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April 22, 2017 – A to Z Challenge – S

I had planned to just write about the Science March today in DC but changed my mind as there were threeS words in the S section of “The Deeper Meaning of LIff” that tickled me.  First though I will tell you that there were tons of people at the march and they for sure were not paid to be there. Loved all the home made signs and the costumes were great.  Loved the knitted pink hats with brains added on to the top.  Lots of nerdy types were there.  Young students, old professor or researcher types, and families who either one or both parents were employed as researchers, MD’s, PhD’s etc.

Everyone was friendly, peaceful and polite.  They read each other’s signs and some took pictures of the better ones.  A lady from Pittsburgh who’s husband works in research was there with her mother who is 91 with Alzheimer’s disease.  She talked to Sol and took her picture with her sign.  She was very pleasant and we had a nice chat.

It rained, drizzled, stopped raining and then rained again.  I saw no one complaining.  We had been late getting started because unfortunately I had not checked kids bodies for ticks and our little granddaughter came back with four.  Guilt was the feeling I started the day with.  I know better than not to check. So now she is on a months worth of antibiotic.   Darn, Double Darn is all I can say.  Back to our day, we ate lunch at Dunkin Donuts and then Mom took the little one to a birthday party and the rest of us went on to the march.  We returned home by 4ish as it just got too chilly for me out there and my back was freezing from being wet and cold.  Took the Metro and then walked back to the house.  It worked out well as the rain was just starting again as we arrived at the house.

That was my day.  Other than the guilt I enjoyed it, am very tired and will write a little short story now with two words in it from “The Deeper Meaning of Liff”


Uncle Henry always seemed to be about 100 years old to me when I was a young girl. He had very peculiar habits but they were excused because of his age.  Henry always started his day by dressing himself very neatly in a suit and tie even if he had no intention of leaving the house.  Before retirement he had been a solicitor but now he was reduced to the position of skellister.  People would politely ask his legal opinion on some subject just to let him know they knew of his past level of respect in the courts but really did not care about the response.  But he also had some old faithful clients who still came to him for wills and other legal papers.  It was good for him.

With the onset of old age and lack of a house keeper Uncle Henry would at times hire me to come over and clean up for him.  There were jobs he did for himself, like dishes but he dreaded having to dust and polish the furniture and the floors. So those were my jobs as well as changing the sheets on the little bed he used in an old guest room.  He had loved Aunt Marya and could not bear to sleep in the bed they had shared for more than fifty years.  He kept flowers in their bedroom and always wanted to make sure I did a good cleaning in there for Marya.  I suspect he would sit on the love seat and read the poetry books that she had loved so much.  Those were the kind of things I learned about him that made me love him and not complain about helping him.

This particular morning I knew things were getting stressful for him.  There he was drinking coffee from an egg cup.  He is such a snover when it comes to cleaning up the dishes.   I wondered how many other items he would figure out he could drink coffee from before he would be reduced to having to do something about it.  I did not dare look in the sink when I went into clean the kitchen floors.   He seemed to be able to go weeks with all the various containers he found to drink his coffee from and I believe he went through not only the every day china but the good stuff too before he had to give in.

I was finished sweeping when he called to me and asked me to pick out a piece of straw from the broom.  I thought by purchasing some regular toothpicks I would be able to change his habit of being a sigglesthorne but it did not seem to have worked.  That day it was the broom, next time it might be a twister tie from the bread loaf.  He just had these habits that had developed over years and nothing I could say or do or offer to do would change him.   I thought about Aunt Marya and what she would think of this behavior, or had it always been there.  Maybe I will ask him why he insists on this.  It sure grossed me out every time he asked me for a piece out of the straw broom.  I guess to know him is to love him so I will just continue to care about him just the way he is.


April 21, 2017 – A to Z Challenge – R

Lovely drive to DC today.  Girls were great as usual and I did not fall asleep. My greatest fear… They were happy to see their mom and dad but did not reject me.  Just over seven hours with two stops and one of those was a lunch break. We ate out on a picnic bench on the Jersey Turnpike.  Had things they like so they were happy. Also had to listen to 1.5 hour of Kids Bop on the radio but eventually told them I just could not do it any more.  Went to NPR for some news.  Missed a big storm which hit just after we arrived.

