April 13, 2017 – A to Z Challenge – K

Hubby wanted to know the meaning of Jeffers (JEFF-erz) pl. n. – Persons who honestly believe that a business lunch is going to achieve anything.

Very Short Story

In January I dug out my book “The Meaning of Liff” by Douglas Adams.  With the hope that this would assist me in coming up with good ideas for the A to Z Challenges,  I spend time reading it and having some laughs at some of the definitions and started to make word lists.   Then off we went on our wonderful five week trip which is documented in the earlier posts.

Once back home it took sometime to get resettled because it was hard to return from such a wonderful trip. Then for the next two weeks I spend hours kelling.  The house was almost turned upside down.  As time passed my stress level went up since no book was to be found.  Eventually my darling husband got a newer copy for me on Kindle so that I could follow through with my plan.  I also continue by kelling day after day.


That was not really a short story or actually was a very short true story.  But all the effort for today.

This week I visited doctors offices, pharmacies, veterinarians, dentists,day care centers and other places to hand out flyers about our Drug Take Back Day.  And trying to fix this darn laptop which keeps doing weird things all by itself.  In addition, starting an exercise program other than the classes I already take to fight this recent diagnosis of osteoporosis.  My primary suggested waiting for the weird treatments with terrible side effects.   That relieved some of my stress.

Almost half way through the alphabet.   L tomorrow…..



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