February 17, 2017 – Short but Sweet

Yup, that is me…  Also my day today.  Actually last night was a rough sleeping night for some reason.  I woke up in the middle of the night and did sleep again but not well.     We were up early and left the hotel and headed for the train station.  Stopped for something to eat before we hit the station.  We were very early for our train so we went on line and caught up with the latest news.  All bad of course.

We got the train for Caen and the ride was lovely.  Saw lots of farms, small villages, horses, cows etc.   It was not a long ride, just about two hours. Then we had 20 minutes to find the train for Bayeux.  Only issue was they did not have an escalator and I cannot carry my big bag up and down stairs so Denis had to do both of them.  The ride was only 19 minutes but we got to ride in one of those cars with private doors for each group of seats.  The kind you see in the movies.

We arrived and walked down to the hotel.  It was about half a mile to get here.  they don’t have an elevator so the woman at the desk carried my bag up the stairs.  It is a nice place so no complaints.  After settling in we headed down to the tourist office and got some info on what we could do to get to the landing beaches where the Canadians entered France.  We tried to see if anyone was doing a tour tomorrow but no luck.  We really did not want an all day tour of all the various beaches since Juno is where my Aunt Pat and all the other Canadians arrived.  So after trying several tour companies etc and knowing the price of a taxi we are opting to try and rent a car in the morning just for the day.  If that works we will do that otherwise we will hire a taxi for four hours or so.  Really, it is just money right?

Then we took a walk.  The old town is so charming and the streets much narrower than some of the other towns.  I love the architecture of the old buildings.  The Cathedral was open so we went in and walked around a bit.  Then went and found someplace to eat since we really had not had much all day.  I was starving.

Am not putting up pictures at the moment because I have to fix something with my system.  I think I am going to bite the bullet and pay the cloud for some space and that should fix the problem.  I am tired of deleting pictures from the last couple of years that I am not sure i have on my computer at home.

So not sure what the adventure tomorrow will be but it will be what it will be.

Sweet dreams all and I hope I have some myself rather than the yucky ones I had last night.

A picture I got off of Wikipedia.  Shows you the charm of Bayeux. I took a picture looking the other direction as I was standing on that little balcony looking at the water wheel.


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