April 4, 2017 – A to Z Challenge C

Well, no one has taken the challenge to guess at the meaning of the words but I will continue to put them up the following day.  For those who have not read the earlier posts this is what is happening. During April I will be picking a word from Douglas Adams and John Lloyds “The Deeper Meaning of Liff”. In this book they have made up meanings for things that happen in life that have no word to describe them. They use the names of Welsh towns and other places all over the world.  Some are very funny others just cute as far as I see. I write a short story using one of the words.

So yesterday’s word was Boinka (Boyn-ker) n.   The noise through the wall that tells you that the people next door enjoy a better sex life than you do.

This word reminded me of the time my brother and his wife and baby came to visit for a large family gathering and they were staying at a motel by the airport.  Turned out there was a lot of activity in the motel in many of the rooms and it appeared people were coming and going all night.  We never suggested the place again but they sure heard a lot that night. Just made boinka a more interesting word to me.

So now on to the letter C.

On this lovely late spring day the garden was all in bloom and I could smell the scent of the first roses as they opened up.  Since the dear weather man had predicted a lovely day my dear three friends, Susie, Carol, and Jeannie were coming over as well as my brand new next door neighbor Cassie.   I had spent yesterday baking lovely breakfast breads, making quiche and cutting up fruit.  The garden mint was fresh and wonderful.

I had pots ready for tea and coffee, the table was set and everything that would make a lovely brunch.  At 10:30 sharp the four of them all arrived at once.  After introductions we moved out into the garden and I took orders for drinks.  First I made delicious mimosa’s which we all agreed were the way to start the day.  The bubbly taste in my mouth was so refreshing.  And of course gave us all a dose of Vitamin C which was a good excuse for drinking them, as if we needed one.

Three of the girls wanted coffee and two tea.  I had plugged the coffee pot in just before they arrived and the hot water in the electric pot was hot in a jiffy.  Carol came in and carried out the tray with the milk and sugar as well as some lemon.  I had gotten out my favorite serving set with lovely spring flowers on the tray and dishes. It had been my mothers and I always remembered the times she served her ‘Lady” guests using it. I carried out the pots of hot beverages.

By this time we were half way through eating and I was dying for a hot cup of coffee.  Everyone had their beverage of choice.  Then we handed around the milk and sugar and as each one put into their hot drink their choice additive the looks on their faces told me something was wrong.  And then I looked at my coffee with the cadomin floating around the top.  My face was turning red with embarrassment and then I looked up at my friends, they were all giggling.  The strange look they had had a minute ago was gone and they all said at once, “I would rather have another mimosa” and burst into laughter. What was a winding down party livened right up and we went back to eating sweets and drinking those lovely bubbly drinks all thanks to the cadomin.




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