Short Story based on actual happenings (not) that you might relate to.

We, Jimmy and I, were both so excited about this trip.  A romantic week in San Francisco that would give renewed energy to our relationship.  Arrived at the airport the required 2 hours ahead of time and sat and shared a sweet and drank our coffees. He prefers it straight and strong while I like mine mild and very creamy.  The chocolate croissant just hit the spot.

As we approached our gate it was obvious that this was going to be a full flight.  I prayed that the two seats we were assigned would be lovely ones with the third person in the row being a nice thin easy to get along with individual.  We snuggled together as they started to call the various people to board.  Handicapped first, then families with young children, one and all.   We were in the third group to board and as we arrived at our row there was someone sitting in the middle seat.  That was suppose to be my seat I believed.

The fellow sitting there looked up and asked if there was a problem.  I said I thought that was my seat.  He pulled out his ticket and it said seat B.  I pulled out mine and for some reason it said seat C.  The flight attendant came along because we were holding up others getting seated.  She said she was sorry but obviously we had been given seats not together.  The fellow sitting there stated he was not interested in switching.  In my mind I was swearing at him but felt pressured just to sit.  Jimmy waited while the fellow moved out into the isle and then Jimmy looking sad took his window seat.  Eventually I got the isle seat and settled in.  We talked over the fellow since he was so exacting about that being his seat.  Even with the attendant making it clear to him that he could switch.

We were facing a three hour flight with this lovely fellow but that was not going to be the end of it.  Turns out he was a rochester.  I opened my book and started to read.  Figured I would just ignore the entire situation but that was not to be.  A little person like myself does not take up much room but it would have been nice to have a little elbow room but the big fellow was not giving up an inch.  I looked over and Jimmy was also being squeezed off of any hope of having arm room.  Sure would be nice if the attendant spilled a drink on him, maybe some hot coffee. But I suppose then I would have received a poke in the face as he raised his over bearing arm to protect himself.

Jimmy and I survived the flight and were happy to get away from this fellow.  We double checked our tickets home and made sure we were sitting together. At least them we would share the arm of the seat wrapped up together.

April 6, 2017 – A to Z Challenge – E

Okay, I suspect most of you figured out the meaning of the D word.

Deventer  (de-VEN-ter) n.  A decision that’s very hard to make because so little depends on it – like which way to walk around a park.

First, just wanted to tell you that it is pouring here.  Flooding on the roads and in some yards.   I went to the Pre-Prom Forum to help out and then back home to take care of business here.  So enough about today. Time for another short story..

I, Samantha, have lived in Washington DC since 2001 and have come to love it here.  The job I love I am not suppose to talk about with anyone.  I am not sure why but it makes for some interesting situations.  Like dating  when men give me strange looks when I tell them all kinds of stories about what kind of work I do and never mention who I work for.  Doesn’t work well for trust and long term relationships.  My girlfriends all seem to have the same problem so it does not get in the way of our time together.  Work is not a topic we like to talk about anyway.

How does one work in a city like DC and have to keep that work an off topic with everyone.  What I learned early on is the art of not remembering. For example:  “When were you first hired?”   “To be honest I don’t remember the actual date.”

When out in a restaurant with my parents and sibs one evening someone gave me a friendly wave, the whole family wanted to know who the person was, someone famous, a politician, some person of influence and the answer came easily – “I don’t really remember them, just waved to be polite.” They all looked at me with pity in their eyes. That might have been someone who could help my career, I should go and talk to them, I just shook my head and they were all confused.

My mother at one point insisted I go with her to my doctor since she was thinking I had early Alzheimer disease. Nothing I could say would dissuade her.  So after a good laugh I went along to satisfy her curiosity.   He smiled at her and told her that no, I did not have dementia but a strong case of Esterhazy.  She just shook her head and figured the doctor was pulling her leg.  Little did she know that this is a known condition especially to folks in the world of politics.

