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April 20, 2017 – A to Z Challenge -Q

What a good day!  The girls made their signs for Saturday’s march.  And after lunch they went to the  Pine Bush Environmental Center.  They had a wonderful time and walked the trails and had fun learning about turtles in the Pine Bush.  Then we packed up their things to get ready for tomorrows trip to their home.

Going to be a long day but I have even prepared them that I might take a nap at some point if I get tired.  Should be a fun day.  Lots of snacks and drinks and books and toys to keep them busy.

Now to tonight’s story.

Jennifer’s in laws were coming to visit and she was frantic.  They had never been to Bob’s and her home and she wanted it to shine.  She had made a list of all the things that needed to be done before they arrived.   She had been working the last two weekends making sure everything was perfect.

They were due to arrive in that evening so she started working on food prep.  But then went back to cleaning.  She was obsessed about getting the front door window clean.  That would be the first thing they would see when they arrived.

She cleaned it and then went on to a final vacuuming. When she went out to get the mail and walked up to the door she saw a spot on the window.  Darn, it was not clean. She got the window cleaner out again and cleaned that window.  It looked just fine from the inside so she thought it was good.

At six the inlaws arrived. She went out to meet them and as she walked up to the door she had a terrible realization.  The spot was a quenby and she had never realized.  She was so embarrassed and was sure the inlaws would be judging her on that spot.   After a while once they were in the house she realized she had over reacted but still snuck out at some point that evening and cleaned that spot.  Now she would be able to sleep tonight.


April 17, 2017 – A to Z Challenge – N

I am not sure how much longer I am going to last with the Challenge.  Having two little kids here is killing me. It is 9 and my plan was to be in bed by 9:30.   It was a fun day but being a 9 am waker and a 10 am get out of bed retiree this 7 am stuff is a killer. Oh well, only for four more days.

We had a grand time today.  After breakfast we drove down to the pottery painting place and they painted a cow and a princess.  Both quite lovely.  We walked across and had lunch at Peaches  – three grilled cheese sandwiches.. Then home. The two girls who live behind us were already out so the four of them played until 5:30. They were in the creek, dirt, walking barefoot all over the darn place.  Quite the afternoon.  Myself a nap would have made me very happy.

The M word – Marytavy (MAIR-eye-Tay-Eve) n. A person to whom under dire injunctions of silence you tell a secret which you wish to be more widely known.

I found this very funny since it was a person or several actually I have known in my life.

Aunt Em = a Short Story

Auntie Em was a cute little thing.  Going to her home for tea and biscuits was an amazing treat.  On a usual week I would stop at her cottage at least once to see how she was getting on.

It was like being a part of an old fairy tale visiting her.  Low ceilings with big beams running across.  A warm fireplace always going.  Fresh creme for the cakes or scones or biscuits.  And the best cup of traditionally made Irish tea. She would be dressed in an old fashioned frock with a big white, starched apron and her hair up on top of her head in a cute old fashioned bun.  I was not sure of her age and was afraid to ask.  Her hair was white as could be and her skin so smooth and soft you wanted to touch it.  The kiss on the cheek always felt like butter it was so smooth.

This particular afternoon the place had a different look about it.  Quite neat with no sign of clutter.  Em always had stacks of something laying around but there were none to be found and she was in quite a state.  “Damn nottage” she was mumbling to herself.   It was quite unlike her to be swearing in front on anyone I believe.  She said it again “Damn nottage” with more anger.  I asked her what it was she was missing.

Her tale began about her cleaning up the house.  Her son William had visited and complained about all her “stuff” so she had decided to impress him the next time he stopped to see her.  For a week she went through things and managed to get rid of all kinds of things.  But what she was most upset was her tin pans.  In a weak moment she gave away in the box of “stuff” her oldest tin pans she used for cakes and other baking.   Figuring that she had enough newer ones.

This morning she set out to make scones and pulled out one of the newer ones but as luck would have it the scones burned on the bottom.  That started her to swearing and crying and she was filled with such regret at her action of the week before.  What would she ever do to replace those pans?   Were her baking days over?  So that afternoon with our tea we had scones from the bake shop up the road and she was much less lively than usual.  I felt so sorry for her and wondered if we could get the box back but to no avail.   She had donated them to a charity and could not bring herself to go up there and ask for them back.

After I left I walked up the road and stopped at the charity shop.  There were some pans there and I asked about them.  They were not sure if they were hers or not, I saw a familiar looking one I thought might be Em’s scone dish and bought it.  If she thought it was hers maybe she would not burn the bottoms again. Best 50c. I ever spent.

