April 3, 2017 – A to Z Challenge “B”

Jessica and Bill were going to have a fabulous vacation.  They were going to a mountain resort where they could hike, swim and spend romantic evenings together.  They had been married for ten years and with two children a week away to reacquaint themselves was their dream plan for the week.

They kissed their children good bye and thanked grandpa and grandma over and over again for taking the kids for the week.  That way they knew there was nothing to worry about and they could just have fun.  What more could you ask for!

They drove off and kept looking over at each other with such excitement.  Life had not been easy with jobs and two children and family commitments.  Time alone was precious and they knew it.  This was an opportunity to rekindle what seems to have left their relationship – the intimacy and ability to share and talk about everything like they had before they had children.

They arrived at the resort just before dinner time.  Bill grabbed Jess around the waist and held her tightly.  He was surprised by her response, “not here Bill, people will see us.”  He asked her what that was about and startled she thought, it has been so long I don’t remember what it feels like to be wanted in that way.  She said she was sorry and would work on those instantaneous reflexes.  She loved him and this was going to be a wonderful week.

After checking into their room they went for a walk around the grounds, holding hands and occasionally kissing.  It felt wonderful being there and slowly the feelings of stress were leaving them both.  This was going to be wonderful.  They returned to the Lodge for dinner and found themselves sitting next to a young couple like themselves.  They said hello as they sat down at their table.  The other couple smiled and said “Hi, isn’t this a wonderful place to spend a weekend?”  Bill responded “Yes, especially with two kids at home and jobs. Getting away is a real treat.”  The other two looked at each other and just smiled.  Then the man said “Yes it must be tough, we don’t have any children so we cannot know what that is like.”

Bill and Jessica settled into their table and started looking at the menu.  That other couple somehow bothered them.  They looked so happy and romantic just sitting there. But neither of them shared those feelings.  Instead they pushed off that thought and decided what they were going to order for dinner.  They chatted through dinner about the house, the kids, work, the parents, and other facets of their lives.  Once in a while each of them would take a peek at the other couple who appeared to be content to hold hands, share food and gaze at each other.  Slowly it dawned on both of them that they had brought their life with them.  “Darn, thought Jess, this was suppose to be about us. Guess I will have to work harder.”

As a treat after dinner they took a stroll again around the grounds. They went to where it was very dark and sat down on a bench and looked up at the stars.  “Oh, look, a shooting star!” said Bill.  It was so warm and cozy out there. They felt like they were the only two people on the planet as they held hands and curled up next to each other.  What a divine evening .

They went back to their room and noticed that ahead of them was the other couple going into the room next to theirs.  They both looked at each other but did not say anything.  They had assumed that the other couple was married initially but by now they were not sure if they were married, just together or having an affair.  Anyway, what business was that of theirs.

Once in the room Bill took Jess in his arms and they started to kiss.  Jess felt warm and excited like she had on their honeymoon.  Bill also felt good all over and so happy with anticipation of the night ahead.  They had already unpacked so they quickly got ready for bed.  Being use to jammies and nighties that is what they did and made sure to brush their teeth before getting into the lovely bed with its crisp white sheets.  In the dark finally together they made love.  It was quick probably due to all the anticipation and longing they both had been living with.   As they laid in each others arms they heard a far away noise.

Looking at each other even in the dark they began to envision what they were hearing. The bed of the other couple was directly behind the bed they were in.  And slowly each of them was coming to the same realization.  The boinka hit them like a ton of rocks.  What were they missing?. What did the kids have to do with this?  What was wrong with them.? They lay in each others arms and slowly fell into a restless sleep, both occasionally being awakened by noises from the room next door and Jess had tears in her eyes during those moments of awakeness.  Bill just felt shame. And as dawn was coming the boinka continued to eat away at them.

The next morning they woke up and could not look at each other until finally Jess starred to laugh.  Just because the boinka happened they did not have to give in.  Jess had made the decision to love themselves just the way they were.  To heck with other people. They had a whole week to show themselves they could boinka others.


Thanks again to the Darker Meaning of LIff by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd.

Can you figure out what Boinka means?  I think this one should be easy.

Enjoy your evening everyone and see you tomorrow with another story and another word.







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