April 10, 2017 – A to Z Challenge – H

Sam and Lillie decided to invite Bill and Susie over on Saturday evening for dessert and to play some games.   Life had become so boring  and they never saw their old friends any more because of work and family commitments.  On New Years Eve they signed a pledge to improve their social life and so this was the beginning.

Lillie worked all morning making a cherry cheese cake.  Sam bought high end coffee and a some delicious wines and beers looking forward to a fun evening with their oldest friends.  They worked together and cleaned up the apartment and then showered and dressed and were all ready for company.

Bill and Suzie arrived at 7:30 and the feeling of seeing them was warm and loving. They had been in each other’s weddings, had double dated through college and ended up living in the same city.  Life was good for all of them. Over coffee and dessert they caught up on each other’s lives.   After a short time it was as if they had never had a break in seeing each other.

Yatsee was the name of the game they were going to play.  Sam brought out the wine and some snacks and set up the table for the game.  They use to play it together in college and when they were dating so again it was bringing back fond memories.  Both Sam and Little thought to themselves   “Life is good.”  They smiled at each other as they sat down across from each other at the table.

They figured out who would go first and started to play.  Lillie would start and then Bill, Susie and finally Sam.  They chatted as they went around shaking the dice and counted their totals.  As the scores became competitive Bill started to haggeston.  Lillie almost started to giggle as the memories flooded her mind.  Bill was the King of haggestons.   When Sam caught her eye they both had to bit their tongues but mostly they both looked at their watches and started counting. Would he break a record tonight?  Only time would tell.


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