April 21, 2017 – A to Z Challenge – R

Lovely drive to DC today.  Girls were great as usual and I did not fall asleep. My greatest fear… They were happy to see their mom and dad but did not reject me.  Just over seven hours with two stops and one of those was a lunch break. We ate out on a picnic bench on the Jersey Turnpike.  Had things they like so they were happy. Also had to listen to 1.5 hour of Kids Bop on the radio but eventually told them I just could not do it any more.  Went to NPR for some news.  Missed a big storm which hit just after we arrived.

Short Story based on actual happenings (not) that you might relate to.

We, Jimmy and I, were both so excited about this trip.  A romantic week in San Francisco that would give renewed energy to our relationship.  Arrived at the airport the required 2 hours ahead of time and sat and shared a sweet and drank our coffees. He prefers it straight and strong while I like mine mild and very creamy.  The chocolate croissant just hit the spot.

As we approached our gate it was obvious that this was going to be a full flight.  I prayed that the two seats we were assigned would be lovely ones with the third person in the row being a nice thin easy to get along with individual.  We snuggled together as they started to call the various people to board.  Handicapped first, then families with young children, one and all.   We were in the third group to board and as we arrived at our row there was someone sitting in the middle seat.  That was suppose to be my seat I believed.

The fellow sitting there looked up and asked if there was a problem.  I said I thought that was my seat.  He pulled out his ticket and it said seat B.  I pulled out mine and for some reason it said seat C.  The flight attendant came along because we were holding up others getting seated.  She said she was sorry but obviously we had been given seats not together.  The fellow sitting there stated he was not interested in switching.  In my mind I was swearing at him but felt pressured just to sit.  Jimmy waited while the fellow moved out into the isle and then Jimmy looking sad took his window seat.  Eventually I got the isle seat and settled in.  We talked over the fellow since he was so exacting about that being his seat.  Even with the attendant making it clear to him that he could switch.

We were facing a three hour flight with this lovely fellow but that was not going to be the end of it.  Turns out he was a rochester.  I opened my book and started to read.  Figured I would just ignore the entire situation but that was not to be.  A little person like myself does not take up much room but it would have been nice to have a little elbow room but the big fellow was not giving up an inch.  I looked over and Jimmy was also being squeezed off of any hope of having arm room.  Sure would be nice if the attendant spilled a drink on him, maybe some hot coffee. But I suppose then I would have received a poke in the face as he raised his over bearing arm to protect himself.

Jimmy and I survived the flight and were happy to get away from this fellow.  We double checked our tickets home and made sure we were sitting together. At least them we would share the arm of the seat wrapped up together.

April 20, 2017 – A to Z Challenge -Q

What a good day!  The girls made their signs for Saturday’s march.  And after lunch they went to the  Pine Bush Environmental Center.  They had a wonderful time and walked the trails and had fun learning about turtles in the Pine Bush.  Then we packed up their things to get ready for tomorrows trip to their home.

Going to be a long day but I have even prepared them that I might take a nap at some point if I get tired.  Should be a fun day.  Lots of snacks and drinks and books and toys to keep them busy.

Now to tonight’s story.

Jennifer’s in laws were coming to visit and she was frantic.  They had never been to Bob’s and her home and she wanted it to shine.  She had made a list of all the things that needed to be done before they arrived.   She had been working the last two weekends making sure everything was perfect.

They were due to arrive in that evening so she started working on food prep.  But then went back to cleaning.  She was obsessed about getting the front door window clean.  That would be the first thing they would see when they arrived.

She cleaned it and then went on to a final vacuuming. When she went out to get the mail and walked up to the door she saw a spot on the window.  Darn, it was not clean. She got the window cleaner out again and cleaned that window.  It looked just fine from the inside so she thought it was good.

At six the inlaws arrived. She went out to meet them and as she walked up to the door she had a terrible realization.  The spot was a quenby and she had never realized.  She was so embarrassed and was sure the inlaws would be judging her on that spot.   After a while once they were in the house she realized she had over reacted but still snuck out at some point that evening and cleaned that spot.  Now she would be able to sleep tonight.

April 19, 2017 – A to Z Challenge – P

In “The Deeper Meaning of LIff” the letter P list of words have many good choices.  I was giggling as I read through them.  Finally picked one.  Was tempted to use several words but that might be for later.

Had a great day with the girls.  We went to have lunch with Grandpa at Union College. It was a busy fun time. Meeting old friends, eating in the upper class dining hall, and going to watch the Union College Men’s Hockey team shooting pucks. The girls were fascinated that they were playing hockey without skates and that a couple of the guys had on roller blades.  When we got home Little Bear and I both fell asleep for a couple of hours. Big sister took care of both of us and kept very quiet.  Dinner was left overs and then we went for a walk.

