April 1, 2017 – A to Z Challenge 2017

Today is the beginning of the A to Z Challenge that I have done the last couple of years. This time I am going to write some short paragraphs using some words from the book by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd called “The Deeper Meaning of Liff”.  I had an older version of it set aside to use but when we returned from our five week trip it has disappeared so my darling hubby got me a Kindle copy of the updated book.

For the last few weeks I have been going through it trying to find some words that I can use.  I am going to try this. If it does not work for me I will see about just picking normal words and writing about my thoughts but let’s try this first.  You might be confused by I have explained the plan and the word situation at the end of this short story.


David had been dreading this day but had known it would eventually come.  He woke up feeling anxious and his stomach was churning and tossing about to the point he could hardly drink his beloved cup of tea that Marian had so lovingly prepared for him and brought up to his bedside to start the day.  She poured the milk into the tea and placed it in his hands.  “It will all work out just fine my darling” she told him.  He just shook his head.  “You will do a great job just like in everything else you do for this family” she tried to reassure him.

It was a lovely day and yet David could not see it at all because of the fear that grew in side of him as the minutes ticked by.  It was warm and sunny after days of rain and the garden was in full bloom, a lovely day for a relaxing sit down with his son Bobby.  First they would go off to church, have breakfast and then he would face the music.

They walked through the quiet village this gorgeous Sunday morning.  Marian was enjoying the fragrances from the flowers blooming along the path. The children were happily chattering away with each other.   Usually David would be looking forward to a scrumptious breakfast with his wife and children but today his focus was on the ambleside that he was going to have to finally be confronted with.  The good Father Peter at St. Timion’s Church gave such an inspirational sermon about love of family and David knew how much he loved his family.  But as part of being a loving family he was going to have to do this thing he had avoided and dreaded for months.  After all he remembered his own ambleside when he was growing up and remembered hating every moment of it.

When they arrived at home Marian went to tell ‘Cook’ that they had returned and were ready for their breakfast.  She gathered the three children and they went out onto the patio where a table was spread with all kinds of delicious Sunday treats.  Not just scones but fresh berries and newly made jams and there were croissants which Bobby loved to eat with tons of butter and jam.  David was slow to come to the table but once there he hardly touched his food. Cook has made his favorite omelette and his wife reached out and took his hand and told him to eat like she would the children.  He tried but his stomach was totally in knots now.

After the lunch table was cleared his wife took the other two children for a walk down into the park and David was left with Bobby.   David suggested that they walk down the path farther into the garden and with sweat pouring off his brow David began his ambleside with Bobby.


Now if you haven’t figured out what is going on by now let me further explain. Douglas Adams et al take the names of towns all over the world and then match them up with things in our daily life that have no word to describe them.  Some are very, very funny and others cute etc.  I have picked out words sometimes more than one for each letter of the alphabet and am challenging myself to write a short story finding a way to use the words and hopefully give you time to try and figure out what the word is meant to describe.  Some are nouns, some are verbs etc.

Tomorrow I will post the definition of ambleside and in the mean time without looking it up can you figure out what it means?  If you think you know post it on here.



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