March 22, 2017 – Ireland, the place of peace and friendship

Ireland is like no other place I have been.  Other places have wonderful tourist attractions such as ancient buildings and ruins and museums and great food etc. Ireland has all those things as well but it is the only place we have traveled to where when you come back you are treated like family showing up for a visit.  And being told you are family to them.

I do like the gorgeous country side and the views of the cliffs and the oceans. Just sitting and listening to the roar of the ocean is such an experience.  But each of us has only had one kind of spiritual experiences in Ireland.  Denis loves visiting Tara.  I like the views etc but it holds no special feeling for me. But he is awed by being there.  I often wonder if at some point he was there in another life or some relative of his use to live near there.  Me, I felt that kind of feeling at Meeting of the Waters in Wicklow where my Gr Gr Grandmother O’Neill came from.  Driving down the Vale to get there was powerful and standing where the waters met I felt drawn to be there and did not want to leave.  We did not visit there this year but I know I have to go there again while I can.

When we walked into the Harding Hotel in Dublin we were warmly greeted and when asked if we had been there before I told them how much I enjoyed the location of the hotel and how I was there several times in 2014.  During our entire stay there the friendliness was contagious.  And when I broke my tooth they called a dentist right away and got me an appointment.  The folks in the restaurant as well were friendly and warm.  Best hotel we stayed in I think other than the one in Belgium  and one in Athens.

Then when we arrived in Multyfarnham it was like coming home.  At various times people would stop into the pub and remember us and welcome us like long lost cousins. We had wonderful conversations with so many people over the days we were there.  And then of course there is Pat and Una.  They are the loveliest of hosts.  I just wish somehow I could reciprocate and do something special for them. Glad I just wrote that I think I have an idea of something I can do…. Hopefully I will remember it in the morning.

That is just Ireland for you. The hearts of the Irish people are good.  They are loving and caring people. I know there are some bad ones out there but I have not met one when I have been there.  The four months we lived there I never had a bad experience. It took less than a day in France.  Other places I may not have had a bad experience but I did not have those exceptional ones like I always have in Ireland.

Love all those good people and hope to see them again sooner than later.


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