So now on the Short Stories –

It was a crisp fall day in Manhattan.  I rose early and put on my sweats and t-shirt and headed out to the park for a walk.  Bushes were beginning to bloom and there was the sweet smell of spring in the air.  At the early hour most of the people in the park were either walkers, bikers or runners.

I put in my hour running around the various paths and started my 15 minute walk to slow everything down.  It felt so good to be out in the early morning and knowing that I  have this time to plan up my day and think out problems and rid my day of stress.

I finally was calmed down enough and was just enjoying watching people as I walked.  I was approaching a bench where a pingandy was seated.  I decided this was someone I wanted to meet.   I approached him and asked if I could sit down on the bench with him.  He was a cute looking little old guy.  He dressed in a pin strike gray suit and even had an ascot on that was in shades of red and brown. It was outstanding.  He wore high end black shoes highly polished.

He introduced himself as Albert Windsor.  He spoke in a British accent.  He said he had worked in finance for many years and had chosen to retire to New York and live in the Dakota because he had been a great fan of John Lennon.  His wife had come with him from London but had died a year or so ago.  He liked to come out to the park where they use to walk every day.  She had been quite a famous woman in England.  In her youth she had been a tennis star, she had turned her stardom into a TV gig as a commentator.  They had met and married but never had children.   He missed his wife so much.

I told him I ran four times a week.  He said he could not imagine it.  I suggested we go for a coffee near the Dakota so off we went.  It must have been a funny sight.  This pingandy and this sweaty younger woman.  It was the beginning of a wonderful friendship.

April 18, 2017 – A to Z Challenge – O

Today was such a long busy day I am going to do something different.  I am going to write several sentences using words from “The Deeper Meaning of Liff”  and you see if you can match them up with the correct meaning. Or maybe a sentence about the word and you match the words.

I walked into the bathroom and when I went to look for toilet paper I could not see it.   Silvia had all kinds of handmade items in the bathroom and one of them was hiding the toilet paper under a fancy knitted skirt.

When we went to the movies last night  and I had a terrible time trying to see the movie because I am 4’11” and I swear that the people in front of me were both over 6′ and had the biggest hair I have seen in years.

Last night I got into bed but all night I just could not find a comfortable position to be able to get to sleep.   It was a very long night.

The group had spent a week putting together the party.  There are six of us who were  suppose to be planning the gathering but as usual Mary waited until everything was done before she stepped up and asked what she needed to do.  Thanks a lot Mary!

You can try and pick which word matches the sentence =







April 17, 2017 – A to Z Challenge – N

I am not sure how much longer I am going to last with the Challenge.  Having two little kids here is killing me. It is 9 and my plan was to be in bed by 9:30.   It was a fun day but being a 9 am waker and a 10 am get out of bed retiree this 7 am stuff is a killer. Oh well, only for four more days.

We had a grand time today.  After breakfast we drove down to the pottery painting place and they painted a cow and a princess.  Both quite lovely.  We walked across and had lunch at Peaches  – three grilled cheese sandwiches.. Then home. The two girls who live behind us were already out so the four of them played until 5:30. They were in the creek, dirt, walking barefoot all over the darn place.  Quite the afternoon.  Myself a nap would have made me very happy.

The M word – Marytavy (MAIR-eye-Tay-Eve) n. A person to whom under dire injunctions of silence you tell a secret which you wish to be more widely known.

I found this very funny since it was a person or several actually I have known in my life.

Aunt Em = a Short Story

Auntie Em was a cute little thing.  Going to her home for tea and biscuits was an amazing treat.  On a usual week I would stop at her cottage at least once to see how she was getting on.

It was like being a part of an old fairy tale visiting her.  Low ceilings with big beams running across.  A warm fireplace always going.  Fresh creme for the cakes or scones or biscuits.  And the best cup of traditionally made Irish tea. She would be dressed in an old fashioned frock with a big white, starched apron and her hair up on top of her head in a cute old fashioned bun.  I was not sure of her age and was afraid to ask.  Her hair was white as could be and her skin so smooth and soft you wanted to touch it.  The kiss on the cheek always felt like butter it was so smooth.

This particular afternoon the place had a different look about it.  Quite neat with no sign of clutter.  Em always had stacks of something laying around but there were none to be found and she was in quite a state.  “Damn nottage” she was mumbling to herself.   It was quite unlike her to be swearing in front on anyone I believe.  She said it again “Damn nottage” with more anger.  I asked her what it was she was missing.

Her tale began about her cleaning up the house.  Her son William had visited and complained about all her “stuff” so she had decided to impress him the next time he stopped to see her.  For a week she went through things and managed to get rid of all kinds of things.  But what she was most upset was her tin pans.  In a weak moment she gave away in the box of “stuff” her oldest tin pans she used for cakes and other baking.   Figuring that she had enough newer ones.

