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August 29, 2017 – More Trump Agony

The US is in the middle of a huge crisis.  Trump came out and said everyone would be back to normal quickly because that is how he does things  I wonder if after seeing the area today he will still want to say that?  I heard one woman interviewed who had been through Katrina and now is suffering from Henry.  Her comment was that the man had no idea of what he is he talking about.  This is not going to be fixed any time soon.

When is he going to use his speech writers? My son was a speech writer for Mayors and Governors and would tell us about the hours spent getting it just right.  How to make the boss look good but also make the people respond positively. It is an art and those leaders also knew they needed to pay attention and use those words.  This man does not have a clue.  People in Texas and Louisiana do not need a political speech today. They need compassion and caring, not false promises. I hope he comes through for them but I fear he will only disappoint.

And just last week he signed a change in policy around flood plains and restrictions and protections.  So next time it floods anywhere and the protections are not there you will all know who to thank.

Was also wondering what 40 to 50 inches of rain would look like at my winter house? I have always thought that because we are higher than the house behind us and the road we would be okay in a flood. If the power went out we would suffer basement flooding but that would happen on a good day if the power went out. Here we are up a hill but even that might not protect us and we would be trapped for a good while if the roads washed out.  Good reason to have a stash of emergency foods. things that don’t need to be refrigerated – nuts, juices, dry cereal etc.

Summer is coming to an end and I will be back in TV land again.  We were discussing whether we could not watch as much TV when we are back home.  I tried to do that before but I have doubts if I can do it.  Every morning I enjoy listening to the morning news on the radio and then the Roundtable also on radio.  And since retiring I have made a rule not to watch TV before 5 pm. With dinner that delayed it even later.  Since the election I have seen those rules slipping away.  How can one not be tuned in to the next disaster? Everyday something seems to happen to increase stress and concern.  North Korea shooting off missiles.  Policies that help people, like safe water, disappearing.  And more stupid statements on Twitter.  God help us!

What I cannot seem to control is the increase in swearing that I seem to be doing.  I think my kids must be shocked at my language although maybe not. When I worked in Detox I learned to say a bunch of swear words I had never in my life used.  But this has been ridiculous.  I might say “what an A-Hole” but then it always turns into “a f-ing A-H”. When is this going to stop!  I just want to scream and hit my head against the wall. But I promise I won’t do that.

It was lovely and sunny out five minutes ago so I wanted to finish this and go outside and read. After two hours of grant writing, and the time to write this reading my current book would be nice.  But darn the clouds are there again. Guess I will make lunch and read inside. Darn!

Owe at least two of you an apology. I accidentally deleted your comments. This computer is touchy and the cursor jumps all over the place and I was writing to Maureen Cochran (sp) and all of a sudden my comment and hers were gone as well as the one above it shoot.  Thanks for the kind comments both of you. Never sure if anyone really enjoys it so glad to hear.



August 23, 2017 – Trump Fatigue

I have been thinking about this for a few days now.   This summer was supposed to be a time to get a break from politics.  With no TV in the house and a radio that only gets a few stations it was going to be easy. The plan was to read a ton of good books and work on proof reading Aunt Pat’s WWII letters  before moving on to step two of my plan for them – a book for the family.

Alas, nothing has been truly accomplished and I feel totally deflated.  Getting out of bed in the morning is a chore, going anywhere seems like a chore and yet I do it and am always glad after I have visited someone or just gone shopping.

The internet and the radio have not allowed me to ignore what is happening in my country of birth. I listen and tell myself that is it – not going to listen any more – but then Trump opens his mouth and I cannot believe what I am hearing. It shatters me to the core like a slow growing thunder storm.  You hear the rumblings off in the distance and then hear it getting closer and closer and then boom, it comes crashing down.

You may be saying “just tune it out.”   It makes perfect sense to do that except I care.  I care about my country, my family, the business owners I know, those who are putting faith in this man who cannot seem to tell the truth to save his life.  Like so many of my friends I worry about what is going to happen to my children and grandchildren in the years to come.

It is only 4 years some say but it really is more than that.   With the firing of good scientists, people with historical knowledge of how things work in government, the dismantling of needed agencies, what is our future going to look like?  Teachers being totally disrespected, educational textbooks being allowed to be rewritten with revised history and eliminating certain topics from science curriculums, it sounds to me like the dumbing down of American youth.

