April 20, 2017 – A to Z Challenge -Q

What a good day!  The girls made their signs for Saturday’s march.  And after lunch they went to the  Pine Bush Environmental Center.  They had a wonderful time and walked the trails and had fun learning about turtles in the Pine Bush.  Then we packed up their things to get ready for tomorrows trip to their home.

Going to be a long day but I have even prepared them that I might take a nap at some point if I get tired.  Should be a fun day.  Lots of snacks and drinks and books and toys to keep them busy.

Now to tonight’s story.

Jennifer’s in laws were coming to visit and she was frantic.  They had never been to Bob’s and her home and she wanted it to shine.  She had made a list of all the things that needed to be done before they arrived.   She had been working the last two weekends making sure everything was perfect.

They were due to arrive in that evening so she started working on food prep.  But then went back to cleaning.  She was obsessed about getting the front door window clean.  That would be the first thing they would see when they arrived.

She cleaned it and then went on to a final vacuuming. When she went out to get the mail and walked up to the door she saw a spot on the window.  Darn, it was not clean. She got the window cleaner out again and cleaned that window.  It looked just fine from the inside so she thought it was good.

At six the inlaws arrived. She went out to meet them and as she walked up to the door she had a terrible realization.  The spot was a quenby and she had never realized.  She was so embarrassed and was sure the inlaws would be judging her on that spot.   After a while once they were in the house she realized she had over reacted but still snuck out at some point that evening and cleaned that spot.  Now she would be able to sleep tonight.


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