Good friends just accept me the way I am and at times I have identified others who suffer from this condition.  It is what it is and I wonder if I moved to LA or New York would it slowly go away.  I would hope so.


November 28, 2016 – History repeating itself

November 28, 2016
Been a busy week. Thanksgiving was great at our daughter’s house. She is vegetarian but cooks a mean Thanksgiving Dinner. It was a good day even though it was threatening to snow. Had a very interesting discussion with son in laws father about the election, about employment issues in America etc. I thought he was going to take a very conservative view but it turned out we were on the same page. Jobs are not coming back because of technology replacing humans in factories. So, if a company were to return to the US there would be few jobs coming with it. He works in the energy industry and I learned a lot from our discussion. Things like the way they now do coal mining without miners. Some fantastic machine that does the work of 10 men.

The next day we took off for DC to have an early 5th birthday with the younger granddaughter. It has been a great weekend. Saturday, we went to the Baltimore Fire Museum for a visit to Santa. While there my brother, his daughter and family came along to meet up and we all went out to lunch. Only problem was they put us in two booths and the little kids were in one with one adult. I did have a good conversation with nephew in law. He is a very interesting person and I don’t think until recently that we ever had a good conversation. Would love to see them more often.

Back at our son’s house we gave the little one her birthday presents. The big gift was a stuffed calf. She has been asking for a real one for a pet and I thought this might appease her for a while. She seems to really like it and has been sleeping with it every night and playing with it all day. I love finding a gift that is a hit.

Sunday the kids had a birthday party to attend so hubby and I went down to the National Art Gallery. It was great. I got to see both buildings. The modern art really threw me. I don’t like most modern art. But the impressionists were fabulous, they had a Magritte there that I really liked. He is one of my favorite artists. The Hudson River School artists were also so great to see. They have one Leonardo da Vinci there that is beautiful. So many people missed that it was a two-sided item. We took the metro both ways and walked to the station. I was very sore when we got back due to my recent total lack of exercise.

We took the crew out to dinner at Brookland Pint. It was delicious and the kids are so great to go out to eat with. They are very well behaved for 5 and 7.
Today everyone was back to work and school so after dropping the kids at school we went down to the Museum of Native American History. It was depressing to say the least. Reading of their history and how well their communities ran and then the white men arrived and decided to make North American a white, Christian country. We decimated their populations and ran them off their lands. If they refused, we killed them. Then to top off the day there was this movie about the Hawaiian people. It was just so sad how we took their lands and just told them tough luck folks. But then I realized nothing really has changed in this country. What is happening in North Dakota and the response from DC is to ignore it all. Or at least so far. When they were hosing people down in sub-zero weather and no one in power stood up I knew this situation was not good. The people I would have put my faith in like the President have failed me on this one. And after heading some of the history today I realized just how hopeless the situation is for our first nations peoples. I wish I had a magic wand and could make some changes in the hearts of Americans.

Am very tired to night and it is a long drive tomorrow. But has been a very good weekend.