If you know anyone who lives in a village, town or city effected by poison water why are you not screaming about protecting our water?  Lots of people are speaking up but no one seems to hear. What I do hope is that corporations will show that they care about the communities where their factories are and their workers live.  A few CEO’s have made statements that even with the lifting of regulations they are not going to change the way they do things, they just are not going to have to report it or be checked on it.  But what about those owned by foreign corporations who don’t care about our people?  In a town near me where the water is poisoned even the new filters are not getting the poison out the water as they thought it would.  Workers are leaving, and neighbors are just walking away from their houses. Why? Because they are afraid, they fear the cancer others are being diagnosed with, the strange diseases people are being stricken with and not knowing if or when the water will be safe again.  Has anyone from the Federal Government come there to try and give them some hope? NOPE!

I could take each thing this man has done so far in terms of hiring heads of departments to signing those pieces of paper requesting that Congress change regulations and policies and write about it today but I can’t. The sadness I feel is like this slow-moving stream that moves along spreading into every cell in my body bringing with it increased melancholy about what is happening to my country. More later… Continue reading August 23, 2017 – Trump Fatigue

August 25, 2016 – more adventures re: elections

August 25, 2016 – Canadian Trump Fan

On Tuesday we drove up to Westport to do some shopping. The kids had money they wanted to spend and I wanted to purchase a little gift. We wandered from store to store so the kids would know what their choices were.

Finally we went into one store and the woman behind the desk talked to the kids etc and when she figured out we were from the US she said to us “You are voting for Trump?” We said no we were not” and she was shocked acting. “You have to vote for him, it is Gods will!” And then she went on about how wonderful he was and how he was going to save the people. I told her that we were all doing just fine and did not need any help of the kind Donald Trump offers. I told her some of the information I had about him and she said that was just lies from Clinton. I told her “No, I heard this from Republicans and people who had worked with Trump in the past.” She brushed me off saying they are all just lies. I was so surprised.

She was obviously upset with us for our opinions. She was really aggressive and as a result we left as soon as we could and were firmly decided that if the kids wanted something from that store they would be sorely disappointed since we were not buying. Even in the states I have not met Trump supporters who were that aggressive. I am still kind of in a state of wonder over that experience. All other Canadians I have met all seem to agree that we are in a conundrum down in the States because there are hard choices. And the most interesting point was she was an immigrant to Canada.

Some of my friends have decided to support the Libertarians, but after reading their policy statements I cannot go there. The Green Party Candidate came across not well when I heard her interviewed. I did not like her. So, I am left with Clinton and Trump as choices or no vote at all which is not a choice for me.

Since last fall I have read about Trump and the more I read the more convinced I am that no way could I vote for him. When he said he plans to put his children in his cabinet? When he said build a wall? When he says repeatedly that he can fix everything? He seems not to understand that he has to be able to work with the congress. If he looks at what has happened to the current president when the congress is hostile towards you he might be approaching people differently. His dictatorial talk is really scary. And the people he is surrounding himself with are another group of scary people. So no way will I vote for him. There were others on the Republican side I might have considered but there were too many and with their split votes they eliminated themselves. Too bad.

Since I started voting I cannot remember anything like this and I hope it stops soon although I don’t think it will. The country is so split and if Trump loses (hopefully) there are going to be a lot of folks who are very unhappy about it. I doubt if they will get behind making the country better. The stress will continue on our way of life. It seems to have started to get really bad in the 90’s and gets worse every election cycle.

On a side note: why did the company that makes Epi-Pens raise the price the way they did? Their Board of Directors want more profits, the President of the company could make more than her 100 million plus salary if they did? A medication that saves lives every year. Someone needs to compete with them and make a much cheaper product with a price more in line with their prior price and put them out of business. What happened with the FDA that they approved this? Or are not stepping in to stop it? As many of you know my dad worked for a pharmaceutical company and back then they were called “Ethical” Pharmacutical Companies. They did not advertise to the general public but spent time with Doctors explaining their medications to them. No lunch, no trips to tropical islands etc. Things have changed but not for the better. Maybe it is time to go back to blocking them from advertising on TV and in magazines etc. Let our doctors tell us what medications are good for us. Although with the internet I suppose that would be impossible. But the truth is if we had to research medications ourselves and then go to the Doc and ask them about the various ones maybe we would be a more informed population. Not from a 15 second spot on TV either.

