August 10, 2017 – Everyone should paint a tree



In the past few years we were made aware that we had two dying elms on our property.  After a bit we decided to get them taken down. Except me being me I asked them to leave me 6 foot stumps.  Yes, 6 foot little trees.

The first year my darling daughter came up with all kind of things to hang on the trees and we told the grandgirls they were fairy trees.  They played out there and seemed to enjoy them.  The second year we redecorated after winter  and again the girls had fun playing with the trees.

Last fall as I was taking things off the trees I realized the bark was getting all weird and the tree was truly starting to rot. It was cracking and had lots of bugs eating away at it and there appear to have been cicadas living around it as there were the shells of the bugs that came out of the earth clinging to the bark.

So in a moment of inspiration I decided to peel off all the bark and then sand the wood and paint it.  By this spring there was very little bark on the tree but lots of weird colors and bug homes etc.  My first project was to sand as much as I could to get the gray stuff off and make the wood grain show better. I make the mistake of using wood putty to fill in holes and it kind of looks crappy. But where there is a will there is a way. Paint will cover all the flaws.

On one of our trips back home I went to the craft store and bought paint, brushes, podging(?) materials and some kind of sealant for the wood.  The painting is fun because unless you get up closed it actually looks pretty good.  I found a big knot on the tree and put a picture of the girls in it and painted around the picture. That is where the podge came in. They have been rained on plenty and so far the picture is still in good shape.  Today I finished the decorating around the top of the tree and started a family tree vine for the girls.  It will have their four grandparents, their parents and themselves on their vine and I may add the aunts and uncles and cousins.. In years to come they can do with it what they want.

Next steps after all the vines will be windows and then sealing and then more decorations.  Will post a couple of pictures of what it was like before today.  Then if I get all done that I will post a finished product picture.  Also have to dig up around the base and put down some new dirt and stones to make it look pretty and then in the spring I want to expand it and put in a flower garden.  Why not? You only live once right?

was going to write about my new revelations about my grandfather but will get to that later. Tree painting is more fun anyway and takes ones mind off of nuclear wars.



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