March 8, 2017 – Home Away Again

We arrived in Galway this afternoon from Sligo.  Yesterday we got up, ate breakfast at the hotel and then headed out to Breeogue to the pottery where before I had purchased items for the school house.  Got lucky and got a few more pieces.  Had a nice visit with the potter and then headed out to Strandhill.  We had something to eat there and coffee/hot chocolate to warm us up.  The sea was boiling out there and after we ate we saw two very brave surfers down the way heading out.  It was too windy and cold to stand around waiting to see how they would do.

The decision had been made that since Knocknarea was covered in fog that it would be best not to climb up to Queen Maeve’s Tomb.  So we headed out to Rosses Point.  I think we went there once before but it was fun driving out there.  It was windy and cold and rainy at times which did not make it a good day to head for the beach for a walk.  But was exciting to see the sea all churned up.

When we arrived back in Sligo we went into the post office to send off a package and then walked through some stores.  Not a lot to do since all the heritage spots in the town are closed for the winter.  Back at the hotel we rested for a bit and then went for a walk to see where to have dinner.  We found a spot and had a meal.  By the time we came out it was raining harder so we headed back to the hotel.  Went into the bar for a night cap.  Watched football which I guess turned into a very good game after we went upstairs. (Arsenal vs a team near Munich)

This morning we packed up, had breakfast and then headed out to Galway.  It was sunny and a lovely day.  Could not believe it.  We passed through the town Denis’ dad’s family came from, Tubbercurry, but did not stop.   When we got to Knock I suggested we go in and see what the Basilica was all about.   Have to admit it was disappointing to me.  In 1878 I believe a whole group of people in Knock saw a vision of the Blessed Mother and other saints.  It lasted for two hours.  Since then people have come there to pray for healing etc.  At some point they built this huge church there but I have to say it did nothing for me.  It holds many people and you can see that many people come there to visit every year, just by the number of gift shops and parking lots.  The entire experience left me feeling nothing.  But I am glad we drove in there. Gives one things to think about.

We drove on down to Galway.  For Laura we had lunch at Cup An Tea which we can see from our hotel window.  Very good sandwich and tea.  Then we saw a demonstration going on so I went over to ask about it.  It was for International Women’s Day but focused on the law here that can put a woman in jail for 14 years if she has an abortion anywhere in the world.  I did question how would anyone know? And how many women have actually been sent to jail for 14 years.  No one really seemed to know.

Then we walked out on the Prom along Galway Bay.  Truly lovely walk.  It was windy but nice and all I had on was a sweater.  Then it was time to shop… Got myself another Irish sweater, Denis got himself a lovely looking hat, and we were not successful in finding the kind of shirt he was looking for. We did get gelato from Gino’s which was just as good as from their store in Dublin.  The buskers were out entertaining in the streets so enjoyed that as we walked along.

Back here for a rest and then we are going to check out the music in the various bars on the street.  Figure one night that we are here we deserve to go out and have some fun.  Will hopefully finish this when we get back.

Well we went walking first and looking in shop windows. Walked around Eire Square and then back to the Spanish Arch to have dinner.  The singers seemed to be screaming so they were not fun to listen to and the dinner was not that great so oh well. Another adventure right? We walked some more and came back to the hotel for a night cap.  The bartender was from British Columbia up in the Okanagan and goes to school in Kamloops for Archectural Engineering. Taking time off to work and travel in Europe.  I think that is so great. All 20 somethings should do that to see what the rest of the world looks like and how they treat people.

Tomorrow we travel down to Shannon, give the car back and get ready to leave Friday morning.  We will be staying at the airport so other than taking a walk there really is nothing for us to do.  Maybe shop in duty free… or stop at Bunratty Castle on the way down to see what they are doing there these days.  In the morning we have a little more shopping to do here so will eat and run out to shop.

Been thinking a lot about all the things I want to write about when we get back.  Where I would go to visit again, where I would not. Things like that.



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