February 19,2017 – Best Laid Plans

Yes, sure had great plans for this morning but this was not to be.  We had scheduled a taxi for 10 am to drive us to the Ibis Hotel in Ouistraham across the street from where we get the ferry boat tomorrow morning.  I had not been able to eat my dinner last night as the old stomach was just not happy. I had gotten an antacid but seems I should have gotten something else.  I woke up early and the old tummy was feeling rummy.  A bit nauseous but that never happened. Nope, it was all the trots.  Sent Denis down to breakfast and I was not doing any better.  We ended up delaying the taxi until noon and Denis went to a drug store and got those heavy duty meds to stop it.  Worked thank goodness.

So at noon instead of an hours drive along the sea and the D Day beaches we took the 35 minute drive to the hotel.  Arrived and seemed okay but felt totally washed out. Since I had really not eaten since yesterday afternoon I opened my box of gluten free cookies and ate a few just to take the hunger away.

After that seemed to sit okay we took a walk a long the English Channel. They have a lovely beach there and you can see that this is very much a summer resort town.  Some wonderful old French homes but also like in any beach community little summer cottages.  Lots of ice cream stores.

When we got back I asked for some cheese and bread and got something into my stomach.  Then I went to the room to sleep and Denis went to see one of the museums. He toured a German bunker and came back with a lot of information.

Not many restaurants are open at this time of year.  Here they had food that could be warmed up or whatever. I had a Dannon yogurt and a bunch of tiny crepes. And a glass of red wine.

In between times we got our wake up call set up for 5:45 am. Have to have breakfast and check in with with ship by 7:30 or something like that.  And hopefully my stomach will be in great shape.  Figure I will eat a bunch of yogurts for breakfast and fruit.  Figure they will have some food on the ship.

Thoughts on the countries we have visited so far.  First the friendliness of the people of Athens was number 1.  We loved talking with the people and they made the effort to make us comfortable knowing there is no way we would know Greek.  All the Belgians seemed to try very hard to see that we could understand menus and directions….  Not all the time but certainly they made an effort.  France, well we have stayed at hotels where no one would speak a word of English.  When we asked where a good restuarant could be found they said sorry no English. I tried speaking to them in my fractured French and they did not care.  Not impressed especially with chain hotels.  The poor woman tonight had to bring out bottles of food so we could try and figure out what the menu items were.

So, tomorrow we move onto family and am so excited.  Have not seen the folks in a few years and we missed seeing them in 2014.  Old friends are always good to see.

Here is a web site about the museum.




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