April 25, 2017 – A to Z Challenge – U

Short Story = The Big Day

My brother and his wife had the first baby of the next generation in our family.   It was a sweet little girl named Sarah.  I went to see her at the hospital and she actually had brown curly hair even though she was brand new.  She was adorable.

After they brought the baby home and had some time to get their acts together they invited me over for dinner one evening.  I offered to bring some of the dinner but they said no, they would provide everything.  I was kind of wondering why they would not let me help out.  But after spending some time holding my niece Sarah and enjoying that time with her they asked me a big question.  Would I be Sarah’s God Mother?  I was taken back by this request.  Bobby and I had both been raised in the Catholic Church but neither of us spent a lot of time in church once we grew up. But I agreed because it really was an honor.

They planned to have Sarah baptized in the spring when the weather would be good.    They also had to join the local church and they told me we all had to attend classes before the Church would baptize little Sarah.   I agreed to attend and figured I would just go through the motions.

The classes comprised of four evenings of two hour sessions.  They really wanted to make sure that this baby was going to really be a catholic and not just an exercise in making grandma happy for one day.   I kind of found myself getting into the lessons and thinking a lot about what I was agreeing to.  I would bring her up Catholic if something happened to her parents.   I would support them in bringing her up Catholic.

One night after the class we went out for coffee.  We had been to three weeks of classes at that point.  Bobby and Silvia were joking about the classes and that they had no intention of following through with raising Sarah as a Catholic after the baptism.  I was kind of taken back because I really had begun to understand that you should not do such a thing if you are just doing it to make Grandparents happy.  I held my tongue.

I went home and thought about this so much.  What was I going to do? Bobby was my brother and Sarah my first niece.  The Baptism was planned for a month from now.  The time to talk to them would be difficult.   It had to be done.

The following week I told them we needed to talk and I explained to them how I really understood what the teachers in the classes were talking about.  Why were they doing this if they had no plan to follow through?  They were totally taken off guard with my comments.  They assured me that it would be okay and they were not planning to raise Sarah as an atheist and I should just trust them to do the right thing.   I felt a little better and went on home thinking things would be okay.

I did not want to be an Urchfont and spent so much time during the week thinking about what to do.  It was painful that Sunday morning, going into Church for the first time in years and standing up in front of all those people swearing to do something I was not sure I would ever be asked to do or if asked if I would follow though.

Hopefully that day will never come and I won’t have to find out what I would do. But in the mean time I intended to spend a lot of time with my gorgeous funny little niece.


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