May 1917 – Charles O’Connor Diary

May 1 – Cold stormy day snowed some and rained most of the day. J Bevins here this eve.
May 2 – I went to the Bay to J G Chapmans funeral. I had a talk with H Willis re line fence. This was a cold blustery day snowed a little all day. A Slack and Myers called on their way home from Wilfred Yates wedding. The roads are very bad today.
May 3 – Marshall and I went over to build the line fence on the Shook place. But did not do anything at it as Marshall made the following agreement with Jim Burns. Marshall is to give Jim a rent of so much. (I do not know the amt.) for this season and Jim and I are to get the lines run before another season so we can put up the line fence and each of us is to bear half the cost of the surveyor. Fergus sent out his mare and colt. Gordy Leadbeter put 5 head of cattle in the pasture. I got up a load of stove wood.
May 4 – Marshall and I fixed fence most of the day. Some warmer today. Marshall started the team on the land. McClean drove them.
May 5 – I worked around the place all day. I put out some manure. Marshall took two calves to the station. He got me a small bag of salt.
May 6 – At home all day. Nane Donnelly and wife came here at noon and spent the afternoon.
May 7 – This is a fine day. I worked around the place and put in some garden stuff. I planted a few hills of potatoes.
May 8 – I put the mare and colt across the creek and they came back.
May 9 – I went to Seeleys Bay had my dinner at Donnelly’s came home afternoon. I got some grass seed for Marshall.
May 10 –I worked around the place most of the day. I put the mare and colt over in the pasture.
May 11 – Wet day nothing doing. Marshall and I went up to Frank Tye’s. Then went back to the pasture to look about the cattle. Sall Haskins put his yearling in for the season.
May 12 – I worked around the place forenoon and went to Lyndhurst afternoon. P Flood was here today for dinner. Cold day.
May 13 – Madeline and I went to Lansdowne to Mass got here at 1:30 the roads was very bad fine day but windy.
May 14 – Cut wood in the door yard most of the day. This was a cold day.
May 15 – Worked around the place I went over to see the colts and cattle. P Flood here for dinner. Marshall went for hay this eve.
May 16 – Cold day there was quite a snow storm and a little rain.
May 17 – Marshall and I went to Lansdowne to mass as this is a holyday did not get home until 2 oclock fine day some warmer.
May 18 – Worked around the place most of the day. Fixed the line fence. There was two loads of cheese shipped from the factory today. I got 36 lbs curd from Johnson.
May 19 – Worked at line fence until 2 oclock then Madeline went to Lyndhurst. Marshall worked all day at the fence. Thunder storm this eve.
May 20 – There was a good rain last night but this is a fine moring. Marshall and I went over to see the cattle in the pasture.
May 21 – Marshall and I worked around the place all day. Fixed some fences. Daisy had a cold this eve.
May 22 – Wet morning and most of the day we took the Jersey cow down to J Bevins.
May 23 – I went across the creek C Riley put a colt in the pasture yesterday. The Red Heffer came in last night. Marshall and I fixed fences most of the day.
May 24 – I intended to go to Gananoque today but the roads are very bad and its rainy some so we did not go.
May 25 – We worked at the fence most of the day. The old mare had a colt this eve a great big Sorral mare.
May 26 – We finished up the fence forenoon and went up to Joe Tyes for a bull. I went to Lyndhurst got some things paid for all I got.
May 27 – Madeline and I went to Lansdowne to mass. Fergus and family was here when we got home. A Slack, wife and Cora, Bridget Flood and Percy came afternoon was here until six oclock. Fergus started for home at five oclock. Madeline went home with them.
May 28 – I went to see the colts and cattle forenoon and went to Gananoque afternoon I got there at 8 oclock. Madeline and I spent the eve at J McArdles.
May 29 – Wet morning G Hill started work at the house. We started for home after dinner got home at four.
May 30 – Worked around the place all day. Helped to fix up planting ground.
May 31 – Worked at the planting ground and planted some potatoes. This is a very fine day. there was an earthquake this morning.

February 8, 2016 -“The Happiest of Days”

Spending time with our little ones gives me such joy.  This was an interesting 10 days down in the Washington DC area.  Started off really well. Arrived on the Friday afternoon and Saturday we went to Silver Spring and the girls and I went and painted pottery and the parents went ice skating.  We went from there to have something to eat at an Irish Pub.  It was great fun.

Sunday Ian and I and the kids went to the Farmers Market while Mom went to her skating lesson.  I left in the afternoon by Metro to go to the conference at the Gaylord. Met some of my buds and we went to dinner out of the hotel.

Early day on Monday.  National Prevention Day where we heard from some of our national leaders from various agencies.  The day was so good. I went to several very good workshops, one about the latest substance use data especially with the states where they have legalized pot vs states where it is still illegal.  Then I went to one about building relationships with the faith community. It was more targeting members of the faith community who want to join with coalitions but still learned a lot.

Again that evening we went somewhere to have something to eat. After a good visit went to bed and got a good nights sleep.