It took me a very long time and seeing another doctor to get myself some Armour Thyroid. Not sure if it is better but at least I finally got to try it.

Charles O’Connor Diary 1915
Need some help/// was there a Tim Bevins Jr or is it Jim as I have been correcting myself to. I might have just made a typo when I transcribed.

April 1915

April 1 – Fergus birthday. Phone him.
April 2- Good Friday. Fergus brings Norah, Margaret and Maurice out and leaves them.
April 3 – Have great time with kids. Snowy day.
April 4 – Easter Sunday. – Ellen and Joe B. here. Sugar off for children.
April 5 – In sugar bush most of day. Good sap day.
April 6 – Helped Geo Wight get factory ready.
April 7 – Cheese factory opens today. Ellen has the children with her for dinner.
April 8 – Madeline takes children looking for May flowers and I go fishing. Some good ones.
April 9 – Fergus comes for kiddies and we miss them so much. We three go to dance at Frank Tyes and have a great time. Phil Dillon has wakened people in that section.
April 10 – very tired today as I helped out with violin music last night.
April 11 – Florence and Hazel Townsend here all day. Nane and Mayme here for tea also. Geo Stevens and wife who say all night Good visit.
April 12 – Rainy. Write D Ludyard re mines.
April 13 – I am not very well and Emily and Madeline worry about me. They think …. Fishing Inspector is enough for me for a while. Surprised this eve when Leo Ames arrived, walked from Station. Glad to see him.
April 14 – Leo and Madeline went to play in Lyndhurst.
April 15 – Tim Bevin’s and Townsends here for eve.
April 16 – Cheesemaker Wight comes to board here. Terribly deaf. Gerald Bradley comes in eve with his violin to play it with Madeline’s piano music but he finds we are playing cards. Leo, V, Emily, Madeline and I. He is shy and I scare him when I yell at him like I have to with Wight. Rest laugh rest of eve.
April 17 – Sykes sale then to Richie Singleton’s for eve. Helena and her mother Mary like the Ames boys. Madeline is so particular to guests.
April 18 – Joe Bevins here for tea and eve.
April 19 – I take Leo to station. Stop at Ziba Jacksons and get Plymouth Rock eggs to set. More calves.
April 20 – feel … so decide to make a bargain with Jim Bevins Jr. For a year. He is to take over Thurs. Furnish half seeds have half proceeds. Milk money to be divided same way each month hay and straw left on place. Milk starts to factory today.
April 21 – Percy here.
April 22- Tim takes things in his hands today.
April 23 – Fine and hot day. I got to Gan. Get medicine.
April 24 – Saturday – Hot day.
April 25 – Madeline and I to Mass.
April 26 – Very warm. Start taking in stock to pasture. John Slack puts in colt. Put our own over to pasture across creek. Go to Agri meeting in eve.
April 27 – Fixing fences
April 28 – hear that Mikes wife Margaret very sick. Has gall bladder operation then out 119 stones.
April 29 – cleaned yards.
April 30 – Emily, Madeline and I paper dining room.