April 15, 2017 – A to Z Challenge – M

Before I forget to put the meanings of the last two letters here they are.

Kelling (KEL-ling) ptcpl. vb. – the action of looking for something all over again in all the same places you’ve already looked in.

Low Eggborough (LOH-EG-ber-ah) n. – A quiet little unregarded man in glasses who is building a new kind of atomic bomb in his garden shed.

I believe we have all at some time or other had a Marytavy in our lives.  The ones I have known have been through work and always the most interesting people.  They believe they have the highest of loyalty and standards towards their bosses and are very protective of them.

One job in particular brought one of these women into my life.  An enthusiastic new college graduate probably in her first “real” job was hired for a new department where we worked and were helping to set up the new offices.  We, older women, believed that she had a crush on the boss and would do anything to look good in his eyes.  We on the other hand were much older and knew that the boss had not a clue about what he was doing and had found out that he was given this new job to get him away from his prior job.

Now you would wonder what we would want to say to this young women just to see her response.  But you see we had figured out from a few incidences that anything we said to her would end up being repeated to the boss within 15 minutes of our saying whatever it was.  So on this one particular day we worked up a plan to time her reaction to some outragous comment between the two of us and we made sure to ask her not to repeat the piece of gossip we were relating to her.

It was over 20 years ago and I truly don’t remember what the comment was but the response was glowing.  We had decided to have the conversation at about 9:55 just before one could easily ask for a break from work to run to the ladies or get a soda or coffee.  Liddy and I started up making some complaints about how things were going in this new job and how messed up some things were and how we thought the boss could do something to make things work better.  Then we watched our watches and as we quietly worked – having asked her not to repeat anything we had said – we waited. It only took five minutes for CK, we will call her, to say she was taking a break.  She almost ran out into the hall and up the stairs which we carefully made sure to check which way she had gone.  When she returned she was grinning from ear to ear and went back to work.  Then again we waited.

In about thirty minutes a call came down for us to go up and speak with the boss. As we were leaving the office we said, “I cannot imagine what he wants now?” and laughed.    CK looked surprised at our comment.   The smile had gone off her face.

When we got upstairs the boss asked us about our comments to CK and we told him we had figured her for a snitch and wanted to test to see if we were correct.  He said he would have a chat with her and that later he really would like to hear our suggestions to make the place work more smoothly.  Liddy had experience in the type of work we were doing, she had trained me and we were actually doing well getting it up and running and he knew that.  He also did not want to lose us at least not at that point.

When we returned to the office she grinned and asked if the meeting with the boss was productive.  We smiled back and said we had accomplished our mission and said no more.  She looked confused but oh well.

April 3, 2017 – A to Z Challenge “B”

Jessica and Bill were going to have a fabulous vacation.  They were going to a mountain resort where they could hike, swim and spend romantic evenings together.  They had been married for ten years and with two children a week away to reacquaint themselves was their dream plan for the week.

They kissed their children good bye and thanked grandpa and grandma over and over again for taking the kids for the week.  That way they knew there was nothing to worry about and they could just have fun.  What more could you ask for!

They drove off and kept looking over at each other with such excitement.  Life had not been easy with jobs and two children and family commitments.  Time alone was precious and they knew it.  This was an opportunity to rekindle what seems to have left their relationship – the intimacy and ability to share and talk about everything like they had before they had children.

They arrived at the resort just before dinner time.  Bill grabbed Jess around the waist and held her tightly.  He was surprised by her response, “not here Bill, people will see us.”  He asked her what that was about and startled she thought, it has been so long I don’t remember what it feels like to be wanted in that way.  She said she was sorry and would work on those instantaneous reflexes.  She loved him and this was going to be a wonderful week.

After checking into their room they went for a walk around the grounds, holding hands and occasionally kissing.  It felt wonderful being there and slowly the feelings of stress were leaving them both.  This was going to be wonderful.  They returned to the Lodge for dinner and found themselves sitting next to a young couple like themselves.  They said hello as they sat down at their table.  The other couple smiled and said “Hi, isn’t this a wonderful place to spend a weekend?”  Bill responded “Yes, especially with two kids at home and jobs. Getting away is a real treat.”  The other two looked at each other and just smiled.  Then the man said “Yes it must be tough, we don’t have any children so we cannot know what that is like.”

