April 12, 2017 – A to Z Challenge – J

Amanda and Archie were two people with a plan.  Not together but each one knew what they wanted.   Amanda was a young, slim, enthusiastic sales person for a large pharmaceutical company.  She moved to the city a year ago and landed this great job, rented a better than nice apartment and had a handsome boyfriend who was also doing very well.

Archie was the Purchasing Agent for the largest hospital in the city.  He was in his thirties, married with two young children and a working wife.  He had worked his way up through the department from a clerk to being the top guy.  He was very  proud of his accomplishment.

That week Amanda had set up a lunch meeting with Archie to discuss purchasing by the hospital with the cold and flu season coming up.  Her company had some new products that might help move patients through the system quickly and with better outcomes.  She was very excited because if this sale went through it could end up  making her career.

Archie on the other hand was not sure what this lunch was going to be about but had his own thoughts on an outcome.  He liked going out to lunch with beautiful women especially when they were paying for it.  The restaurant he picked was located on the top floor of the tallest hotel in the city. He was not particularly interested in doing work at lunch but maybe he could make a new friend over this lunch.

These two jeffers met at noon and had a delicious lunch.  She talked business and he asked lots of questions about her life.  Her plan was that by the end of the lunch she would have a commitment from him to put together a huge contract.   He on the other hand wondered what he was going to get out of it.  Maybe more lunches or something more.

At 1:30 they both left the lovely restaurant disappointed that they had not succeeded.  Oh well, life is full of surprises and one needs to be careful about their expectations.


Yesterdays word was Ibstock (IBZ-tok) n.  Anything used to make a noise on a corrugated iron wall or chainlink fence by dragging it along the surface while walking past it.  “Mr. Bennett thoughtfully selected a stout ibstock  and left the house” –

Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice, II


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