April 19, 2017 – A to Z Challenge – P

In “The Deeper Meaning of LIff” the letter P list of words have many good choices.  I was giggling as I read through them.  Finally picked one.  Was tempted to use several words but that might be for later.

Had a great day with the girls.  We went to have lunch with Grandpa at Union College. It was a busy fun time. Meeting old friends, eating in the upper class dining hall, and going to watch the Union College Men’s Hockey team shooting pucks. The girls were fascinated that they were playing hockey without skates and that a couple of the guys had on roller blades.  When we got home Little Bear and I both fell asleep for a couple of hours. Big sister took care of both of us and kept very quiet.  Dinner was left overs and then we went for a walk.

So now on the Short Stories –

It was a crisp fall day in Manhattan.  I rose early and put on my sweats and t-shirt and headed out to the park for a walk.  Bushes were beginning to bloom and there was the sweet smell of spring in the air.  At the early hour most of the people in the park were either walkers, bikers or runners.

I put in my hour running around the various paths and started my 15 minute walk to slow everything down.  It felt so good to be out in the early morning and knowing that I  have this time to plan up my day and think out problems and rid my day of stress.

I finally was calmed down enough and was just enjoying watching people as I walked.  I was approaching a bench where a pingandy was seated.  I decided this was someone I wanted to meet.   I approached him and asked if I could sit down on the bench with him.  He was a cute looking little old guy.  He dressed in a pin strike gray suit and even had an ascot on that was in shades of red and brown. It was outstanding.  He wore high end black shoes highly polished.

He introduced himself as Albert Windsor.  He spoke in a British accent.  He said he had worked in finance for many years and had chosen to retire to New York and live in the Dakota because he had been a great fan of John Lennon.  His wife had come with him from London but had died a year or so ago.  He liked to come out to the park where they use to walk every day.  She had been quite a famous woman in England.  In her youth she had been a tennis star, she had turned her stardom into a TV gig as a commentator.  They had met and married but never had children.   He missed his wife so much.

I told him I ran four times a week.  He said he could not imagine it.  I suggested we go for a coffee near the Dakota so off we went.  It must have been a funny sight.  This pingandy and this sweaty younger woman.  It was the beginning of a wonderful friendship.


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