This morning she set out to make scones and pulled out one of the newer ones but as luck would have it the scones burned on the bottom.  That started her to swearing and crying and she was filled with such regret at her action of the week before.  What would she ever do to replace those pans?   Were her baking days over?  So that afternoon with our tea we had scones from the bake shop up the road and she was much less lively than usual.  I felt so sorry for her and wondered if we could get the box back but to no avail.   She had donated them to a charity and could not bring herself to go up there and ask for them back.

After I left I walked up the road and stopped at the charity shop.  There were some pans there and I asked about them.  They were not sure if they were hers or not, I saw a familiar looking one I thought might be Em’s scone dish and bought it.  If she thought it was hers maybe she would not burn the bottoms again. Best 50c. I ever spent.

April 16, 2017 = Day off Sunday

Boy am I tired.  Actually scored 8300 plus steps today thanks to the Grandgirls.  We were busy from early in the morning until they went to sleep at 8:30.  A couple of times during the day I found myself nodding off.

They were awake about 6:30 and Grandpa got up when he heard them come downstairs and started finding some food for them.  He ended up making them pancakes.  We all had a bite to eat and then got ready to leave at 9:30 for Church.  Tim and Diane came walking down the street with their two dogs so we were kind of late getting to church but that was okay.   The girls don’t do church at home so this was different for them.  It was very crowded and we ended up in the front row.  They had a good view of all that was going on. Sol liked following the songs with her finger in the song book.  But she did think it was pretty boring.  Little Bear just was well behaved and watched what was happening.

From their we went to Price Chopper to get some additional food for the girls. The biggest decision was what kind of ice cream cones to purchase, waffle or the old fashioned cake kind.  We ended up with both.  Also got newer ice cream than we had in the frig.

Once home we saw that the girls behind us were home. So we went over and they started to play and were very busy for the next hour or so.  About two I brought the girls in for lunch and then we went for a walk.  They were playing outside again and I kind of almost fell asleep. I was so tired.

Aunt Norah came around 4:30 with her two dogs so we played with them outside before the rain arrived.  It was all going well until Stella discovered the creek and dove in.  She is the funniest dog. She just stood there in the creek enjoying the water. Yuck! At least Smedley did not join her or we would have had two soaking wet dogs.  By the time the rain arrived she was at least a little bit drier.   The girls enjoyed seeing their Aunt as well as the dogs.

I suggested bath before dinner so while I cooked Grandpa shampooed and oversaw play time in the bathtub.  They are such wonderful children playing together all the time and just enjoying each other.

Sol and I talked about the exchange students we had over the years which was started when I told her that Sam Toy had given us the wall hanging by her bed.  She is such a smart little seven year old.

Will hopefully be able to write tomorrow in between various activities.  Will have to figure out something for dinner and just do our thing.

Tomorrow our plan is to go painting pottery together. Should be a fun time. Then I will take them to lunch at Peaches.  That should be a fun day. Just love these girls. Their parents are doing such a good job with them.  They told me tonight I need to ask before I give them a kiss if it is okay.  How great is that?

Was going to write about inappropriate dress that i have seen in the last couple of weeks but can do that another time. Just remind me if you don’t read about the over weight young woman with no undies on.  It was shocking to say the least.

April 13, 2017 – A to Z Challenge – K

Hubby wanted to know the meaning of Jeffers (JEFF-erz) pl. n. – Persons who honestly believe that a business lunch is going to achieve anything.

Very Short Story

In January I dug out my book “The Meaning of Liff” by Douglas Adams.  With the hope that this would assist me in coming up with good ideas for the A to Z Challenges,  I spend time reading it and having some laughs at some of the definitions and started to make word lists.   Then off we went on our wonderful five week trip which is documented in the earlier posts.

Once back home it took sometime to get resettled because it was hard to return from such a wonderful trip. Then for the next two weeks I spend hours kelling.  The house was almost turned upside down.  As time passed my stress level went up since no book was to be found.  Eventually my darling husband got a newer copy for me on Kindle so that I could follow through with my plan.  I also continue by kelling day after day.


That was not really a short story or actually was a very short true story.  But all the effort for today.

This week I visited doctors offices, pharmacies, veterinarians, dentists,day care centers and other places to hand out flyers about our Drug Take Back Day.  And trying to fix this darn laptop which keeps doing weird things all by itself.  In addition, starting an exercise program other than the classes I already take to fight this recent diagnosis of osteoporosis.  My primary suggested waiting for the weird treatments with terrible side effects.   That relieved some of my stress.

Almost half way through the alphabet.   L tomorrow…..