April 9, 2017 – Day Off 2

What a fabulous, yummy day this was.  I am a huge fan of 70′ days with high pressure.  Makes me feel totally alive.

Saturday Night Live gave me such pleasure last evening I stayed up almost to the end and then sleep evaded me for another hour. Not a good thing.. Alex Baldwin aced it doing both O’Reilly and Trump.  If you missed it google it and watch it. Worth the effort.

As a result rising up this morning was difficult.  I even missed the Farmers Market. But exhaustion from a wonderful day yesterday was worth it.  Early dinner with four of our kids and the Albany Symphony was totally worth it. Albany ProMusica did the singing parts of Beethoven’s Ninth and they were awesome. We were in the back row of the theatre and it did not matter in the least.  There were lots of families there – turns out kids can come with adults for free thanks to GE.  Reminded me of going to concerts with my mom when I was young.

Now to make up for the very slow start I dug a hole.  Not a little hole but one large enough to put a containers worth of compost and then I spread the earth back over it since I made the hole deep enough for the covering up process.  Quite proud of myself if I do say so.  And walked enough to get me past 5000 steps before dinner time.  And yes, there is white hanging off of the laundry line outside drying in the moon light. Wonderful… slow start maybe but caught up quickly.

Now what was that word yesterday?

Gammersgill (GAM-erz-gill) n –  Embarrassed stammer you emit when a voice answers the phone and you realize that you haven’t the faintest recollection of  who it is that you have just rung.

I really liked that one since although it has not happened to me yet, I am sure it will sometime in the near future. The terrors of old age.


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