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April 27, 2017 – A to Z Challenge – W

Gerald was quite the fellow.  He lived in a great big Victorian house on a lane just outside of the village.  His parents had left him quite a bit of money so although he worked at the local library it was never with any great energy.  Just a way to say hello to the village residents and maybe to find a sweet lass from time to time to ask out on a date.

Marriage was not in the cards for him but he was not lonely.  His cousin Miriam had moved in with him several years ago and the two of them made quite the pair.  She was very neat and prim and managed to keep everything organized.  Gerald on the other hand was quite good at woking.   She found it amusing at first but later started to wonder about him.  Did he have dementia? Had he suffered a brain injury in the past?  She could not figure it out.

At his job in the library he was a worksop.  The others who worked with him really found it to be annoying.   His desk was filled with post it notes with lists and more lists.  Always stating that everything  was urgent.  It became a game with the other library staff tracking the number of minutes a day that Gerald spent making lists of things to do that he was never able to accomplish due to his list making.

And in both settings he would come walking into either the kitchen or the staff room and all of a sudden develop that blank stare.   You would almost count the seconds as he stood there and thought to himself, “what the hell did I come in here for?”  Then he would turn around and walk out and go back to what ever he had been doing before.  Miriam always tried to figure out what it was he had been looking for or coming to get that he had totally forgotten.  The library staff wondered if he was going to realize he had missed his lunch again.

Gerald had the propensity to entertain those around him and that made him a special fellow to all who knew him.