April 7, 2017 – A to Z Challenge – F

Yesterday I played it safe so I imagine most of you figured out the meaning of Esterhazy.  I chose that word because my Aunt was born in Esterhazy Saskatchewan in Canada.  It tickled me when I saw that.  The meaning of Esterhazy: (EST- er- hay- zee) adj.  (Medical term) Suffering from selective memory loss. The viris causing this condition is thought to breed in the air conditioning system of the White House.

That is so relevant to our situation today.  People just don’t seem to remember anything they did in the past or meetings they participated in or anything for that matter unless it makes the other side look bad.  Kind of a sad state of affairs.

Today was my birthday and I felt like never getting up after I listened to the morning news on the radio.  Crawled back under the covers and refused to move until around noon.  Thank goodness for good friends who call to wish one a happy birthday. Then this evening my sweetie took me out to dinner. I love the ribs at Otis and Olivers and was not disappointed tonight. And I ordered a carrot cake for us to share, I ate the cheese cake part and some of the creme filling and frosting and loved one at the carrot part.  Was sooooo good.

So what did I do today.  I looked outside at the grey, dreary day and decided this was not a day to head out to run errands.   Breakfast was a piece of toasted bread from AU Pain Quotidian which was fabulous with irish butter and some jam and a cup of coffee.  Then some how I ended up back in bed and almost fell asleep.

When the phone rang and I saw it was one of my oldest buddies I was happy and we had a great chat and then I thought I better get myself up.  Had a little lunch and then went for a 30 minute walk. I am working to move up to the 1 hour level of exercise as the weather improved.  A rumour is going around that by the beginning of the week the temperature will be in the 70’s. That would be perfect to go out and accomplish a whole bunch of good things.

After the walk I played on the iPad and realized this had been a farnum kind of day.  That can be good or bad depending on the day.



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