March 14, 2017 – Blizzard thoughts

Yes we are home and getting over the jet lag and getting things together here and now a huge snow storm.  Life is never boring is it?

We came home on the 10th and it was a very long day.  Enjoyed staying at the hotel at the Shannon Airport, had a nice dinner, repacked the suitcases and had a good nights sleep. They had a good breakfast at the hotel and then went over to the airport. 2 minute walk – no complaints from me.

Things were going so well going through customs and check in until they asked me if I had any fruit. I said I had a banana so they made us go back to this area, they brought out our suitcases and xrayed them and then I was told I could eat the banana but could not bring it on the plane. I ate it and threw away the apple and was grateful the hubby controlled himself.  I was having a silent temper tantrum.  I always bring a banana and an apple to eat on the plane but that is a no-no.  I offered to toss them at the scanner but no, they had to do this whole routine in the back room.  It was stupid.

That cut down the time we had to wait for the plane and we were in one of the last groups to board so it worked out okay.  The flight was okay. there were empty seats in other rows so the fellow sitting next to me moved over so he  had an empty seat next to him.  I tried to sleep but really didn’t get much.  Once we got to Boston we had a ton of time to get to the bus station and then wait and wait for our 5:40 bus which did not show up until after 6.  That was 11 pm Irish time so I was really getting tired by then.  The driver caught up the time on the way to Albany and I would still use the bus rather than flying.

Tim and Diane picked us up and the bus station in Albany and brought us home.  It was so good to be home again.  Could not remember that the house was clean when we left. It was nice to see a neat house for a change.  The clutter was all away before I left. By today that was reversed and we are back to normal… mail here, paper there. you know how it goes.

Saturday we slept in as much as we could and napped later in the day.  At 7 pm we were at the Union College/Princeton Hockey game.  Lucky for us we won in over time with a penalty shot.  It was exciting since for Mike Vecchione it was his last game on home ice of his college career, he is still leading the nation in points, and they are now in the ECAC playoffs.  Would be nice if they made it to the next level.

Was very tired and slept and slept on Sunday.  I thought I would be better by then but it was like being hit by a brick.  We had made plans for Sunday afternoon with our extra daughter in Albany so we went over and had a visit.  Was great seeing the terrific improvements to their house and to hear about her travels.  She goes to the most interesting  places.

When we got home we stopped at the son and his wives to give them some thank you gifts. They took good care of things while we were gone.  Then it was time for sleep.  I thought it was going to be a good long sleep but not meant to be.

Monday was another day of catching up, running errands etc. But woke up at 6 am feeling totally awake.  Felt like I had endless energy until the afternoon when I ended up sleeping for a while.   Managed to cook dinner and get through the evening.  Waiting for the snow to start.  So far somewhere over a foot has fallen and it is not suppose to stop for a few more hours.  Glad I don’t have to go anywhere tomorrow.  Although I might go up to the pharmacy after doing another laundry.  Life at home is just not as exciting as life on vacation.

Tomorrow I will start looking at documenting my thoughts about our travels.  Should be interesting to see what I come up with.  Favorite cities, countries, events, food, we shall see what comes out as I type.  Glad to be back on the lap top. So much easier than the ipad.

Later friends… also going to go to work on planning out my April A – Z Challenge. I have a plan but not sure if it will be doable. Hope you will consider following it especially if it works out the way I hope it will.




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