Tuesday we heard from heads of National Agencies.  Michael Botticelli who is head of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy talked about changing the vocabulary around addiction and finding more ways to divert people into treatment rather than incarceration.   He was followed by Chuck Rosenberg the new head of the DEA.  He was great. He has reinstated the National Drug Take Back Day.  He also announced a new program called 360 which will attempt to work with communities.  The goal will be to try and cut off the sources of drugs but then also find ways to divert youth away from drug related activities into healthy activties.

The last speaker that morning was amazing.  Dr. Bertha Madras from Harvard talked about brain science.  “Addiction is the only brain disease which is preventable” We all know this but then she went on to talk about what happened to the brain when young people smoke pot.  It was interesting to hear her say you can not predict who will become addicted to Pot but some do. After long term use nerve cells have fewer receptors  and that effects memory and learning. The earlier one uses the greater the damage.  Those who start before age 15 are more likely to suffer from psychosis or schizophrenia.  One of the most interesting things she said was that more Pot users end up in the ER than those using alcohol.  One really scary thing was that in a European long term study they have found out that the children of mothers who smoked pot while pregnant were more likely to be drawn to using opiates later on.  It is transferred through changes to the DNA. I find this kind of research so interesting where they follow thousands of individuals for 30 or 40 years and eventually can see the patterns that develop.

The good news for parents is that if they talk to their children about why they don’t want them drinking or using other drugs and make clear what the consequences will be… those young people will respond well to these conversations and they use at much lower rates than parents who don’t talk with their children.  The conversation needs to start early and not just be a one time thing.  Also role modeling that one can have a good social time without alcohol is a good thing.

Not to preach but you know back when I was working and we did surveys of youth one of the strongest pieces of data to show  parents of 6th and 8th grade students was the response to the question – Have you ever riden in a car with a driver who had been drinking?  Nothing about drunk in there.  The scores for the middle school age youth was always higher than for the high school students.  Parents would initially find this confusing until one parent would get it and say it.   The young kids when out with their parents see the parents drinking – maybe even just one drink but then driving home.  No one thinks about what the kids are observing and when they get older it breaks down their ability to say no to riding in a car with a friend who has been drinking.  Another time to have a conversation.

After that I attending a wonderful workshop on diversity.  It was so good.  A fun exercise he wanted us to do. We had to identify something about ourselves and then tell the folks what we thought they should know about it.  I picked outgoing or one of the words that means that……  what I wanted them to know that it is not an easy personality type because we cannot turn it off and sometimes we would just like to be quiet and withdrawn but it is impossible. And then I added and you don’t want to be around me when I have been drinking coffee.  It was interesting.

That evening we went to dinner with a whole group and really enjoyed it.  I was tired and and was in bed by 10.  Well, it would appear either I had food poisoning or a stomach bug – one in the same I think.  Starting at about 5 am I was upchucking over and over. Even when my stomach was empty I just gagged.  Then the other end started and went on until the next day.  It was a nightmare.  We were going to visit our congressman that afternoon and our senators.  No way was I going anywhere.  I have never called room service in my life but I had to get something to eat and they brought me saltines and ginger ale.  Thursday I had to get up and going at some point since I had to check out of the hotel so Weds evening when I figured I could run downstairs for no more than 15 minutes I went down and bought a little bottle of Pepto Bismal.  Yes, I started drinking that stuff like it was my best friend.  Thursday a nice woman gave me a late check out and I got back to Ian’s around 4ish.

So what was a great conference ended very early for me.  The rest of the weekend went well. Friday I was going to spend the day recouperating but the two little girls both decided they should be sick and stay home with grandma. We had a great time together. Saturday I did take the day off and they all went to the Smithsonian’s new Museum of Native American History?  It was a school event.  Then they all went skating up in Silver Springs.  Great time for them.  We went out to dinner when they got home at Poets and ? Sunday we went to the Farmers Market and then later to a school fund raiser at a book store and the kids got a whole bunch of new books.

Today I traveled home.  Am tired but happy to be here.  Came home to a great dinner made by my honey.  All things I like and could eat since my stomach still isn’t right. Tomorrow I am going to make sure I am back on all my meds.

