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March 16, 2017 – thoughts on our trip-1- The Unknown



As we traveled we made many observations about the various places we visited. I am sure everyone does this.  In thinking about that I decided to start with Athens.  Before arriving there I was apprehensive.  A language totally unknown to me, food that as a fussy eater was pretty darn threatening, and stories from the news about strikes and refugee issues raised my anxiety level.  As it turned out none of that caution was necessary.

Athens was delightful.  Of course, we were in a tourist area so that might explain the total sense of safely I felt.  People were so friendly and helpful, the hotel was wonderful and the sights just beyond belief.  Climbing the Acropolis was a wonderful success for me with my crappy lungs which don’t always help me out.  The fact that I could walk the miles I did every day was an other surprise.  Up and down and I still made it.

The food was good and I tried a few new things.  The restaurant experience was just a laugh. The fellows and sometimes owners out in the street telling us why they were the best place to eat and who to avoid and who they did not like. It was like getting dragged into the neighborhood gossip circle that we really had no interest in but it was such a hoot that we enjoyed those chats.  And once in what ever restaurant it was the men coming and sitting with us talking about NY City, politics, and bringing us extra dishes we did not order but they wanted it to try.  Totally enjoyable.

So my first lesson of this trip was to not put expectations on the places we were going to visit and to just enjoy the ambiance and soak in the culture if allowed to.  I think I would like to return to Greece and to visit the coast and some of the other places people told us about.  And to continue to be amazed at the ability of the people hundreds and thousands of years ago to build the buildings they did and be thankful for archeologists who put those hundreds of pieces together again into wonderful sculptures and buildings.  And to maybe find a way to spend more time with locals to learn about the life there of the regular people who live in the city or in a rural area.



August 16, 2015 – She/he doth protest too much!!!

Got involved in an interesting conversation in the last couple of days about people who post on line.  There are some people of great passion who post about things but with openness to listening to the thoughts of others.  I ran into an old friend who told me that he had unfriended someone because this person was so hateful in her/his disagreement over an issue.  He said he had always been supportive of this person but could not longer tolerate the intolerance of others.  He was sad about having had to do this because they have been friends most of their life.  But the person made it clear that if you disagree with them on any issue you were welcome to leave.  He felt he had no choice.  I found that disturbing.

I have issues I am passionate about and at one point in my life I was pretty adamant about those issues but as I get older and I hope wiser I realize that you do not change hearts or thoughts by digging in your heels.  You win converts by loving people and bringing them around by showing them that there are more than one way to see an issue.   I was pretty darn nasty at time to people who disagreed with me and I just know today that was not a very good choice on my part.

Then I got to wondering if some people are so vicious against those to disagree with them because they have some hidden agenda or childhood issues they are working through in this way.  I cannot be angry at the people I am really angry with but I can rule my own little world by not accepting anyone disagreeing with me. I think that was part of what was going on with me when I was younger.  I did not understand what was the deal with my parents but I sure was angry with them both but felt I could not show my mom how angry I was.  My Dad, I think I was afraid to hear his side of the story. So it came out in other ways. Now all these years later I know more about what happened to them and I understand my dads anger just not why he took it out on us.

I also wonder why those who are close to someone with so much anger do not try and help them to see what is happening around them.  This fellow I spoke to will never feel the same way about this friend again and that relationship is lost to his friend.  Life is too short.  It is important to listen to others and appreciate where they are coming from. Not being a member of either major political party and in the older days I found I voted on both sides of the line.  Less so these days for the same reason.  The way right just do not have any openness to working together.  That to me is very unfortunate because all of us are suffering because of it.  Our roads are falling apart, our children’s education is hurting them at times, teachers are being looked down on instead of being acknowledged for the long hours they put in helping our children be successful.  on and on.

What if we put some money into having scientists and engineers figure a better way to get gas and oil out of the ground and safer means of transporting it.  It would cost money but in the end everyone would win.  But no – lines are drawn in the sand and there is no possibility of discussion.  People are paid large amounts of money to talk all day on the radio with hate speech towards the other side no matter what that might be. People get all stirred up about things that are only a tiny bit true but as they say ” if you say something often enough the people will believe it”

Don’t you wonder what kind of a world our children, grandchildren etc are going to inherit?  It scares me more and more as I listen during these elections – both in Canada and the States.  Where are we going? Are we going to become totally divided nations and no longer be the light to the world of openness to others, stars of innovation etc

As for me today – first day without our little girls here.  They left at 1 yesterday and I was sad to see them go even though they are only four miles away.  Today they went to the Pump Museum in Kingston and we went to a road race in Brockville early this morning. Tonight I get to sleep all night and don’t have to get up until I feel like it tomorrow although the outhouse is being moved tomorrow so the fellows can take down the huge tree.  Yes, we have an outhouse here. No one has ever used it but the mice made nests in there this summer and Denis uses it to store his new used mower. But if we had campers out here they would not have to come into the house to use the facilities at night.  The school had two two seater outhouses but they really needed replacement.   I am still very tired as we went to dinner with cousins last night at the farm in Sydenham and had a grand time.  I really enjoyed it.

OH well, back to WWII.  So wish Sheila could have said what town they went to visit etc. It would be fun to look up the hotel and post pictures.   She wrote this on the 13th and Maureen was born on the 14th so I am sure soon she will be hearing about her new niece.

13 August 44

Dear All:

It seems I have just not been in the mood to write lately but shall start now and tell you all the latest news, up to date. There really is very little, I’m going on night duty Thursday night.

Today Doylie, Suddsie, Fran Blue and I went out on the bus to a Hotel about 10 miles from here. It was an absolutely perfect day. So we left here at 11:30 and went by bus and had dinner at the Hotel, there is a big outdoor pool off the lawn, so then we went swimming and I really enjoyed myself to the full. I’m certainly glad I brought my bathing suit. We are back here for supper and now am waiting for a Mess – Meeting at 7:30.

Received a grand letter from Uncle Jim and was so glad to get it.  Also one from Patt with 3 of Mum’s, 1 of Dad’s, one of Fergs, and one of Margaret’s enclosed so had a regular reading hour this morning and loved it.

I am so glad Mum is taking it easy and you & Pops both should go to the camp a lot, as it would do you both a lot of good.
I was so sorry the Comerfords did not get over to see you that was really a shame they could not get off the boat. Really crazy eh-

Mary do write and tell me what Jack said in his letter as Mum & Dad have both mentioned it but have not really told me what he said.

How is Jeannie? Fine I hope and am anxiously waiting news about her – and also anxious to hear if Misty is going to accept the position at M.D. 6.

Well dears must close now, shall write more often on nite duty. We took pictures and hope they turn out shall send some when I get them. If you can pick up any 120 films we should love to have them.

Well dears all for now and all my love to each and all.

Love Sheila