August 23, 2017 – Trump Fatigue

I have been thinking about this for a few days now.   This summer was supposed to be a time to get a break from politics.  With no TV in the house and a radio that only gets a few stations it was going to be easy. The plan was to read a ton of good books and work on proof reading Aunt Pat’s WWII letters  before moving on to step two of my plan for them – a book for the family.

Alas, nothing has been truly accomplished and I feel totally deflated.  Getting out of bed in the morning is a chore, going anywhere seems like a chore and yet I do it and am always glad after I have visited someone or just gone shopping.

The internet and the radio have not allowed me to ignore what is happening in my country of birth. I listen and tell myself that is it – not going to listen any more – but then Trump opens his mouth and I cannot believe what I am hearing. It shatters me to the core like a slow growing thunder storm.  You hear the rumblings off in the distance and then hear it getting closer and closer and then boom, it comes crashing down.

You may be saying “just tune it out.”   It makes perfect sense to do that except I care.  I care about my country, my family, the business owners I know, those who are putting faith in this man who cannot seem to tell the truth to save his life.  Like so many of my friends I worry about what is going to happen to my children and grandchildren in the years to come.

It is only 4 years some say but it really is more than that.   With the firing of good scientists, people with historical knowledge of how things work in government, the dismantling of needed agencies, what is our future going to look like?  Teachers being totally disrespected, educational textbooks being allowed to be rewritten with revised history and eliminating certain topics from science curriculums, it sounds to me like the dumbing down of American youth.

If you know anyone who lives in a village, town or city effected by poison water why are you not screaming about protecting our water?  Lots of people are speaking up but no one seems to hear. What I do hope is that corporations will show that they care about the communities where their factories are and their workers live.  A few CEO’s have made statements that even with the lifting of regulations they are not going to change the way they do things, they just are not going to have to report it or be checked on it.  But what about those owned by foreign corporations who don’t care about our people?  In a town near me where the water is poisoned even the new filters are not getting the poison out the water as they thought it would.  Workers are leaving, and neighbors are just walking away from their houses. Why? Because they are afraid, they fear the cancer others are being diagnosed with, the strange diseases people are being stricken with and not knowing if or when the water will be safe again.  Has anyone from the Federal Government come there to try and give them some hope? NOPE!

I could take each thing this man has done so far in terms of hiring heads of departments to signing those pieces of paper requesting that Congress change regulations and policies and write about it today but I can’t. The sadness I feel is like this slow-moving stream that moves along spreading into every cell in my body bringing with it increased melancholy about what is happening to my country. More later…


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