So I had a great week for the most part and today am happy to be home. And I am already looking forward to spring break with my little girls.  Going to be a fun time.

Tomorrow we will see some of Charles Diary. I have to remember where we were.

Thanks for listening.  Glad to be back and just to let you know I got some good ideas of some things I want to write about. So hopefully it will all work out.


October 9, 2015 – busy days

Boy it has been busy, Yesterday I went and talked to Sol’s class about Canada. The kids were great and I really enjoyed it.  Told them about Poutine, Chip Wagons, Loonies and Toonies, and all kinds of things.  Worked out well. Two of the girls walked me down to the main door to leave and told me the one was from Toga and had visited Africa last summer and wants to return. Her parents speak French.   The other lived in Cambridge England as well as Kenya and some other places but now they are in DC and hope to stay there for a very long time.  They were great and friendly.

Today was suppose to be fun day with the girls but as luck would have it Asta was very tired after not sleeping well last night  and her sister was the same. I think Mom has been away long enough and they really want her back.  We did go out for lunch at Mark’s Kitchen which I think they might have enjoyed.  I thought it was so-so.  Neither were able to eat everything in their kids meals so we skipped Gelato which I had been looking forward to but did go to the Ace hardware store and bought their daddy a broom for the kitchen.  It was funny watching them carry the broom home. The handle proved to be quite the challenge to each of them. But they got it home.

The rule was at least one hour of quiet time because company was coming this evening.  Little Bear fell asleep and had about the  2.5 hr nap and Sol read quietly and then went to the basement to watch netflixs.  I think I slept about an hour. Felt better today than I had in quite a while due to a good nights sleep.  Ian came home early from work so I went out shopping by myself and got some things for dinner as well as more food for my trip tomorrow.

This evening Ian’s old friend Tom from school arrived with his three children. They are so cute and nice.. It is fun having them and at 9:30 now they are all bedded down which is a miracle since an hour ago they were wild men and woman storming around the place.  I did not have to move out of my space so will get to bed relatively early and then get up and hit the road at a reasonable time.

I am heading for Canada in the AM and am looking forward to Canadian Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday at the Allins. They have such a great day there and the family spirit is wonderful.

So here is some more of Charles Diary.  I know for some it might be more interesting to read about WWII but I needed a break from that.  I find the day to day life so interesting.  They got together so often and they took care of their neighbors and knew their neighbors.  I could not tell you the names of at least 50% of the people on our two streets when the kids were young I knew everyone.  And if someone were dying here I would read about it in the newspaper.  Could make one long for the old days when your community was what you had for support.  And if someone were dying they of course were at home and the neighbors would come and reach out, doing chores, bringing food etc.

March 1899

March 1 – Stevens here. Dr Gardiner comes to vaccinate – smallpox scare – pupils. Kept Jim Stevens and I busy carrying children out. So many fainted. Madeline among them.
March 2 – Dr. Gardiner stays for tea with us.
March 3 – Friday – Fergus gets ride home with Dr. Gardiner who was vaccinating Fergus’ pupils. Steven’s go home.
March 4 – Snow again.
March 5 – Rain today. Anthony and Bridget Flood here today.
March 6 – Took Fergus to Woodvale. Philip Kelsey came and I hired him. 2 weeks for $4.00. Leg still bad so I have to have help.
March 7 – Very cold
March 8 – Philip K. started to work today. Madeline faints and falls on floor. Very sick after. Scares us. She has often fainted but never so sick after.
March 9 – Snowing hard. Madeline sick and arm very sore and getting worse.
March 10 – Go for Fergus. He is worried when he sees Madeline. Her very sore arm with bad spots all down her arm.
March 11 – Stormy. Fergus goes to L. and brings treats for Madeline but she is too sick to care. Very worried over her.
March 12 – Sunday – Wet and muddy. Madeline worse. Florence D. and Mark McArdle here for tea and eve. Very worried about Mad.
March 13 – Philip does not work today. Fergus thinks Madeline might as well have had smallpox as this. Madeline is a bit better.
March 14 – Tapped some trees. First lamb.
March 15 – snow and rain
March 16 – Stormy. Madeline better but won’t eat only oranges Fergus got last sat. for her..
March 17 – St. Patricks Day. Fergus home. Lots of Irish music. Emily and I played all evening.
March 18 – Lots of snow. Black sheep has two white lambs.
March 19 – Philip back. Lots of snow and sleighing again.
March 20 – Philip takes Fergus to school in cutter. Madeline better and wants to go to school but Fergus said not to let her until arm heals up. She is very lonesome when he leaves.
March 21 – Took oak to Gan. Pd Fergus’ insurance $8.05.
March 22 – more snow
March 23 – now it is rainy. Philip out for shingle wood.
March 24 – Fergus home. Emily and I go to Lees for eve. Fergus and Madeline at home.
March 25 – Philip and I go to Lyndhurst. Picnic profit 1.7. John Willis dead.
March 26 – Sunday – Fine day. Arthur Slack, Jim and Maggie McDonald here. Jim as quiet as ever.
March 27 – Ellen took Fergus to his school. And I tapped 80 trees.
March 28 – Gather sap. Good run.
March 29 – Rain last night but cold again.
March 30 – cut shingles forenoon.
March 31 – Emily and I go to Lyndhurst.