May 1915 –

May 1 – Colt born this morn. Painted in dining room when not with colt and mother. Always big day when baby colts arrive.
May 2 – rainy. Tom Slack here.
May 3 – Benon Danby here for dinner. Brings 2 colts to pasture.
May 4 Tuesday – Fine day. Emily, Madeline and I spend eve at J Dillons.
May 5 – Piling wood in shed. Relief to have time to do those things. Feel better.
May 6 – word from Mike that Margaret is worse.
May 7 – -8 – Take Madeline to Delta and went out to see Arthur and Annie in their new home. They bought Dan McDonald’s farm. Lovely big place. Find Emily sick when I get home. Bad storm tonight.
May 9 – Cold blustery day. Emily very sick.
May 10 – Went to see sick Ira Bevins.
May 11 – Painted kitchen. Hear of the sinking of Lusitania and everyone talks of war. Arthur??? alarming. Emily bit better.
May 12 – -13 Ascension Day Percy brings Madeline home in time for her to pick violets for Aunt Susie and Percy takes them to mail to Nebraska. She gets the job of milk factory books and is pleased. Hope her eyes do not play out. My rheumatism worse.
May 14 – Madeline starts to do Factory books. I am out of sorts as I wonder if it was wise to let Tim have the place to work. Emily tries to cure me of blues but I worry.
May 15 – Highest milk cheque ever. $28.02. Our share 14.01.
May 16 – Rainy and quiet we miss the Sykes very much. Wish them luck.
May 17 – Margaret worse so I take Ellen to Gan to be with Mike. Roads bad.
May 18 – Percy, Darley and Norma Venny here.
May 19 – Dan McDonalds son Harold here.
May 20 – John Fodey here and I paid him for medicine for colt and I paid Percy who painted buggy today.
May 21 – Larose took Lily to Kingston for Fergus to operate for appendicitis.
May 22 – Wet day of Thunder storms. To LI….
May 23 – George Wight and I go to see Philip Kelsey who is sick.
May 24 – Fergus and family out. Bring Ellen home.
May 25 – Fergus phones that Margaret died tonight. Emily quite sick today.
May 26 – Went to Gan alone as no one able to go. Madeline could not leave Ellen or Emily. Both sick. Turns cold and I nearly freeze. Such a change in temp.
May 27 – Stayed at Fergus all night. Funeral at 11. Then Percy, Fergus and I go to Kingston with Fergus. Left for home as soon as we got back.
May 28 – Percy and mother come home this way.
May 29 – 30 – went to see Ira Bevins very sick.
May 31 – Fixing fences. Ford T… for tea and eve.

August 11, 2016 – Random thoughts

August 11, 2016 – Clouds but no rain

We are in our 7th or 8th week of no rain up here. It is a sad statement to walk out on the crunchy grass. Today it was too hot to even go into the water. I was down at the beach but just knowing that the water in the river is warm and getting warmer, and knowing that kids are getting swimmers ear because of the bacteria in the water was also not so appealing. Hubby went for a long training run this morning and when he got back around 8 he was totally soaked. Good thing he is good about hydrating etc.

I am still trying to get up when I wake up and start my day. I get tired later in the day but I think this is a good thing to try and do. I get some things done and then start on the non-essential items. I have been reviewing a youth survey and trying to pick out the important items that need to be presented to the community. Also tried writing on the book in the morning. I really don’t think the morning is my good writing time. I think a lot in the mornings, but to sit and actually open up the keyboard and get to work is hard. Maybe it will come in time.

Things are going to get busy on Saturday. Kids coming, race Sunday morning, hubby heading for home for a few days, spending lots of time with my girls, babysitting so their parents can get some adult vacation etc. Then a week of just us and the girls. So excited.

Had planned to sit out and watch shooting stars tonight but it appear clouds have arrived. What? Clouds? If there are going to be clouds at least we could get some rain from them, don’t you think? Will see what it is like at 11 pm and then either sit out or go to bed. Even took a rest before dinner in case it was nice out.

Are you missing my discussions about politics? I want to thank those who liked the previous ones. This week has been another week of shame for candidates. Well, one of them anyway. Has everyone forgotten who started the war with Iraq? I don’t think it was the current President or else he has been in office way over the limit. ISIS came into being four years before the other candidate was even in any role to have an influence. Doesn’t anyone check facts?

I heard a fellow who called the Diane Rehm Show this morning. He said he was an avid follower of Rush Limbaugh and listened to NPR to hear what lies they were spreading. I could only shake my head. Here they had on the show today a Trump supporter/advisor, and some other think tank types talking about the role of the press in elections today. He was trying to insult them but of course they had more class than that. My terrible thought was that this fellow totally met the demographic of the Trump supporter. The panelists then got into a discussion about the disconnect between reporters and the real middle American people. It was all very interesting. If you want to hear it check out the site that has the shows archived. It was a good discussion. They have both sides almost always.

I just wish we could all vote this week and get it over with. I am bored with it all. The Olympics which I had no intention of watching or following caught me by surprise. The swimming has been so exciting. I love how well and accomplished the women swimmers are and comments I have read about them from people who live near them etc. All very stand up people. And then the gymnasts, wow, nothing else to say, they are great.

