March 9, 2017 – Mixed Feeling Not!

Woke up this morning feeling blue.   Our last day in Ireland.   We had a good breakfast at the hotel and then checked out and put the bags in the car and went shopping. Yes, the fun of buying those last minute items for those you love and weren’t going to get much for…

Went to the coffee shop Arabica on St Dominic Street where Denis got his coffee as he left the apt everyday on his way to work.  They were so happy to see us and it was nice to be remembered by them.  We had a coffee and a scone and then said our farewells and went to get the car.

We were off to Shannon.  Went the right way and decided to change plans and go around to the Cliffs of Moher through the Barrens.  It was a lovely ride and as we went I had flashbacks of going there with Melanie and the driver who liked her a lot. And being there with the students another time. When we got there we decided to keep going. We had stopped at Doolin and had a bite to eat and went down to the pier to see the tide that was coming in.  I took a video which was quite powerful.  Just the noise from the water crashing was awesome. We had lunch at O’Connors Pub.

We took more back roads side trips until after three and decided to head on into Shannon.  We checked in and Denis went to get gas in the car and return it to budget. I re packed my suitcase and made a list of the items we had purchased and the cost the best I remembered.

When he returned he repacked and then weighed both suitcases to make sure we were with in weight limits.  We had a nice dinner here at the hotel and talked about the trip. I will write more of that after we get home and I can put it all in some kind of perspective.  It has been a fabulous five weeks and so many wonderful memories and adventures.  Going to be so hard to leave here tomorrow and go back to life as we remember it.  I hope some of my thoughts about changes I want to make will hold true for me once back home.

Hopefully the flight home tomorrow will be an easy one and the bus from Boston to Albany as well.  Send us good thoughts for a safe trip and although tomorrow night I won’t be writing anything as it will be 2 am irish time when we get home so bed will be all we will be up for. Saturday I will try and start the process of figuring out what all this has meant, other than just a good time.


3 thoughts on “March 9, 2017 – Mixed Feeling Not!”

  1. Ahhhh dear friend, I remember it well…we missed the “rock.” What a wonderful trip! I remember your friends at the apartment also and the little coffee shop. Such great memories… Five weeks! You lucky dogs!

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