April 16, 2017 = Day off Sunday

Boy am I tired.  Actually scored 8300 plus steps today thanks to the Grandgirls.  We were busy from early in the morning until they went to sleep at 8:30.  A couple of times during the day I found myself nodding off.

They were awake about 6:30 and Grandpa got up when he heard them come downstairs and started finding some food for them.  He ended up making them pancakes.  We all had a bite to eat and then got ready to leave at 9:30 for Church.  Tim and Diane came walking down the street with their two dogs so we were kind of late getting to church but that was okay.   The girls don’t do church at home so this was different for them.  It was very crowded and we ended up in the front row.  They had a good view of all that was going on. Sol liked following the songs with her finger in the song book.  But she did think it was pretty boring.  Little Bear just was well behaved and watched what was happening.

From their we went to Price Chopper to get some additional food for the girls. The biggest decision was what kind of ice cream cones to purchase, waffle or the old fashioned cake kind.  We ended up with both.  Also got newer ice cream than we had in the frig.

Once home we saw that the girls behind us were home. So we went over and they started to play and were very busy for the next hour or so.  About two I brought the girls in for lunch and then we went for a walk.  They were playing outside again and I kind of almost fell asleep. I was so tired.

Aunt Norah came around 4:30 with her two dogs so we played with them outside before the rain arrived.  It was all going well until Stella discovered the creek and dove in.  She is the funniest dog. She just stood there in the creek enjoying the water. Yuck! At least Smedley did not join her or we would have had two soaking wet dogs.  By the time the rain arrived she was at least a little bit drier.   The girls enjoyed seeing their Aunt as well as the dogs.

I suggested bath before dinner so while I cooked Grandpa shampooed and oversaw play time in the bathtub.  They are such wonderful children playing together all the time and just enjoying each other.

Sol and I talked about the exchange students we had over the years which was started when I told her that Sam Toy had given us the wall hanging by her bed.  She is such a smart little seven year old.

Will hopefully be able to write tomorrow in between various activities.  Will have to figure out something for dinner and just do our thing.

Tomorrow our plan is to go painting pottery together. Should be a fun time. Then I will take them to lunch at Peaches.  That should be a fun day. Just love these girls. Their parents are doing such a good job with them.  They told me tonight I need to ask before I give them a kiss if it is okay.  How great is that?

Was going to write about inappropriate dress that i have seen in the last couple of weeks but can do that another time. Just remind me if you don’t read about the over weight young woman with no undies on.  It was shocking to say the least.


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