April 21, 2017 – A to Z Challenge – R

Lovely drive to DC today.  Girls were great as usual and I did not fall asleep. My greatest fear… They were happy to see their mom and dad but did not reject me.  Just over seven hours with two stops and one of those was a lunch break. We ate out on a picnic bench on the Jersey Turnpike.  Had things they like so they were happy. Also had to listen to 1.5 hour of Kids Bop on the radio but eventually told them I just could not do it any more.  Went to NPR for some news.  Missed a big storm which hit just after we arrived.

Short Story based on actual happenings (not) that you might relate to.

We, Jimmy and I, were both so excited about this trip.  A romantic week in San Francisco that would give renewed energy to our relationship.  Arrived at the airport the required 2 hours ahead of time and sat and shared a sweet and drank our coffees. He prefers it straight and strong while I like mine mild and very creamy.  The chocolate croissant just hit the spot.

As we approached our gate it was obvious that this was going to be a full flight.  I prayed that the two seats we were assigned would be lovely ones with the third person in the row being a nice thin easy to get along with individual.  We snuggled together as they started to call the various people to board.  Handicapped first, then families with young children, one and all.   We were in the third group to board and as we arrived at our row there was someone sitting in the middle seat.  That was suppose to be my seat I believed.

The fellow sitting there looked up and asked if there was a problem.  I said I thought that was my seat.  He pulled out his ticket and it said seat B.  I pulled out mine and for some reason it said seat C.  The flight attendant came along because we were holding up others getting seated.  She said she was sorry but obviously we had been given seats not together.  The fellow sitting there stated he was not interested in switching.  In my mind I was swearing at him but felt pressured just to sit.  Jimmy waited while the fellow moved out into the isle and then Jimmy looking sad took his window seat.  Eventually I got the isle seat and settled in.  We talked over the fellow since he was so exacting about that being his seat.  Even with the attendant making it clear to him that he could switch.

We were facing a three hour flight with this lovely fellow but that was not going to be the end of it.  Turns out he was a rochester.  I opened my book and started to read.  Figured I would just ignore the entire situation but that was not to be.  A little person like myself does not take up much room but it would have been nice to have a little elbow room but the big fellow was not giving up an inch.  I looked over and Jimmy was also being squeezed off of any hope of having arm room.  Sure would be nice if the attendant spilled a drink on him, maybe some hot coffee. But I suppose then I would have received a poke in the face as he raised his over bearing arm to protect himself.

Jimmy and I survived the flight and were happy to get away from this fellow.  We double checked our tickets home and made sure we were sitting together. At least them we would share the arm of the seat wrapped up together.


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