March 1, 2017 – Last Day in Dublin

Woke up early as we had tickets for a tour of the Gaol at 10:30.  Took the bus out to the site and started with a walk around the court area as we waited for the tour to begin.  It was too far to walk all that way and figured we have walked everywhere else so treated ourselves to a bus ride.  Saw a lot on the way out as well.

The tour was very interesting.  The guide, Patrick, talked a lot about the 1916 rebellion and showed us where the leaders were in the jail and where they were executed and how that treatment of the prisoners moved the rebellion forward into the founding of the Irish State.  It was difficult to listen to how the children and women were treated in the prison let alone the men.   The youngest prisoner there was 5 years old and was put there for stealing a coat during the famine days.  Cannot imagine what they all went through just to survive.  It was depressing.

The tour lasted about an hour and then we went through the museum for another hour or so.  It was very interesting and went into the lives of the various stages of history of the prison and those who were there for various political reasons.   Every time I saw something about Joseph Plunket I wondered if the Isaac Plunkets of Black Rapids Road were related to him.  Josephs was a sad story. Married at the prison just before he was put to death and his wife never remarried and actually ended up in the prison herself in 1923.

They had some movies and interactive displays that were very good. After the museum we went and shared a scone and had coffees.  Then to the gift shop where I got one book for kids and one for myself.  No I did not buy the girls books about the rebellion.. Won’t say what so it will be a surprise for later.

Then we took the bus back to the hotel and I took a nap and Denis went to the post office and looking for Isolde’s Tower which he could not find. He did not take the map I don’t believe.  I wanted to be rested up for the dentist and the play this evening.

The dentist was very nice.  She took off the broken part of my tooth and then put some extra filling in and some coating on the nerve so that hopefully we would be in good shape until getting to my dentist at home.  Then we walked back to Toscano’s for dinner so I could have something easy to chew and gluten free.

It was raining pretty hard as we headed for the theater so we caught a cab to the Gaiety  Theater.   We got some gelato as well once we were there.  Had been walking by Gino’s Gelato Shops for three days and finally got a small delicious cup in the pouring rain.  Adventure right?

The play we saw was “The Weir” which I am sure was very funny and sad at times. I will have to find a copy and read it since I could not hear the one fellow and two of the others would be fine at the beginning and then their voices seemed to drop down below my hearing range.  I missed all the funny or punch lines or the tragic ones as well.  The woman I could understand just fine most of the time.

It had stopped raining by the end of the play so we walked back.  It was a lovely evening all together and tomorrow we move on to Multyfarnum.  Cannot wait. I have to study the map to figure out how we are going to get there.  Wish me luck.  My job for the next week is to remind my sweetie which side of the road he needs to be driving on and which way to enter the round abouts.  Should be fun….not.

Putting pictures on facebook for now since it takes for ever to get pictures on this site. Will add some after I get home using my laptop.


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