April 15, 2017 – A to Z Challenge – M

Before I forget to put the meanings of the last two letters here they are.

Kelling (KEL-ling) ptcpl. vb. – the action of looking for something all over again in all the same places you’ve already looked in.

Low Eggborough (LOH-EG-ber-ah) n. – A quiet little unregarded man in glasses who is building a new kind of atomic bomb in his garden shed.

I believe we have all at some time or other had a Marytavy in our lives.  The ones I have known have been through work and always the most interesting people.  They believe they have the highest of loyalty and standards towards their bosses and are very protective of them.

One job in particular brought one of these women into my life.  An enthusiastic new college graduate probably in her first “real” job was hired for a new department where we worked and were helping to set up the new offices.  We, older women, believed that she had a crush on the boss and would do anything to look good in his eyes.  We on the other hand were much older and knew that the boss had not a clue about what he was doing and had found out that he was given this new job to get him away from his prior job.

Now you would wonder what we would want to say to this young women just to see her response.  But you see we had figured out from a few incidences that anything we said to her would end up being repeated to the boss within 15 minutes of our saying whatever it was.  So on this one particular day we worked up a plan to time her reaction to some outragous comment between the two of us and we made sure to ask her not to repeat the piece of gossip we were relating to her.

It was over 20 years ago and I truly don’t remember what the comment was but the response was glowing.  We had decided to have the conversation at about 9:55 just before one could easily ask for a break from work to run to the ladies or get a soda or coffee.  Liddy and I started up making some complaints about how things were going in this new job and how messed up some things were and how we thought the boss could do something to make things work better.  Then we watched our watches and as we quietly worked – having asked her not to repeat anything we had said – we waited. It only took five minutes for CK, we will call her, to say she was taking a break.  She almost ran out into the hall and up the stairs which we carefully made sure to check which way she had gone.  When she returned she was grinning from ear to ear and went back to work.  Then again we waited.

In about thirty minutes a call came down for us to go up and speak with the boss. As we were leaving the office we said, “I cannot imagine what he wants now?” and laughed.    CK looked surprised at our comment.   The smile had gone off her face.

When we got upstairs the boss asked us about our comments to CK and we told him we had figured her for a snitch and wanted to test to see if we were correct.  He said he would have a chat with her and that later he really would like to hear our suggestions to make the place work more smoothly.  Liddy had experience in the type of work we were doing, she had trained me and we were actually doing well getting it up and running and he knew that.  He also did not want to lose us at least not at that point.

When we returned to the office she grinned and asked if the meeting with the boss was productive.  We smiled back and said we had accomplished our mission and said no more.  She looked confused but oh well.


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