February 18, 2017 – War Day

We changed our plans this morning after I was up again last night in the middle of the night.  My stomach definitely is not happy with the food in France.  I decided no matter what I would stay off of gluten today and proudly I did.

What we did today was walk up to the Museum of the Normandy invasion.  Boy it is enough to make you sad and mellow.  They had very little about the hospitals but some about the Canadian 3rd Division that Pat writes about all the time since her friends were all part of it.  So tragic the loss of lives over the month of the assault on Caen.

I did get a picture of the Bridges’s that she talked about in her letters across the Seine that the engineers were able to make usable after being bombed.  It was impressive to see pictures of them.  I did not focus on the machinery or the weapons.  It was a just war but still so painful for so many.

After that we walked over to the British Commonwealth memorial and the cemetery.  Again so sad to see all those graves and the book of names of the dead.  Especially the graves with just no name on them but maybe a rank and group they belonged to but unidentified.  It is a very quiet place as people walk around.

From there we went down into the town again and got some lunch. I had a stuffed baked potato with cheddar cheese and onions and a little salad.  It was really good.

From there we walked to the Tapestry Museum.  This is a must see item if you are traveling in Normandy.  It is the story of the Battle of 1066.  William the Conqueror battling Harold.  It is huge and they have finally figured out how to display it without damaging it further.  70 meters long and 55 centimeters high.  They give every one a hand held speakers to listen in their own language to the story of the war as displayed in the tapestry.  They believe the stitching was done a few years after the battle but they are unsure where it was done, England or Normandy.  It is impressive and worth seeing.

Then on the other two floors they have displays and a movie.  I was so tired I fell asleep during the 20 minute film.  They were just retelling the story of the tapestry so I don’t think I missed much and really needed the rest. Was wishing we had sat through the next French version of the film so could have slept longer.

Walking back to the hotel we stopped for coffee and a sweet at a lovely shop. I had a raspberry  thingy which was soooooo good and my third cup of coffee for the day. I never do that.  And even at that when we got back to the hotel I fell a sleep again.

After a rest we went out to dinner which I hardly ate, hate wasting good food and money but my stomach was just not up to it.  So after I finish writing this I am going to sleep.  Taking something to hopefully keep me asleep until morning.  We have a cab coming at 10 to drive us up along the coast to our next hotel.  Should be a nice ride and hopefully he won’t mind stopping for a few pictures a long the way

the following two sites will let you learn more  about what we saw today..







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