Bill and Jessica settled into their table and started looking at the menu.  That other couple somehow bothered them.  They looked so happy and romantic just sitting there. But neither of them shared those feelings.  Instead they pushed off that thought and decided what they were going to order for dinner.  They chatted through dinner about the house, the kids, work, the parents, and other facets of their lives.  Once in a while each of them would take a peek at the other couple who appeared to be content to hold hands, share food and gaze at each other.  Slowly it dawned on both of them that they had brought their life with them.  “Darn, thought Jess, this was suppose to be about us. Guess I will have to work harder.”

As a treat after dinner they took a stroll again around the grounds. They went to where it was very dark and sat down on a bench and looked up at the stars.  “Oh, look, a shooting star!” said Bill.  It was so warm and cozy out there. They felt like they were the only two people on the planet as they held hands and curled up next to each other.  What a divine evening .

They went back to their room and noticed that ahead of them was the other couple going into the room next to theirs.  They both looked at each other but did not say anything.  They had assumed that the other couple was married initially but by now they were not sure if they were married, just together or having an affair.  Anyway, what business was that of theirs.

Once in the room Bill took Jess in his arms and they started to kiss.  Jess felt warm and excited like she had on their honeymoon.  Bill also felt good all over and so happy with anticipation of the night ahead.  They had already unpacked so they quickly got ready for bed.  Being use to jammies and nighties that is what they did and made sure to brush their teeth before getting into the lovely bed with its crisp white sheets.  In the dark finally together they made love.  It was quick probably due to all the anticipation and longing they both had been living with.   As they laid in each others arms they heard a far away noise.

Looking at each other even in the dark they began to envision what they were hearing. The bed of the other couple was directly behind the bed they were in.  And slowly each of them was coming to the same realization.  The boinka hit them like a ton of rocks.  What were they missing?. What did the kids have to do with this?  What was wrong with them.? They lay in each others arms and slowly fell into a restless sleep, both occasionally being awakened by noises from the room next door and Jess had tears in her eyes during those moments of awakeness.  Bill just felt shame. And as dawn was coming the boinka continued to eat away at them.

The next morning they woke up and could not look at each other until finally Jess starred to laugh.  Just because the boinka happened they did not have to give in.  Jess had made the decision to love themselves just the way they were.  To heck with other people. They had a whole week to show themselves they could boinka others.


Thanks again to the Darker Meaning of LIff by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd.

Can you figure out what Boinka means?  I think this one should be easy.

Enjoy your evening everyone and see you tomorrow with another story and another word.






March 19, 2016 – I want money

Yes it is true, I would like say about 5,000,000. Why you ask? After 24 Hrs in New York City I would like to have an apt down here. I mean really, I feel so enthralled with everything. We went out to eat with Denise and could have picked one of maybe ten restaurants of all different kinds within a block. Then we walked down along Riverside Drive. I feel so energized. I need to live in a walkable city. So I figure it this way, get apts in a couple of places or small houses. Rent them when we are not there so cover maintenance etc. getting an apt in NY would cost a bundle do therefore the need for a lot of money! Time to start buying lottery tickets.

The train ride down yesterday was lovely. I sat by the window, not n the riverside but was able to see the lovely old mansions along the Hudson. And then as we approached Westchester went through all those towns I spent time hanging out in during the teen and up years. Lots of fun old memories.

Great spending time with Charlie and Beth. We went out to dinner at Henry’s and I had a very good dinner, chopped kale salad and sweet potato fries and then some sorbet for dessert. Yum. This morning we visited a bunch more and then my dear old friend Denise came.

Denise and I first met at Terry Duffys wedding. Terry was my younger brothers good friend. Then one day at Hunter College in the cafeteria I was looking for a place to sit and eat and saw this familiar looking person. It as no other than Denise. We started hanging out some. We had some grand times. So off and on for years we have connected.

At one time Denise had a radio show here in the city and got to interview lots of famous people. Then she worked for Good Morning America and got to visit some very interesting countries such as Austrailia and New Zealand.today she does a couple of things, works for the Salvation Army and for public television doing spots that are seen all over the country during fund raising times. Great little gig for her.

Tonight is Charlie and Beth’s St. Patrick’s Day dinner. Should be delicious.

Tomorrow think we will go to the metropolitan Museum of Art. Might be a nice day to walk through the park. I get energized being here and will probably sleep better.

No Charles a Diary since I don’t have it with me. Will catch up next week.

January 11, 2016 -Bees nest kind of day

Today started out quite nicely.  I got up because I had to leave by 9:30 to go to the hair dressers.  A nice young woman who does hair in her home.  Got to see Denis before he left for work which was nice.  He is not leaving as early as in prior years due to later classes. So that was a treat.

