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March 27, 2015 B – So I don’t know what day it is? Norm injured.

Well, last night I thought I might have made a mistake and today I confirmed that I was a day off on the calendar.  Love that my life is that way. NOT!!!!  I seem to be swimming in circles day in and day out.  So must to do and no desire to do any of it.  Probably should stop staying up so late at night and go to bed earlier.  Maybe it is the gray days and not enough Vitamin D.  Or maybe life just sucks.  What to do?  I think I have to start writing for two hours a day and see where that gets me. I need to clean off this desk first and then dive into writing. If I do that I might share some that here and ask you for feed back. I already have some fictionalized versions of Pats first months in England and the trip over on the ship.  Would people read those I wonder? And would they be willing to give feedback?

Going to a wake this afternoon and serving left overs for dinner and then we are going to eat popcorn and watch one of the series on Netflics.  Should be interesting.  Took down curtains in the girls room and am washing them and going to hang them out to dry.  There is a bit of a wind with this grayness and they might actually dry out there. No pollen to speak of so maybe this will work.  They sure were dusty.  Also found my ceiling duster and worked on that room and the hallway and stairs.  Dust galore.  Hard to believe.

Lieut (n/s) P O’Connor
No 8 Cdn Gen Hosp
1 Sept 1944’

Dear Mother and Dad:

I hope you have a lovely anniversary, my pets, I hope you got the cable I sent and the flowers Sheila and I sent.

Did Norah and her large family get over.  I bet the children were as cute as can be.  They have gone back by now.  I haven’t had mail all week and don’t expect any until we are settled again. – we are still waiting.  The troops are making such great advances that they have priority on all roads naturally but it won’t be long now and we should go quite a way.   We are enjoying the rest again, we were more tired than we realized.  I have been doing a lot of sleeping and lying in the sun.

I see Robi quite often, she is fine and happy.   She is thinking of waiting to get married until she is home which is rather a good idea for her because you can’t stay in France when you are married.

Norm was wounded again.  He was shot through the arm and it broke his arm (right) so it is in a cast and he will return to England.  Thank God he is out of it all for while.   He is in a British Hosp not far from here so he sent me a note and I got right down to see him.   Dick had been up the nite before and I was out so he left the message that Norm had been wounded and that he was out looking for him but he didn’t find him and headquarters moved the other day and are about six hours ride from here so it must have taken him all nite to get back and he still doesn’t know how badly he is hurt and we can’t contact him.  However I expect he will be back tonite or tomorrow.

Norm is going to call Sheila as soon as he reaches England and is going to meet her in London and take her to the theatre and the Savoy for dinner.  I am so glad.  He says that if he gets back to Canada before I do, en route to the West he is going to stop in Kingston and visit you all.   He said that is one of the nicest reasons he wants to return to Canada – to get to know you all.

Went on a nice party the other nite with a Col Caldwell from Halifax.  He knows Frank, said how much he liked him and his mother and father.   He took us to a club which is sort of a rest home for officers.   It was on a “beach” so we had a swim, a lovely dinner and the place was lovely.

Well, my dears, this is just a note and I won’t be writing again until later.
Love Pat