April 1899

April 1 – Fergus Birthday. Sap boiling day. Madeline glad to have Fergus for holiday. For such a difference in age they are so good to each other.
April 2 – Easter Sunday. Ellen here. Too stormy for other visitors.
April 3 – Get first fish. Fergus goes to Mike Slacks.
April 4 – Milk meeting at Tyes. Fergus, Emily and Madeline go to John McArdles.
April 5 – Syruped down 5 gals.
April 6 – Ellen, Emily, Fergus and Madeline go to Slacks. I worked in sugar bush.
April 7 – Chas and Mike Slack here all night. Keep fiddle busy.
April 8 – Saturday – Rainy. S. Chapman back.
April 9 – Roads getting bad and I take Fergus to Fodey’s.
April 10 – Bad weather. Bad roads.
April 11 – Emily went to Berry’s. They are in a bad way. She takes food.
April 12 – big thaw.
April 13 – Worked at shingles.
April 14 – went for Fergus. Take Madeline.
April 15 – Borrowed hay from Mrs. Burns.
April 16 – Herb and Florence here all day. Always glad to see them. Also Donnelly boys seen and home?
April 17 – Gathered sap.
April 18 – Mr James Berry, wife and Edith moved away. In bad staits. Edith to work at Dave Greens.
April 19 – Arthur Slack and Annie Fodey married today. Fine day.
April 20 – Emily, Madeline and I go to Donnellys.
April 21 – Bad wind blew down fences so I have to fix them.
April 22 – Emily set eggs today.
April 23 – Sunday – Fergus and I visit at Slacks.
April 24 – Emily and I go to Lyndhurst. Edith serves her at Greens.
April 25 – Brought in spouts and buckets from bush. Arthur Slack and bride here for tea and eve.
April 26 – started ploughing.
April 27 – stormy day.
April 28 – Fergus home. Got a horse collar from Lappan.
April 29 – Fergus and I went to Seeley’s Bay. Got buggy wheels at Gilberts.
April 30 – Sunday – Ellen, Emily, Madeline and I go to Mass. Had dinner at Lena’s. Fergus at Slacks for the day.