The drive out was very nice. Sunny and bright and lovely.   And I got there on time. timeliness is not a requirement on my list any more.  Not sure why but after being paranoid about being any place ahead of time and never not being some place at the start of a meeting or activity I don’t really care any more.  I figure most doctors don’t take you on time anyway. Meetings usually start 5 to 10 minutes after the start time so I don’t miss much.

Anyway, all went well with the  trim but then something happened.  Doing business with your family hanging about is not always the best deal.  I won’t go into details but one member of the family was pacing waiting to go out so I told the young woman to go and get what the person was waiting for.  It was money, and she could not find it and in the end it turned out that someone had thrown away the box she kept her money in in her room. Never looking to see what was in the box or asking her.  There was a lot of yelling and crying going on.  I wrote her her check and slipped out.  Not the kind of morning I expected at all!

At some point in the near future I am going to have a chat with her and explain to her this is not a good way to build a client base.  There is no way I would refer any one I know to her. I am easy going and since I know the two girls and the mother I just went with the flow but I would not put any one else at risk of that kind of situation.

Got home, ate lunch, made some phone calls, ran to the pharmacy and then opened the mail.  Ah such mail.  My insurance company wrote to tell me that my new script for Armour thyroid would not be covered after 30 days.  I was surprised the paid for it in the first plan and they paid for the extra dose I picked up today.  And they said I was a new customer.  Totally weird. It may all come back at me at some point but they should know I have been a member for a long time.  My doctor gave me a website where they tell you the lowest price for prescription drugs in your area.

So I decided to take a nap. Was exhausted. This adjusting to new meds is harder than I thought.  Denis came home just before six and I was sound asleep.  Love to sleep. The life of a hypothyroid grandma.

April 1910 Charles O’Connor Diary

April 1 – Fergus’ Day. He has to phone us. Madeline was very sick and for us to come in. Also “Flip” Wilfred LaQue was dead.
April 2 – Emily and I go to Gan and found Madeline delirious with measles. She got them from young Gavin in school. Often exposed to them before but never took them.
April 3 – Went to Mass, then home. Sykes spent eve here and Miss Young here.
April 4 – Ellen gets dinner for …. and me.
April 5 – Mail day so I had to stay in and tend it. Worried about Madeline. Went to Lyndhurst late eve and phoned. She is very sick.
April 6 -= Emily came home as they think Madeline out of danger now but still sick.
April 8 – Herb?????? …. Drove cow home from Gan.
April 9, 10 – Quiet days. Annie here to hear about Madeline.
April 11,12, 13 – Ploughing and seeding and tending sheep with lamb.
April 14, 15, 16 – same work.
April 18 – Fergus brings Madeline home. She has … and can’t eat anything. Glad to see her.
April 19, 20, 21, 22, Colts and cattle coming to pasture our sheep have had five pairs of lambs this year. All good too.
April 24 – Rainy day.
April 25 – Madeline returns to school hate to see her go as she is weak. The little Gavin boy died of spinal meningitis which follows after measles. She feels badly as she was so fond of that little lad.
Rest of April – Farm work some visitors.

November 20, 2015 -The GPS Adventure

Weds morning the sun was shining and after getting tired of waking up with a pain in my mouth I make the administrative decision to pack up and head for home by noon.  It seemed like a good idea so I got busy packing, canceling other plans for the day since I was so tired and my stomach was acting up and I was just plain tired of waking up at 4am in pain.

At noon I headed off and decided to test my GPS system.  I put it on shortest way, not quickest, but what did that silly machine think was the shortest way to get home.  I have heard the stories about people being taken to bridges that did not exist, or to places that hardly were short so I decided to check out what would happen.  There are many ways to get from the 1000 Islands Bridge to our house.  So off I went on a new adventure.

The first direction was to go down to Watertown and cut across town to Rt. 12 that then headed to Lowville.  That seemed simple enough but then it told me to take a left off of 12.  Turned left and followed their lead which lead me back to Rt. 12.  Eliminated a curve in the road it appears.

Now I did get rebellious when it wanted me to drive up to West Leyden and back to Boonville so I skipped that step. Guess I should really have just done it but made no sense to me since I have been up that way before looking at the cemetery where the Trainors are buried. If it had been earlier in the day I might have gone up to pay my respects to Gr Uncle Nick and his family.