Let’s just skip to the last two months of 1914 of Charles O’Connor’s Diaries

November 1914 – Anthony is Anthony Flood, brother in law of Charles – married to Bridget O’Connor

Nov 1 – Herb McArdle here all day. He is pretty lonesome. Darley and Percy here.
Nov 2 – All Souls Day. Herb here.
Nov 3 – Ploughed in morn then to Niblock’s sale.
Nov 4 – Four nuns arrived on begging trip.
Nov 5 – Spent day at Jones Falls. Emily, Madeline and I.
Nov 6 – Madeline, Emily and I go up to Tim Bevins as Carrie is sick.
Nov 7 – Tim B. Jr. here.
Nov 8 – Quiet. Ellen and Kelly here.
Nov 9 – 11 – Ploughing. Starts to snow.
Nov 12 – Take Madeline to Gan in route to Kingston to see Dr. CE.
Nov 13 – wet
Nov 14 – cold and freezing. J Sykes here. He is leaving factory and we are feeling blue about it.
Nov 15 – Rained all day.
Nov 16 – Factory closes.
Nov 17 – Freezes hard
Nov 18 – banked house. – still cold
Nov 19 – snows.
Nov 20 – Our wedding anniversary. We are alone but happy evening together. Thankful for our blessings.
Nov 21 – Madeline went out to Mowatt Hospital to visit Kate Bass for day and she insists she will stay a few days. Kate sends us a beautiful box of red roses. We tell Madeline to stay as long as she wishes.
Nov 22 – snowing and blowing Cutters out.
Nov 23 – Zero this morn.
Nov 24 – Cold night.
Nov 25 – Warmer. John and Annie here.
Nov 26 – Good letter from Madeline and she is having wonderful time. John Fitzsimmons, Leo Crawley all inviting her. She is so glad to see John F. He is in Medicine at Queens.
Nov 27 – WE phone Madeline to go to Wolfe Island and see her Aunt Mary McArdle.
Nov 28 – Warmer.
Nov 29 – Geo Stevens and bride here for night.
Nov 30 – Fergus brings Madeline home. She went to Island and stayed over night. Sadie home and is marrying Tom Spratt. Madeline and John Fitzsimmons had great time all week. Kate has lovely rooms and entertained at dinner every night. Dr. Bogart and wife etc. Mrs Hunter.

December 1914

Dec 1 – Wet day. Visited with Madeline all day. We are so glad she had such a good time.
Dec 2 – Dark rainy day. Invitations for Sadie and Tom’s wedding in January.
Dec 4 – Got Clifford Weeks to plow.
Dec 5 – George K Wight cheesemaker comes to see factory. Deaf nephew of Eds.
Dec 6 – Herb McArdle here for day.
Dec 7 – Monday – Cold day. Herb helps me get in wood. He is to be pitied. The white haired boy who had best of everything now is up against it. His wife dead. Florence died alone in that big place. He seems to like it with us than in Gan with his parents. Emily always fond of him. She thinks little Maurice so likes Herb.
Dec 8 – Holy Day and my birthday. Fergus phones.
Dec 9 – Madeline and I go to Allie D’s sale. Herb does all my chores so I relax when we return.
Dec 10 – Turkey Fair – Emily, Madeline and I go. 14 – 16 cents for turkeys and for geese 12 ½ for ducks 8-10 for chickens.
Dec 11 – Worked around house
Dec 12 – make up the sausage today.
Dec 13 – Emily, Ellen, Madeline and I all go to Delta to see Anthony Flood who has hardening of arteries. Ellen stayed.
Dec 14 – A foot of snow.
Dec 15 – Emily’s day.
Dec 16 – Herb returned again to us.
Dec 17 – Hitched up and drove big colt for first.
Dec 18 – Madeline and I go to Gan. Herb does chores.
Dec 19 –
Dec 20 – Herb and I to Mass. Roads bad.
Dec 21 – Wild storm. They call to tell us Anthony very low and cannot live long.
Dec 22 – weather bad.
Dec 23 – Get word that Anthony is dead. Emily and I go at once. John and Annie come in eve. We come home and Madeline goes to Delta with them. Cold night.
Dec 24 – Christmas eve – All of us go to funeral at Phillipsville. Came home and packed up gifts and food. Left for Gan. we got there 9:30 and went to midnight Mass.
Dec 25 – Christmas. Fergus out all night to call at Mike Dundons. We get up at 7 for children’s stocking opening and tree gifts. Everyone generous to us. After dinner called at Mike and John McArdle’s. We are so tired.
Dec 26 – Leave for home at 10:30. We are exhausted and it gets colder goes down to 30 below but Herb had arrived and had house warm and everything in order. Bless him.
Dec 27 – Invited to Arthurs for tea. Annie has lovely meal. Walter Simes dead.
Dec 28 – Nomination Day. Marcella McDonald here for day.
Dec 29 – Jim Bevins, ex-teacher, comes to visit us a few days. Guess he must have liked us.
Dec 30 – Jim Bevins helps Herb and I with logs.
Dec 31 – Emily and I go to Lyndhurst. Jim Bevins goes home. G K Wight here for factory meeting. New Years Eve. Midnight. We just finished Rosary. Ellen, Herb, Madeline, Emily and I, and all went to bed but me. I stayed to watch fire awhile and below zero. I finish this page in my book with a most thankful heart for all the blessings God has granted us this the year 1914.

