April 5, 2017 – A to Z Challenge – D

Lovely day today.  The sun was shining and I actually woke up early as I felt the soft warm breeze coming through the window.  Another day of retirement facing me.  This day I decided to get up and take my meds, wait the hour and then head into town to have breakfast at one of the lovely restaurants in town..  I decided on the Sweets and Treats Cafe and to sit out on the patio so I could people watch as I ate.  There were these cute wrought iron tables with matching chairs and table clothes with spring flower patterns on them.  I loved the English Tea cups and the china creamer and sugar pitchers.

I ate an omelette with bacon and a fruit cup and it tasted so yummy. Nothing like perfectly crispy bacon any day.  The strawberries were so crispy and fresh. It seemed like the dew was still on them.  The coffee was delicious and strong and perked me right up.

Since it was so nice I headed out to do some window shopping.  There are so many little shops in our village that it was mid afternoon by the time I wandered towards the park  having stopped for an ice cream and bought a scarf that I don’t need. At that point I was faced with a deventer.  I hate deventers.  Being retired I face them every day and never know what to do.  In this case I decided to close my eyes and turn around three times and then open my eyes.  That would settle the problem.

In spite of dizziness I opened my eyes and headed down a path towards the lake. The sunlight turned the lake into crystals and once sitting on a bench there were beautiful reflections of the trees and flowers edging the lake.  I love the daffodils and there were some late blooming tulips.  I had brought a book with me and I sat on that bench for at least an hour reading and then walked back to the house.

Another lovely day in retirement.


Yesterday’s word was Cadomin (Kad-oh-min) n.  it means – The ingredient in coffee creamer that rises to the surface as scum.

I took some liberty with it because I was thinking creme that should have been thrown out. I don’t use coffee creamer that isn’t real cream or milk.

Thanks Douglas Adams and John Lloyd for giving me this opportunity to challenge myself. I don’t see myself as a good writer but I like to write. It helps me to concentrate on the upcoming day better if I get thoughts out on paper sometime during the day.

In reality it was a cloudy day and I had a fabulous lunch with my  friend Pat. And I treated myself to a wonderful gluten free almond horn at Bountiful Bread in Stuyvesant Plaza



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