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February 15, 2017 – Travel Day

Up early and packed and ready to go.  Went down and had a nice final breakfast at the NH Sint Pieter HOtel.  The bread is to die for…

We walked down to the station and got our train to Brussels.  It was a nice easy ride.  Then we found our train to Paris and while we waited had a coffee and a treat.   Again the ride to Paris was easy.   In Paris it took a couple of asks but we figured out how to get the metro to St. Lazare Station and got ourselves there with plenty of time before our train to Rouen.

So we got sandwiches and water and ate again.  I was really tired.  The ride to Rouen was nice as well. The trains are clean and the seats comfortable.   The ride was smooth.  And having assigned seats made it easy for us.   We arrived around 5 and walked from the station down to the hotel.

The fellow at the desk spoke no English to us.  Luckily we understood what we needed to from him.  Not saying he does not speak English but just had a feeling he did not feel like speaking it to us.

After settling in we were going to ask the guy at the desk where some restaurants were but he was on the phone and not interested in us at all.  So we set out and figured we would find a place to eat.  We did and had a great meal. First time I have had any cooked meat for dinner in a while.  I had chicken with apple cider sauce, salad and fries.  It was very good and I was so hungry.  And the bread as usual to die for.   I even wanted dessert as soon as I saw the creme brulee on the menu.   It was yummy.. So I am content and am going to sleep earlier than usual.  Did not see a lot tonight as we walked so figure tomorrow there should be lots to tell.

The one thing we did see today that I was not use to was soldiers with nasty looking guns.  In the station, on the train, in the streets, and even walking home this evening there were three vehicles of them standing in front of a church.  Just makes you realize how serious the French take the threats.   We also saw them in Belgium during our stay there.  Glad I don’t see much of that at home.

I did take a picture of the front of the Cathedral this evening and the view out our hotel room window.  Tomorrow if it is not raining will be picture taking day.  We are only here for the one full day tomorrow so we will take full advantage of the day.


March 1, 2015. – A weird day

I am taking a day off the story of Aunt Patt.  Woke up this morning in pain In what I thought was probably my bladder.  It did not go away after a quick visit to the loo.  I finally dropped back off to sleep and whe. I woke up felt sore but the sharp pain was not there. I also have a cough which is quite annoying.  so, I made a decision to hang out today and rest.  Cannot get over how tired I am.  Depending on how I feel in the morning might just head off to the doctors.   Lucky I have a pretty easy week ahead of me.

So tomorrow will get caught up with the letters and hopefully will feel more like writing.  and of course it is snowing again and tonight is the final episode of Downton Abbey.  they the ads are on for the great shows they are having on during fund raising week, Peter, Paul and Mary, Johm Denver, Moton. All great shows.

so have a great evenng.