February 28, 2017 – Adventures good and bad.

Lovely start to the day.  Denis went for a run and I slept in and took my time getting going.  Nice big hotel room so lots of room to move around.

We went down to the restaurant attached to the hotel for breakfast. I got the granola, yogurt and fruit confit.  Lovely meal except the first or second bite cracked my tooth. Since I was not spitting out any enamel I finished the breakfast and then went up to the room to check out the damage.  Could not figure it out initially but then I wiggled a piece of the tooth and it moved.  My teeth just cannot seem to stay in one piece lately. The fellow on reception helped me get a dentist appointment for tuesday and we got on with our day.

We started with the Viking Museum at Christ Church and also saw the Church itself.  I really like the Viking displays.  It is very interactive and the last time I learned a lot and this time more.   Guess we all probably have some Viking in us since they were all over the darn world.  The Church was interesting as well. Kept switching between Catholic and Protestant over time.  Seems it is Church of Ireland at this point.  The Crypt of the Church was filled with amazing silver and gold items from centuries ago.  They sure liked their ornate stuff.

After that we went over to the same restaurant we had breakfast in and Denis ordered a dessert and I ordered some mashed potatoes. The waiter tried to talk me into saugages but I really was not interested since I am worried about breaking off that tooth and having pain.   At least it was something I could eat carefully.

After a freshening up in our room we headed over to St. Stevens Green to the Art Museum. Turns out they have been working on it for five years so there were only two rooms we could visit.  The paintings and sculptures were wonderful.  They have a nice collection of French, English, and Irish painters.  And several Rodin sculptures which I really liked.  They have a new possession – a Rubin’s which was so nice to see.

Then we walked around the corner to the National Library to view their display on WWI and the Irish.  Remembering this was the same time as the 1916 Rebellion it was very interesting.  They had some films and lots of things to read.  There were free books on the people they displayed and in comic style their stories.  Very nice really.

We walked back to the hotel and rested for a while and then went to dinner. I was really hungry and we found the perfect place to eat.  Toscano’s Italian Restaurant – and they had gluten free pasta.  So I could eat and not worry about chewing on that darn tooth.  And it was tasty..

After dropping off our coats in our room we went down to Dirty Kelly’s for a drink and to listen to the music.  An Irish fellow ended up sitting next to me and the three of us started talking.  The first thing like most people over here want to know is what we think of Trump. And like most of the folks we have talked to they all think it is unbelievable that he was elected.   The conversation was good.  He had worked in Cork for 30 years with the police and now works in finance.  Nice fellow – Kevin O’Leary.

When we were out today we got tickets for the theater tomorrow evening so will do an outing in the morning and then I want to rest before going to the dentist at 4:30.  We can have dinner over that way and then go to the play, “The Weir”. Should be a fun time.

The adventures continue… good and bad…


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