August 21, 2015 – LIfe is crazy

I have been either too busy or too tired to write.  We have had a few very fun days.  I will go backwards.  Had a very nice Pot luck at Sheila and Jacques last night with Ian and family and really had a good visit.  The little girls were so good and well behaved and enjoyed themselves.  We brought the rain with us – second visit of the summer and second huge rain. But we all had a good laugh over it and continued our visit.  We had planned to go to the sing along at the MacLachlan woodworking museum, good things we didn’t since either they would have started outside and had to move inside or it would have been inside.

During the day Ian and crew came up and played for a while and visited. We did another laundry for them so they would not have too much to do when they get home.  School starts on monday so they will be busy on Sunday getting ready.

Weds we picked up the girls at 4ish and went and got food at Petra’s and took dinner to the park and had a picnic.  The girls ate all the chips and not many of the chicken fingers. But what they really wanted was to play on the playground so that is what they did.  They loved it and had a grand time. Then we got ice cream and horror of horrors they had no vanilla for my little bear.  So she said strawberry and banana – tried that and did not like it. so decided to have Tiger-Tiger like her sister which was orange and licorice, yuck! And when she discovered she did not like that she took Grandpa’s Heavenly Hash from him.  So I ended up with strawberry banana, Denis had Tiger-Tiger and the other two had what they had.  Then back to the playground for a little while longer and then home for showers, stories and bedtime.  All went well and their folks had a good time in Gan having dinner and a night at the theater.

Tuesday at 4 Ian and Maya invited everyone over for drinks on the deck so we went over. Murphys, O’Connors, Kaisers and Carrieres and us. It was very nice getting to see everyone and the weather was lovely and the view as gorgeous as ever.  The others went off to a bridal shower and we headed home when the kiddies were ready for their dinner.

So that is the kind of week it has been.  We have given them their space to have time together as a family on vacation. They head for home tomorrow and I will get some time to wash sheets and get everything packed away. Will keep the new beach towels I bought for them to use up here and store them for next summer in case we get to bring the girls up again next summer for a couple of weeks.

It is so nice for the kids to get to meet and know the cousins. They have three first cousins on their mom’s side but none oSn our side.  But they have tons of 1st, 2nd once and twice removed and third cousins.  My mom always talked about her cousins.  They had no first cousins but were great friends with the other levels of cousins. She had some very good life long friendships with Anna Collins Comerford, Frank Stevens, etc  The same was true for John Comerford and Dan Palmer.  They were only sons and their parents brought them up here every summer to hang with the second cousins, etc.  They were just part of us and remain friends into this stage of life. I hope the girls build those kinds of relationships over the summers up here.  They have had fun kayaking, canoeing, exploring Snake Island and the various coves along the bay.  And Sol has discovered she can swim a bit with her life jacket on. So she is loving going in the water down at the beach. Asta will be there in another year or so.  She is an adventuresome little thing so she will have fun. She loves digging in the sand at this point.

I spent two days sorting Sheila’s letters and it appears that I have them all transcribed and the originals are now in date order waiting to be put in acid free sheets and put in a binders.  So we can continue with the posting.


Dear All:

It is in the middle of the night, when all sane and sensible people are sleeping and here am I sitting trying my darnest to stay awake. Just had some tea and toast. Really the bread over here is the darnest stuff, you should see it, it is thick heavy stuff, really heavy and light tan in colour. When I get home, boy will I enjoy a piece of thin white bread, a cup of good coffee and a huge big piece of chocolate cake with icing one inch think and I’ll eat and eat. Gee I’m getting hungry just thinking about it and I just finished 2 pieces of toast.

I had a letter from Len Patterson yesterday and shall do my best to see him soon. He has been over 1 month and is working day and nite I guess. I hope to meet him in London this week sometime. We get a nite a week off so that is really 2 days and 1 nite off – not bad eh. Our leaves are starting again and everyone is very thrilled about it and we are starting to make plans, but we shall probably be at the end of the line to get them, but I always liked the fall anyway.

By the way Mom & Dad, I have been looking and looking for some wee present for you both but so far, cannot find a think, really in the stores is where one certainly realizes that England has been at war 5 years. It is really awful, but shall keep looking and maybe shall find something before too long. I hope so anyway.

Colonel Carr our OC is leaving next week and a Colonel Warn is taking his place and everyone seems to think he will be a big pain in the neck. Colonel Carr was really grand as a Colonel and the nicest guy all the way around.

Well dears, it is almost 5:30 so shall fix a few things up and then go and awake all my boys up. They are really a bunch of good Joes to say the least.

Well dears, Good-bye for now and hope Mother had a good time on the boat trip.

Love Sheila


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