July 22, 2016 – Convention Over

Well, that could not have ended fast enough for me. Last night was a rough night. I heard the Pastor doing an invocation that sounded like he was trying to get people to commit acts of violence against the other side. I might have just been missing some of his words but once he was done I feared what was to come next.

Then a bright light came along. Ivanka Trump came up there and sounded like a sane candidate for president. Welcoming, inviting people to be inclusive, etc. She was well spoken and did a great job. But I kept wondering how the Republicans allowed her to get up and talk about things that were opposite of what is in their platform? It was unnerving. Or was it a sign of things to come.

Yes it was, she introduced her Dad and he started to read his speech. He went off topic once and a while but for the most part he stayed on his topic. He exaggerated on some of his facts which was not a good thing. It also was a speech which seemed to be proclaiming the end of the world if people don’t elect him because he is the only one who can make things better. I had not thought about it until now but I wonder if any one looked for a 666 anywhere on him or in the building. I cannot imagine how one man can make any changes by himself – after all there is the Supreme Court, the Congress, and the American citizens he has to sell on his ideas which he still has not said a word about how he would accomplish the things he says he can do.

But then there was something else that was driving me nuts until I realized that this was his plan. He kept saying he would do things that are the opposite of what is in the Republican platform. He opened his arms to the LGBTQ community and even had a gay man speaking. In the platform it calls for further restrictions on gays, rescinding the marriage act, and approving of therapy to convince young people they are not gay. So what was that all about? He is anti trade agreements but in their platform they support trade agreements. Again, What the…..?

Then it hit me, let’s go back to my theory that this is all a way to totally destroy the party. He got himself nominated by inciting fear, saying out loud what right wing conservatives have been thinking and occasionally saying but not loudly. They want crime done away with but that means getting rid of black criminals by killing them or by locking them up and throwing away the key. They fell into line behind him like sheep. Now he has their blessing and votes to run as their candidate for president.

His daughter could have said anything last night and she would have received cheers. I wonder if the delegates were even really listening. Ivanka certainly talked about being kind to immigrants no matter how they got here. That should have had people walking out of the building. But no they cheered. That just made the evening so interesting to me.

What will happen next? Once he starts running with a VP candidate who supports everything Trump doesn’t how are they going to handle all of this? I go back to my theory about the drink in the bar and the bet. I think this is going to be an interesting ride for the next few months. I also want to think about my thought as I wrote this about the Anti-Christ who comes and leads his followers down the garden path to total destruction. Just an fascinating picture.. come on how, let me know how you picture it. Great summer entertainment don’t you think?

I also want to let those of you on twitter know that as I listened I was following @AnnieLinskey and @OliverLaughland She is with the Boston Globe and he is with the Guardian. They both did great jobs. He is a 3rd cousin of mine and she is my sister in laws niece. They are both good reporters. I got a good picture of what was going on all week especially me without a TV.

By the way, those of you in the terrible heat out there be safe. It was in the 90’s as I was driving around today but there was also a good breeze. Still quite warm outside. Drink lots of water and stay in the shade.

July 21, 2016 – Grateful for the last night of the Convention

July 21, 2016 – Last night of the GOP Convention

Alright, I was able to get through last night without too much of a temper tantrum. I don’t particularly like Ted Cruz but last night he grew in my admiration. He did the right thing. Why would he support a man who attacked his wife and his father? It is obvious that Donald Trump did not care about him at all. Again that is the way a narcissist would react. Cruz is just a bug that annoys him and now he is done with him.

