April 11, 2017 – A to Z Challenge – I

Yesterday the word really amused me and I could see various people who did this.

Hoggeston (HOG-us-tn) n. – The action of over shaking a pair of dice in a cup in the mistaken belief that this will affect the eventual outcome in your favor and not irritate everyone else.

Summer seemed to have arrived this morning but is not lasting too long. It was over 80′ and almost too warm for me.  Takes more time for the body to adjust the temperature change.  It was exercise days – 30 minute walk, then 45 minute chair exercise, then 1 hour of Tai Chi.  Expect to be sore tomorrow.

Life on the East Side – a Short Story

Bobby loved getting up early on summer mornings.  The breeze came through the window and he would get up and sit by the window to check out the neighborhood.  He could see his friend Johnny’s apartment window from his own.  When J was up he would open the shade as a signal.   Bobby lived in an apartment with his mom and three brothers and sisters. He shared a room with his older brother Jimmy who went off to work early every day.  It was quiet this morning so Bobby assumed everyone was either a sleep or gone out.  This was his life since everyone old enough worked and he was suppose to take care of himself, which he knew he was great at.

Bobby went to the small bathroom they all shared and got cleaned up for the day. Like all 10 year old  boys that was scant. But he was happy with himself.  When he got to the kitchen he found Mom had left him some cinnamon buns and a plate of bacon he could heat up in the microwave.  He was in heaven.  His mom made the very best homemade buns and all his friends would want some if they knew.  He could not find any extras so he would not tell them what he had.  After the buns and bacon he also made himself some cereal with milk.  Sometimes he would fix his cereal with chocolate milk.  That was a real treat for him but he had finished off the chocolate yesterday.

Since Johnny’s shade was up Bobby knew it was safe to call him.  He rang him up and was so happy when his best buddy answered the phone.  They were not great phone people but took the time to make their plans for the day.  They decided to get their ibstocks and go out to the construction site up at 99th Street.  They were sure they would be able to make some great music if they worked at it.

Bobby had found a wonderful ibstock for himself a few months earlier at another construction site.  It was not very long but made great sounds if he held it just right.  Johnny had a beautiful wooden one that he had tested over and over again and it made lovely noises.

The boys met at the corner and walked up up the eight blocks to 99th street.  They walked around the construction site looking for just the right spot.  And then they found it.  There was almost a half a block of fencing that would be perfect for their plan.  They started in the middle and used their ibstock to see what kind of music they could make. In their eyes the noise was just like magic and in their imaginations they were performing a symphony.  The joy that the ibstocks gave them kept them busy for at least an hour or more and the stories they would tell their moms would be priceless.

Oh the joy of youth and young boys especially.


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