved into the place No 8 was before they went to the field. The news looks good these days eh.

Suddsie and I were saying, It will be so good when this is all over and we can go back to Kingston and talk about all the places and things over here, and she and I can meet all the people we have talked about over here. She thinks Mary is the sweetest little girls she has seen in a long time.

Well dears, I miss you all, give Michael and Mary a kiss for me and say hello to Bertha and Grandma Simpson. Mary McCullock wants to be remembers to them both.

Love and thanks, Sheila

I was looking around for anything about the hospital or the folks mentioned in this letter and instead found the following link to an English Nursing unit that is still in existance. They have a diary of a nurse which I found interesting. so thought I would share that with you.


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