I have been listening to interviews with people at the convention and I am amazed. One preacher was talking about how any of Donald Trump’s indiscretions or actions can be forgiven since as Christians it is not theirs to judge him. Really…. The same fellow in the next breathe was attacking the Clinton’s as having done terrible things and how they were going to be punished by God etc.. Okay… He lost me there.

Then I read on twitter that my cousin – distant but cousin – was asking some woman about her cheese head hat and about her attitudes. Then she told him as far as she was concerned he could be a terrorist. Really? A dark haired, darkish maybe, complexioned Englishman a terrorist. And he added that he had said nice things about her hat. These folks see evil everywhere they look. The fellow is so cute I would have been a good old lady and flirted with him.

Can you imagine living like that? I would love to say that is a minority but from the interviews I have heard I am losing that believe. Some family members who have disowned me did so because they don’t like the fact that I don’t like Donald Trump. I use to be Republican but I have to tell you never again. The party would have to change back to the way they use to be back in the day before I would look at one. I don’t particularly like Ms. Clinton but at least she comes across as sane. It is the religiosity and hate speech that I cannot tolerate. I would have washed their mouths out with soap if they were my children.

I will listen to the speeches this evening with a big glass of Jameson. Someone today was saying that because of the great job he did of raising his children that was why they were sure Trump would be a good president. When you have a very rich father who can send you to the best schools, send you traveling all over the world, including hunting trophy animals in Africa, and set you up in business I guess I would say anything he needed me to. They are all living off of him. Do those delegates think their children will ever have those kinds of opportunities? I will bet their kids are nicer than his for sure but will suffer in the long run if he is elected and does away with environmental protections, sells the national parks to mining companies and does away with health care coverage for 5 million Americans and on and on. You might think about how that will affect you but for sure the ER’s will be filled again with people unable to get primary care docs who know ER’s have to take them whether they can pay or not and medical costs will go back up.

Does it amaze you how divided this country is? No wonder the current President could not accomplish anything. These folks are such a total opposite of almost everyone I know. Maybe it is New York State or the fields I have worked in but I just don’t know the hater types. I do know a few folks who are died in the wool pro-lifers and will only vote for people who are prolife. I was that way once until I realized that most of the rest of what the candidates were for was opposite to my consistent value of life philosophy that I stopped. If I make a list of the things each party supports in any election it gets easy to choose. This time they lost me before they even did their platform. The Wall, anti-Islamists, anti-women, doing away with health care, on and on. I was shocked with the wall, it makes no sense at all. It would have to go down the middle of the Rio Grande River and would interfere with shipping, and all kinds of other things as well as the fact that it won’t stop anyone. I have wonderful friends who are from the Middle East and I would be very upset if they were threatened with any actions. They work, raise their children and are wonderful people and proud to be American’s now.

There is a fellow on the radio just now who spoke on Monday night. Some General, who says all Muslims should be banned. He fears them all. He is pro-water boarding. There are laws against that. It really sounds like they want us to return to war in the Middle East. I am glad my sons are getting older so they can’t be pulled into the war. I worried about them bringing a draft back during the Iraq war. I think if we do go back to war the sons of the politicians who put us there have to go first. Make them join up and make them put their money where their mouths are.

If you listen tonight and have any thoughts let me know. Or if you read about it in the newspaper tomorrow or see it on the TV let me know. I will let you know what I thought about it all.

July 5, 2016 – Changing Life

Well, life goes on doesn’t it. My computer is not being very cooperative – well not the computer but the wifi is not working well. Cannot get a signal from where ever it comes from. I might have to go to the library to send this. Two at once…

I love being up here in the country. It is peaceful and quite. In the back of the house I don’t hear the traffic on the road. I can sit up here in my loft and just think, read, meditate in my quiet space. What a good place to be.

Lately I have been struggling with life in general. There are directions I really want to go in but I am not sure if they will be good for me. I feel this pull to draw back on everything I do and everyone I know. Direction is missing and the struggle to make decisions so hard. If I ask myself where do I want to be in a year the answers evade me. Do I want to be helping to write a major grant? Do I want to be on an island somewhere by myself?