May 1899

May 1 – Young cattle out to pasture. Mary Ellen and Mike Judge here
May 2 – Kelsey and E. Bracken bring young cattle to our pasture for summer. Mrs. Plunkett here.
May 3 – Stevens twins here for day.  (Marcus and Maurice)
May 4 – Ann Townsend home from Rochester and spends day.
May 5 – Heavy frost.
May 6 – Allen Earl here for dinner. Graham Church dead.
May 7 – Sunday. Jim McDonald, Mother Margaret here all day. (Margaret- Charles sister Married to James McDonald)
May 8 – Ploughed wheat ground. Emily set 17 turkey eggs.
May 9 – Emily and I go to Lyndhurst. Isiac P. cuts polies. Fergus wheeled home.
May 10 – Postcard from J. Judd in NY.
May 11 – Emily and I went to see May Slack.
May 12 – E.C. Sliter here for dinner.
May 13 – Very cold night.
May 14 – Norm (Englebert) Donnelly comes and Fergus takes him to Fodeys.
May 15 – Fergus gets his new wheel today and come home from Woodvale on it. Very happy about it and he deserves it. Emily, Madeline and I go to Athens in evening.
May 16 – In Athens at wedding of Stella Stevens and Joe O’Shea. Sadie McArdle comes home with us to spend week here.
May 17 – Pulverized today.
May 18 – Wet morn.
May 19 – showery. Madeline and Sadie friends. Sadie is much older but innocent as Madeline.
May 20 – I take Sadie to John McArdles.
May 21 – Sunday – Fergus and I go to Mass. Walter Slack here for tea and eve.
May 22 – Planted Barley
May 23 – Went to Slacks in eve. Mary very sick so we stay. She has TB and is dying.
May 24 – Mary Slack died. Emily quotes poem re Queen of the May. It seems so sad to see her go leaving a wee baby..
May 25 – Went to funeral. John and Annie here for tea.
May 26 – Finished sowing grains.
May 27 – Emily, Madeline and I go to Lyndhurst. Fergus at Teachers Institute.
May 28 – Fergus gets home from Teachers Institute where he made a fine speech. He is making a real orator.
May 29 – Planted peas.
May 30 – Bad day. Cow got hurt and a sheep died and left twin lambs. Have to bring them to house. Madeline delighted to have 2 pet lambs.
May 31 – Ploughed and worked ground.

April 12, 2015 – a free day and a fun day

Today we traveled from WAshington DC to Schenectady with the two granddaughters. We were both a bit worried about how that would go but it turned out quite well actually. They both fell asleep by the time we got to Baltimore and then we stopped at the Delaware Welcome Stop and fed them and had a potty break. then they sang songs  and chatted and then fell asleep again until we got to Sloatsburg.  Then I got in the back with them and they had eaten lots of junky food and we played I spy and hangman for quite a while.

After getting here we went over to Tim and Dianes for pizza and brownies. another healthy meal had by all.  It is not after 9 pm and then really do not want to go to sleep. But I told them they had no choice since I wanted to go to bed and could not unless they went to sleep. So it seems a little quieter.  They just play so well together that they could go on for hours just playing.

This last few days has been wonderful.  I had a great visit with my sister in law Billie at her new house which is lovely and comfortable. We caught up on all our news. Then I spent two days with my youngest brother. He and his wife our great hosts and we went to the Barter Theater to see the lovely Sarah starring in the Miracle Worker. She did an incredible job as Helen Keller.  I learned a lot that evening and watching her was just awesome.  She just drew me into the play and it was hard to break away back to reality.

Also enjoyed a good visit with Nell-Marie, Gil, Daniel and Anna.  Since I don’t have a working camera at the moment I don’t have any pictures but the kids were great and we had a good catch up visit. Loved hearing and seeing all that D and A are doing these days.

Then I drove up to DC on the big Cherry Blossom festival day and the traffic was terrible once I got up near the city.  It took me a long time to get the rest of the way. So I was beat when I arrived but we went out for ice cream to sugar me up.  Had a good evening with the kids and now am home again… going to be an interesting week trying to keep up with the A to Z blogging challenge and spending my days chasing after a 3 and 5 year old. But we will survive I am sure. I already have permission for them to go with me to Yoga and for Sol to go with me to Tai Chi.  She will have fun with it. And she can survive an hour there.

Tomorrow we are going to the Pottery Place to make some special items for some special people.  Then we are going to a park or maybe down to the locks to look at the water. They heard about the Mohawk River so am going to show it to them.

That is all for now. Just checking in with you all not talking about ancestors.  I kind of miss not just talking off the top of my head on here. But April is almost half over so in May I will start to jibber jabber all over again. Poor you…. oh yes and back to stories about Pat.

Barter Theater