April 18, 2017 – A to Z Challenge – O

Today was such a long busy day I am going to do something different.  I am going to write several sentences using words from “The Deeper Meaning of Liff”  and you see if you can match them up with the correct meaning. Or maybe a sentence about the word and you match the words.

I walked into the bathroom and when I went to look for toilet paper I could not see it.   Silvia had all kinds of handmade items in the bathroom and one of them was hiding the toilet paper under a fancy knitted skirt.

When we went to the movies last night  and I had a terrible time trying to see the movie because I am 4’11” and I swear that the people in front of me were both over 6′ and had the biggest hair I have seen in years.

Last night I got into bed but all night I just could not find a comfortable position to be able to get to sleep.   It was a very long night.

The group had spent a week putting together the party.  There are six of us who were  suppose to be planning the gathering but as usual Mary waited until everything was done before she stepped up and asked what she needed to do.  Thanks a lot Mary!

You can try and pick which word matches the sentence =








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