August 9, 2017 – Long Gone Away

At least that is how it feels.  I just have not been able to get into writing and then this evening I looked and found lovely comments and connections I had forgotten about.

It is a rainy evening at the School House but I am just fine here.  Today was special for me.   In doing genealogy I have found so many pictures of my grand aunt Madeline and her favorite cousin Bertha Slack Kavanaugh.  Well today I spent the afternoon with Bertha’s gr grand son and her grandson and his wife.

It was so nice to show them Madelines photo albums and they were able to ID and mark the names of who those folks were in so many pictures.  They also let me download onto my lap top over 100 pictures from Bertha’s albums.  So will be able to ID more family member in old family unmarked pictures.  Do yourself a favor and mark your pictures with the names of who is in them! I am not good at it and I can tell you it is a chore but later generations with thank you for it.

Then in looking at the note in the comment section I see that others interested in genealogy have contacted me so hope we can get together as well.  It is so much fun. And better to do it now while I still have my wits about me.

This past weekend we went to the DC/Baltimore area to visit our sons family and attend a family reunion.   Not everyone was there but those that were had a very nice time. My nephew Andrew has a wonderful home and property for a party like that. The little kids went swimming in the GunPowder Creek for several hours and us older folks had good visits.  A few folks I wanted to have longer chats with did not happen but hopefully sometime soon.  Everyone brought food so we were never hungry.  Grateful for having such a warm and loving family.

Summer is flying by and I can just wish it would last forever. I have been painting one of the tree stumps to make it a permanent Fairy Tree for the grandgirls.  Lots left to do on it and cannot seem to make progress because of the rain almost every single day.  I think tomorrow I will commit to working on it even if the grass is still wet unless the rain is coming down. When finished I will post a picture.

The political scene has not helped me any with my mood but I realize that when I write I feel so much better so taking the time to do this might end up elevating my endorphins to a better level.   Political speech is in the near future but for now I will try and stick with some family history etc.  Hope I stick with this because it is good for me.

Thanks to you who have been reading while I was not writing.  Would love some feedback on that A to Z challenge in April? My husband suggested that I take those very short pieces and make some of them into short stories. Not sure anyone would read them.  So feed back would be truly appreciated.

Nite nite.



2 thoughts on “August 9, 2017 – Long Gone Away”

  1. Writing is in your DNA, Margie. I’m so glad our paths crossed through genealogy. Your writings and transcriptions of history have brought my ancestors to life for me (and I’m sure many others) in a way that would never have been possible. I’m glad you are able to find sanctuary and peace in the schoolhouse when you need it the most.


  2. Thanks Louise. I cannot wait to see you next summer. I feel drawn to it although what I really need to do is write about those things I never talk about. It gets painful life sometimes and sitting on feelings is not good at least for me.


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