It was all pretty straight forward until  I was just north of Utica.  It lead me off on a road that kind of made sense but then we started to wander through the back roads of whatever county we were in.  Turns out the system does not care if the roads are paved or not, just that they might cut a tenth of a mile off the trip.  Some of the places I passed through were very pretty and I saw villages I had only heard about before – such as Remsen.  Knew the Remsen Diner from my teen years and when our kids were growing up it was a milestone as we traveled north. But the actual village is quite lovely.

Somewhere along the way I was told to get on a road and keep going southeast. I was going along quite happily from paved to dirt roads, occasionally asking the GPS where the hell was I anyway.  I could not find myself on the paper map I had in hand. These were little county roads not state roads.  The final straw was when I came to a dirt road with a sign that announced that it would be closed as of Dec 1 and that is was a minimally  maintained path.  I sat and looked at it because of course there was no one else on this back road.  Finally I decided this was going too far.  I had a chat with my self about adventure vs stupidity and turned around and went back and turned left and stayed on that road until I hit a road I knew.

But the outcome of this was not disappointment.  I learned something about myself – that I am still up for a little fun and adventure but that it only goes so far.  But I would like to do that again on another outing.  You can always turn around and go back so really it is not dangerous. I would encourage you to go out some weekend and decide to head someplace and set your GPS to the shortest way.  If you are in a place with lots of little roads you might find some interesting places you never would see other wise.  if you want to learn about two of the little places I found – Remsen and Cold Brook you can read about them by clicking on the links.



Charles O’Connor’s diary  – I am assuming Mr Dale was some kind of minister.  Nice to see the acceptance between the people of different religions that in their home countries would not have existed. Always proud of that aspect of our heritage.

August 1901

August 1 – Thursday – Finished one stack. Mary Murphy and Sadie B. here for day.
August 2 – Drew in hay. Kate Bass, Ella Seabrook for tea and eve.
Aug 3 – Fergus takes Madeline and Eulalia to Athens.
Aug 4 – Fergus and Madeline back home. Emily and I spent eve at Slacks.
Aug 5 – I mowed by hand. Fergus took both horses to be shod at Lees.
Aug 6 – Sowed rye in forenoon put up hay with Lee’s help.
Aug 7 – Wet morn. We doctored mares shoulder. Fergus spends pm at Chapmans
Aug 8 – Fergus went with Lee to Gan. Emily, Madeline went also. Gave Father O’Gorman $15.00 Home by dark.
Aug 9 – Worked at Lee’s. All went over to Slacks in eve. Johnny sick.
Aug 10 – Left for Athens there by 5.
Aug 11 – Make church Jubilee and Jim Stevens has prayers framed. We got home by dark.
Aug 12 – Commenced to cut oats. Lee helped me. Fergus goes to Fodeys.
Aug 13 – Emily and I go to Lyndhurst. Madeline and Fergus to Tyes
Aug 14 – Mowed oats. Kenney cut wheat.
Aug 15 – We helped Kenney in turn with his wheat. Sadie Bryan spends day.
Aug 16 – I stacked wheat. Fergus rakes rye ground. Fine day.
Aug 17 – stooked grain? Ella Seabrook spends day here. Madeline and I go to Lyndhurst.
Aug 18 – At Ellen’s for day. Madeline and I go to Flat Rock and Rolling Banks.
Aug 19 – A sad day for us as Fergus leaves for Ottawa Normal and I take him to station. Madeline cries herself sick with loneliness. Mr. Dale returns and speaks great praises of our two children. As son of God he says he knows they will always be good.
Aug 20 – Emily sends 9.00 for Fergus Insurance (Mutual) Mosie?? and Ed Leeder here all night. Arthur and Walter here in eve too.
Aug 21 – Pulled peas. Lawyer Jim Judd here for tea. Emily goes to Bryan’s in eve with Madeline.
Aug 22 – Thursday – Big rain in eve. Had hurried to get grain in luckily. Lee here.
Aug 23 – Hugh Wilson and Asher Lee here and stay all night.
Aug 24 – Finished cutting peas
Aug 25 – Emily and Madeline go up to John’s for day. They miss Fergus too.
Aug 26 – Helped Dave Townsend thresh.
Aug 27 – Lee borrowed horse for day.
Aug 28 – Cut barley. Percy Flood brought Minnie O’Connor for this eve.
Aug 29 – Chris Weeks borrows horses. Percy goes on to Sand Bay. Walter Slack here this eve. Letter from Fergus.
Aug 30 – Percy and Chris help me today. Madeline’s birthday. Mr Dale gives her his blessing. Ellen and Minnie go with her to Flat Rock.
Aug 31 – wet day. Helped Kenny’s thresh and am sick all night as usual after threshing.