April 6, 2017 – A to Z Challenge – E

Okay, I suspect most of you figured out the meaning of the D word.

Deventer  (de-VEN-ter) n.  A decision that’s very hard to make because so little depends on it – like which way to walk around a park.

First, just wanted to tell you that it is pouring here.  Flooding on the roads and in some yards.   I went to the Pre-Prom Forum to help out and then back home to take care of business here.  So enough about today. Time for another short story..

I, Samantha, have lived in Washington DC since 2001 and have come to love it here.  The job I love I am not suppose to talk about with anyone.  I am not sure why but it makes for some interesting situations.  Like dating  when men give me strange looks when I tell them all kinds of stories about what kind of work I do and never mention who I work for.  Doesn’t work well for trust and long term relationships.  My girlfriends all seem to have the same problem so it does not get in the way of our time together.  Work is not a topic we like to talk about anyway.

How does one work in a city like DC and have to keep that work an off topic with everyone.  What I learned early on is the art of not remembering. For example:  “When were you first hired?”   “To be honest I don’t remember the actual date.”

When out in a restaurant with my parents and sibs one evening someone gave me a friendly wave, the whole family wanted to know who the person was, someone famous, a politician, some person of influence and the answer came easily – “I don’t really remember them, just waved to be polite.” They all looked at me with pity in their eyes. That might have been someone who could help my career, I should go and talk to them, I just shook my head and they were all confused.

My mother at one point insisted I go with her to my doctor since she was thinking I had early Alzheimer disease. Nothing I could say would dissuade her.  So after a good laugh I went along to satisfy her curiosity.   He smiled at her and told her that no, I did not have dementia but a strong case of Esterhazy.  She just shook her head and figured the doctor was pulling her leg.  Little did she know that this is a known condition especially to folks in the world of politics.

Good friends just accept me the way I am and at times I have identified others who suffer from this condition.  It is what it is and I wonder if I moved to LA or New York would it slowly go away.  I would hope so.



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