August 22, 2015 – the Vail of Tears

There were tears this morning of sadness that reminded me of when I was little and had to go home after time at the farm.  Sol was very sad about leaving us.  And although that is hard to see and I think we were both pretty darn sad. But the seeds of thoughts for them returning next year have been planted.  Might as well take advantage of the grandparents while they are healthy and active since the day might arrive when we cannot take care of two kids for a couple of weeks.

I was told that Grandpa is loved a bite more than myself. But I already knew that.  He is a great grandfather for the girls.  He reads and reads to them, plays catch, knows how to make things better when they are sad etc.  And Sol adores him, her BFF she tells us.  She wants an ipad for christmas so she can facetime with us. Funny since when we skype they sometimes will chat and other times it is just hi, goodbye.

Started doing their bedding washing and will do at least one wash a day until they are done.  It will help me with the fall clean up getting started early.  And I won’t take as much home with me in September to wash and cleanup  and bring back. So, on with the day.

Tonight is theater night for us.  We are going to see “Bed and Breakfast” at the Playhouse. Hope it is good.  Then one more play to see which will be “Tuesdays with Morrie”. I loved the book and know to bring tissues to that one. People are starting to leave the cottages to head for home with school starting in various places and vacations coming to an end. The Joy of retirement is that you can go home when you feel you want or need to.  With D still working he has to start teaching on the 9th so he has to head for home. I might delay a few days to get some of the cleaning up done. AND I have a babysitting request in September which might allow me to have a visit with Dan and Lena Palmer while I am down that way. Also planning a round of visits with the brothers and hopefully to see Sarah in at least one of her plays.

So the fall calendar is filling up quickly.  Already have a doctors appointment I need to change. And my Tai Chi classes start on Sept 1 which I will miss the first one but then should be home for most of the rest of them. Hard to believe one can get so busy to fast.

Sheila appears to not like working nights at all.  But at least in a quiet of the night she gets lots of letters written..

5 a.m. 23/8/44

Dear Mom & Dad,

Happy Anniversary and I do hope you have a really grand day. You both are so cute and the grandest people I know in this whole world. I really hope you have a good day on Sunday the 3rd and just don’t do anything but enjoy yourselves eh.

I am on duty and it is 5 a.m. and just finished up the last of the work and so decide to write this and one to Jack and then it will be 6 and shall start waking my boys up. The whole hospital is full as it can be. We are now more or less a clearly casualty station as all the patients we are getting now are straight from France and our M.O.’s are the first to see them since they left the hospital or station in France, and we look them over and operate etc and then send them further north or back to convalescent depot. Our boys are certainly taking a real beating now and I think the worsest beating of the war so far. Hope Montgomery is regret when he said “the end was in view” as it certainly should be by the looks of things.

One of my boys left today for N.E.T D and then eventually will reach Canada. He had his leg amputated and he is one swell Joe. His name is Crawford and he thought maybe he might go to K.M.H. so I gave him our address & phone number so if he should phone do go out to see him as he has gone through so gosh darn much and come out of it all with a sense of humour still. Mary, You and Carmel go out to see him, as he lives in Oshawa and knows no one in Kingston. He is married 4 yrs and been over here 3 1/2 and has a child 3 he has never seen. He may go straight to Chrestie St.. Hosp but if not you will go and see him eh. Thanks a lot.

Well dears, I have rambled from one subject to another but still I hope Mom & Dad have a perfect day on the 3rd and shall be thinking of you all especially and shall offer my Mass up for you on Sunday.

Good-by for now and I miss you all a lot and hope this war won’t last much longer.

Love, Sheila    Found this on Google. Interesting about the hospital.ANd a picture of it.



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