Family has always been important to me. But I realize that so much of what I am looking for comes from my childhood and does not really exist. One day my cousin Mary told me she use to be so angry about our family when she was young. I was surprised until she explained that our grandmother use to say things to her like “Why can’t you be like your cousins in Seattle or Buffalo?” Seems Mary’s perception was that my mother’s friendly positive letters made Grandmother compare the cousins in town to us. Not realizing that my mother only wrote good news in her letters. I can see that could be pretty bad for those who saw grandmother all the time and who’s fathers’ had coffee with their parents every morning and gave her the update on all their kids goings on including the not so pretty stuff. It all made sense once I read it.

Then another time one of my cousins told me they thought we were the “well off” cousins. I nearly fell over laughing with that comment. If we were well off we did not know it. Our mother made our clothes, we had no help coming in to clean etc. and we did not get allowances. We were not poor I know but we never went on fancy trips or bought really nice things. So never could figure out where that impression came from. I thought some of my cousins were really well off but did not think about it enough to ever talk about it. We all seemed pretty equal to me when it came to money as far as I can tell.

Perception of others gets really weird sometimes and I believe that during this election season it is more true than ever. I have a hard time understanding people who think Donald Trump is going to bring us back to the 60’s. Factories are nothing like what they were back then. They don’t need the same number of workers. What we do need is electricians and plumbers and people who can fix up a small job in a house. The shortage of those kinds of workers is parent’s insistence that their children get a college degree whether the kid wants one or not.

I have a relative who blocked me from Facebook because of the political things I was posting. Back when the current president was being sworn in, some of my black friends took their mothers and grandmothers to DC to be there for the historic moment none of us ever thought we would see in this country. I wrote a note about how moving it was and how touched I was. I got blocked by the same relative because I might be influencing other family members. One really has to wonder.

But again, I wish someone could tell me how you go back in time. How with all the kinds of changes that have taken place in society do you return to “the good old days’. In reality those good old days were only good for white men in this country and the very rich. Actually maybe we could go back to taxing those who make over $500,000 at 75% like the good old days.

Back in the 60’s women stayed home. That is not going to happen either. Women want to have careers. What we do need is to have generous maternity/paternity leave so parents can stay home and take care of their children for longer than six weeks. That is good for companies as well as for employees who are upset and worried when they have to leave a tiny baby in the care of a stranger. So again, women in the work place is not going to change.

As for immigrants, for years no politician has been willing to fine corporations for employing undocumented aliens. If there were no jobs then the people would not come. And if those big farms and corporations all of a sudden said “no more jobs for you guys” who would they hire? Parents want their kids working in jobs that will give them experience in the jobs they hope to have after they get that diploma. Would a laid off engineer want to work in the fields 10 hours a day? I just cannot see it. I agree a guest worker program would beat having those people come here, pay taxes and never benefit from those taxes and always be looking over their shoulders.
Splitting up families where there are American born children and undocumented parents is wrong. There has to be a way to figure it all out.

This election appears to be splitting up families and putting divides where they never have been before. Although I will admit when the current President was running the first time I was horrified by racial comments I heard in my work place. They were vaguely veiled but hardly. And the day the President was elected when the Speaker said they would do everything in their power to see that nothing was accomplished I just about fell over. I am not a Democrat or a Republican. There are things about each party I don’t like so I vote based on the person and the platform each time. But over the last 8 years the Republicans have lost me. And now this year I am totally disappointed in their leadership. How can they have allowed this man to get so far in the election process? He just cannot help himself, he is so nasty and unpleasant I can see nothing but a world war with us as the total target coming about if he is elected. He is working so hard to alienate everyone in the world. And this weekend again he tweets something from a white supremacist site. They guy keeps putting out racist stuff and then playing dumb.

But then always trying to see the positive I still have this sneaky thought that this is all a sham. Trump took a bet – a big one – from a friend of his about 6 years ago that he could run for President and say anything and everything that would get anyone else tossed out but that in the current climate he could succeed. And that if he did he would surprise them all by taking the oath and then turning out to be okay, not believing most of what he said that he would actually do the right things to make this country acceptable. Or is this a dream or wishful thinking? One can wish, can’t they?
But back to not knowing my direction. I really think if the country goes to hell in a handbasket the best answer I could have would be to run for the hills – over the border. Just to be away from all the nastiness. Life is to short, especially at my age to have to live with this kind of nastiness. I am glad to be here in the north with no TV and limited access to the internet and only the radio.. No sitting and watching the craziness. Listening is bad enough.

I know this is a little garbled because my mind if racing. So going to try and enjoy this summer and not think about this again at least for tonight.