April 24, 2017 – A to Z Challenge – T

Life in Leith – A Short Story

Last night Tim and I went into Leith for a few pints to celebrate his birthday.  We were joined by the other members of our football club.

Lots of joking around and checking out the young ladies in the pub.  I had my eye on one particular lovely one named Maggie who had red hair and a fine form.  She seemed interested so we shared a few pints.  Turns out she had been in school with Tim and knew several of my other friends.  I had actually dated her cousin at one time and I hope she did not know too much of the history there.

Originally, because it was a work night we were just going to have a few but it ended up with us being there late and drinking more than planned.  Well, to be honest, maybe we made no efforts at control.  I even managed a tulsa which probably made me look the fool to Maggie but by then I hardly cared.

After the last call we worked at finishing up our drinks and singing Happy Birthday to Tim.  As we left the pub and headed for the car one of the Garda pulled up and asked us to stay where we were.  Not thinking anything was up we stood and did as he asked.   He handed us the card –  “Please read the following”.  Tolstachaolaois-  I did try hard to do it but it just did not come out right.  I started giggling and just could not stop.  The Garda was not impressed.

Then what he wanted to know was who was driving.  Guess it was not going to be me.  Tim enjoyed his celebration and we found a way home and continued to celebrate long into the night.


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