April 14, 2017 – A to Z Challenge – L

The Story of the Low Eggborough

Charlie and his best buddy Pat were a curious little pair.  They loved to explore the neighborhood and the attached woods.  And here it was a beautiful Saturday in spring and they had backpacks filled with goodies.  Even threw in their bathing suits just in case.

Their first destination was the woods which started behind Mrs. Fitzgerald’s house.  She was a very old, frail woman who was very  good to them.  She baked the best cookies on the block and was generous in handing them out to the kids. But today the boys wanted to get going so would stop later to say “Hi”.

The woods were the best place to play.  The fort they built was buried on the far side where no one could see or hear them.  Once inside they worked on the rest of the game plan.  Each one decided on the imaginary role they would play today.  Charlie wanted to be Superman and Pat decided he would be a Super Turtle.  They  going to fight some bad guy they would name later.  They could not agreed which bad guy so decided just to call him Bad Guy.  They both had a good giggle over that.

They were stalking along the edge of the woods and saw a building ahead.  It was not large but there was a light on inside.  They crept up to a small, dirty window and one at a time peeked in.  There was a small man inside with glasses.  He was busy at a work table which raised the boys curiosity.  They stood up a little more so they could see in better and as they did the man raised his head and waved to them.  They looked at each other shrugged their shoulders and walked around to the door of what turned out to be a garden shed.

The man told them he was Mr. Travers.  An engineer but retired for twenty years now from the nuclear training site in the next town over.  The boys asked Mr. Travers what he did in the shed.  He told them he made things and at the moment he was working on a bomb.  They high-fived each other thinking that was a cool thing.

After a minute Charles thought to ask him what kind of a bomb.  Mr. Travers looked at them carefully and softened his voice – “An atomic bomb” he told them.  Neither of them knew what that was so figured it must be a fun thing.   If it was not something people did he would not have told them about it.   So they jumped in and asked him lots of questions and he showed them everything he was doing.   After a couple of hours they were hungry and headed back to their hide out.  What a wonderful afternoon and their luck to have found a low eggborough to spend the afternoon with and planned to return to visit him again.


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