April 2, 2017 – Day off from Challenge

Well no one took a guess so I guess you will now get to find out what Ambleside (AM-bul-side) n. means:  The talk given about the Facts of Life by a father to his son while walking in the garden on a Sunday afternoon.

I hope some of you had figured that out.

Today was a lovely day. Sunny, bright and windy.  Started the day at Church and stayed for coffee afterwards. Had some chats with old friends and new.  As I walked in I turned around and this woman was sitting there who looked so familiar.  But you know that feeling someone is not usually seen in that venue and you cannot think where you know them from? Well there I was standing there thinking, who is that woman? Then it hit me, we are in our writing group together.  DUH, there were only five of us there last Monday and she and I were two of the five.  Got to meet her very nice and polite grandson.

Once home I decided to take advantage of the sunshine and hang out sheets so I put them into the machine and an hour later they were hung up and blowing in the wind.  Love the smell of sun dried laundry.  And just being outside is wonderful.

A walk was called for and with my little tiny radio plugged into my ear off I went but did not get too far.  I was going to go out of our neighborhood and down the road into one of the other streets but first I stopped and chatted with a “new” neighbor I have not met before – he has lived two houses away for two years… not a good thing not to even know his name.  So we chatted for a bit.  Seems very nice.  As I turned to head out walking again the neighbor across the street was fixing his mail box and putting out some plant holders for anyone to take.  I might get them tomorrow…  But then he told me they are going to move.  This neighborhood is changing so fast.  That will be three houses for sale at the moment.  There are only about 20 houses all together with the two street.

At least we are not the longest living in the neighborhood family.  We are now number 4.  Some folks have been here at least 50 years but two of the 4 houses are occupied by elderly women. The other one has two brothers who are younger than we are so I figure if they stay there for long they will always be the longest residents.

Life goes on doesn’t it?  I remember when we moved in here and there were kids in almost every house and now there are school age kids in two houses. So there are no kids running around playing games, going into the woods for adventures or anything.  Makes me sad. Would be nice if some families would move in.

So this is just a Sunday ramble. Nothing big happening, just have to decide on the B word for tomorrow.  Should be an adventure right there.


One thought on “April 2, 2017 – Day off from Challenge”

  1. I have the pleasure of having a group of new young neighbours with babies but they all have 2 cars nowadays which makes for congestion. I am the old lady who mutters under her breath .


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