September 3, 2018 – Why Vote, Why Care

I live in two different communities in two different countries.  I love both places although one a little bit more than the other.  That is just to set the picture straight.  What I see in both places in the last few years is almost a mirror of each other in politics.  Instead of two locals running against each other for the betterment of the community there are people running to feed their own egos and enrich themselves.  Not on both sides but locally here there is a man running who has been fined for his bad behavior and he is disrespectful of anyone who disagrees with him.  His ego is so big it is unreal.

Nationally both Canada and the USA seem to be going down parallel paths.  On Facebook I get lots of “fake” information about the party in power in Canada and about the liberals in the US. I see people in office who want to take apart everything that is good about each country as well as dividing people by religion, race, anything they can think of to divide.  I pray about it sometimes and wishing God would send a message to us all.  I hear people speaking out about these terrible things that are going on. An evangelical scientist who very calmly explains why climate change is real,  a large group of students from Florida who are asking everyone to get out and vote and speak your mind.  I see so many women running for office at the local, state and national level – saying no more will I sit back and watch all that is going on.  Maybe that is a message from God. Listen folks, I have empowered these young people, people of color and women to speak out for what is right.

I am going home this week to get more involved in the political side of things. During the last election I spoke out by writing about my concerns. Now it is time for me to step up to another level.  Locally there are no elections this year but I intend to speak out about what I see happening all around me. I hope other people will be stepping up as well.

Why do I care? I care about my children, grandchildren and gr grandchild. I care about the planet, about the water we love to drink, the food we hope is not going to harm us and that everyone deserves medical care. I cry for those people who may never see their children again because of our mean spirited president.  NO, I won’t be a good little girl and keep my mouth shut.




3 thoughts on “September 3, 2018 – Why Vote, Why Care”

  1. Last night I watched “Mother’s Day” on BBC 2. It was gut-wrenchingly hard to watch, but hugely inspiring – a touching, human, desperately sad drama about the IRA attack in Warrington that proved to be the catalyst for peace. What really impressed me about the script was that it highlighted rather than simplified the complexity of the issues involved, but also showed the power ordinary people have if they commit to both listening and speaking up.
    Watch for it on BBC-USA, Margaret. I think you would be moved by it.
    And do follow your instincts and speak up, whenever you can. We all need to do that – in the poll booth, yes, but also around the dinner table, with friends who have different views, in letters to the editor(s), etc. – always respecting the other point of view, even when it is near impossible!!
    Go for it.


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